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procreate how to unstack

How to Unstack in Procreate in a Flash


Organize your gallery by learning how to unstack in Procreate in a flash!

Quickly Unstack Your Folder in Procreate (An Easy-To-Follow Guide)

Press Down and Drag Your Artwork to The Top Left Corner

procreate how to unstack

So you’ve got a little folder and you want to rearrange your artwork, simply hold on your artwork, and drag it up to the top left!

It will take you back to the main gallery.

procreate how to unstack


That is how you unstack your folders.

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Final Thoughts

That’s it!

You can now unstack your artworks and reorganize your gallery in Procreate in a snap!

But if you want to put your artworks back into folders, you may do so by checking out our tutorial on “How to Organize Your Procreate Gallery Into Stacks

Do you know that you can use your handwriting as a font in Procreate? For this additional trick, you may also want to watch our video on “How to Create a Handwritten Font in Procreate”

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