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procreate how to make text curve

How to Make Text Curve in Procreate: Letters in Style

Let us show you how to make text curve in Procreate to create stylized quotations and letterings!

Know how by watching our tutorial now!

Hello, my beautiful Procreate friends!

In this video, I’m going to explain how to get curved text like this, so you can create some stunning typographic quotes.

Step-by-Step by Guide on How to Make Curved Text in Procreate

Step 1: Go to Actions Panel and Add Text

So, first things first is create a new layer and come into the actions panel and go to add, and then go to add text.

Now you can type in your text, something like, “Dream Big” and then you come down here to the Double A (Aa).

And you can adjust the size.

So we’re gonna increase the size of this, make sure you’ve got all the text selected.

You can do that by double tapping, and then moving this selector, all the way across.

And then we will increase the size of this, make sure it’s all on one line.

Step 2: Change Color of Text and Adjust Kerning

We can also change the color.

I’m going to change this to white for now.

I suggest that because we are going to put this curve that we adjust the kerning, a little bit to give a little bit more letter spacing between each of the letters.

There we go!

That’s looking really good.

Step 3: Duplicate Layer

So we’re gonna duplicate this layer and hide the old one, then we’ll tap on that layer and we’re going to rasterize this text.

Step 4: Select Text Layer & Go to Selection Tool

We will then select the text layer again and come back into the selection tool, and we’re going to draw another square around the next letter.

Step 5: Create New Layer and Select a Brush

Okay, next up is to create a new layer and select a standard brush, thin brush will do.

procreate how to make text curve

And then I want to draw a circle, hold it in place, and add a finger to make it perfect.

This is going to be our guide.

procreate how to make text curve

And then, I want you to create a duplicate of this, and adjust it by tapping on the selection tool and coming down to uniform and then make it a little bit smaller.

procreate how to make text curve

And then you can move it around until it is in the center of the other circle.

procreate how to make text curve

There we go!

Step 6: Start Selecting Letter & Tap on Movement

procreate how to make text curve

Okay, next up is to start selecting our letters, so we’re going to start with D.

Tap on the movement.

And then with a finger, you can move it around and with the brush you can rotate it.

Doesn’t matter where you start at the moment.

You can just lay it on.

Then you’re going to select the R and move that around and rotate it, and we will continue doing that to all of the letters.

Step 7: Remove Original Text and Take Off The Guides

Next, you can remove the original text and take off the guides, and you have your text on an arc.

If you feel like it you can add in some extra details, I might add some shading.

And that is how you create a curved typographic quote!

I hope you enjoyed the video.

Why not follow along for more tips, tricks and tutorials, and have a delightful day.

Final Thoughts

We’ve provided you a quick and easy tutorial on How to Get Curved Text.

A stylish way to design quotations and letterings!

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