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procreate journal template

10 Best Procreate Journal Template Options

Are you looking for a Procreate journal template?

Look no further because we have collected the 10 best Procreate journal templates.

As with all the other templates and tools, you can find free and paid templates that are constructed to fit everyone’s preferences.

All you need to do is download Procreate if you don’t already have it and enjoy what it has to offer.

Quick Peek: 10 Best Procreate Journal Templates

  1. Design Digital Planner Template Brush
  2. 532 Digital Planner Stickers
  3. 150+ Procreate Stamp Brushes with Bullet Journal & Planner-Themed Stamps
  4. 21 Procreate Stamps Journal
  5. 52 Bullet Journal Procreate Stamps
  6. Planner Journal Procreate Brushes
  7. Art Journaling with Procreate
  8. Bullet Journal Maker Stamps Planner
  9. Bullet Journaling
  10. Sketchbook Journaling

1. Design Digital Planner Template Brush

brush mini bundle

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Etsy offers you Procreate journal template brushes/stamps that you can use with your digital planner or for bullet journaling.

You can use them every year again and again as they are versatile and reusable.

Moreover, the background is transparent which allows you to add colors, different patterns, and textures.

There are many options for use, so you have the freedom to create your own yearly and monthly calendar with the brushes/stamps for every month.

You’ll love how cute and aesthetic the stamps are!


  • Use with iPad, Apple pencil
  • Handmade items
  • Reusable stamps
  • Delicate stamps

What’s included in the template?

  • 110 stamps
  • Instruction for installing
  • Readme file
  • Birthday data
  • To-do list
  • Yearly/monthly/weekly planner
  • Instant digital download: 5 file brushes

There are many great reviews of this set, and it is worth the money.

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2. 532 Digital Planner Stickers

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If you are looking for colorful, fun sticky notes to level up your journal and planner, then this one is for you.

These sticky notes help you pay attention to details and put them in focus.

Furthermore, you can use as many as you want to make the journal more organized and good-looking.

An important thing is that they are not pre-cropped, so you’ll have to crop them in GoodNotes, Noteshelf, or Notability.

Moreover, the rich color palette is attractive.

It makes journaling more enjoyable and fun.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • A variety of sizes and colors
  • Cute and eye-catching
  • Helpful in organizing
  • Optimized for iPad with Apple pencil

What’s included in the template?

  • 532 stickers
  • Folder of digital stickers
  • Favorite sticker page
  • Rich color palette

Most people find it useful to put sticky notes on our papers writing down just the important parts.

Well, it’s the same with the digital version.

You may write down on the sticky notes what you need to focus on or even state your motto for the day on it.

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3. 150+ Procreate Stamp Brushes with Bullet Journal & Planner-Themed Stamps

bullet journal

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Who doesn’t want stamps and brushes in one set for the same purpose?

If you wish to add fun and color, then this pack covers all that.

Additionally, the 150+ stamp brushes provided make journaling more fun.

You can use them for bullet journaling, planning, tracking lists, and the list goes on.

They are universal so they fit everyone’s ideas and needs.


  • Reusable
  • Working for Apple’s iPad Pro
  • Engages your creativity
  • Printable

What’s included in the template?

  • Over 150 stamp brushes
  • Fun banners
  • Calendars
  • Trackers and lists
  • Mood and weather icons

We often find ourselves in a position to need stickers and stamps in real life, but not have found ones that we like.

Therefore, these stamps can be printed out and used.

So, imagine your favorite-colored stamp printed and on your journal.

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4. 21 Procreate Stamps Journal

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If you’re a person working with social media posts, presentations, or simply any job with lettering, then these stamps will be a game-changer for you!

You will love the aesthetic look of these stamps, especially if you want everything to be clean and neat.

They will spice up your digital and printable projects.

Now, your journal will get some color and form which can motivate you or just simply make you feel positive and in control.


  • Quality hand-drawn stamps
  • Variable in opacity and color

What’s included in the template?

  • 1 brush file with 21 stamps
  • Various stickers
  • Mostly earthly colored stamps
  • Differently shaped stamps
  • Different stamp size brushes

The artistic look of these stamps makes them versatile and usable with every journaling style.

And lastly, the fact that they’re hand-drawn is even more precious, therefore, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of owning them.

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5. 52 Bullet Journal Procreate Stamps

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Bullet journaling has been helpful for those who are in a constant hurry or those who want to set clear thoughts without going into depth.

For that purpose, we chose these stamps especially aimed at bullet journaling.

They will enrich your journals, digital planners, and or even drawing projects.

And also, they’ll remind you a lot about your childhood and all those stamps we had with classic forms in which we wrote our crushes’ names.

Well, now you don’t have to do that, but it will be helpful for your creativity and everyday activities.


  • Changeable color, opacity, and size
  • Cute stamps
  • Hand-drawn
  • Ease the journaling and creating process
  • Created with attention to details

What’s included in the template?

  • One brush set file with 52 stamps
  • Stamps with days of the week
  • Floral, greenery stamps
  • Different colored stamps
  • Notebook stencils

Just imagine your journaling on a page with a floral stamp stating the name of the day.

How cute and unique!

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6. Planner Journal Procreate Brushes

procreate journal template

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Creativemarket thought of your digital planning and journaling process.

With that, they decided to place these brushes to help you ease the process.

The different forms and sizes can be used for writing or just designing the page.

You get to decide the shape and size of the used brush, as long as it meets your needs.

They’re easy to use, so if you’re new to Procreate don’t worry, you won’t have a problem finding your way.


  • Optimized for iPad with Apple Pencil
  • More serious tone
  • Beginner-friendly

What’s included in the template?

  • A zip folder with a brush set file containing 105 individual brushes
  • Zip folder with individual brush files for every brush
  • Calendar
  • Habit trackers
  • Checkbox flags

The shapes of the stamps are pretty useful in everyday journaling or planning as they add more emphasis on certain things.

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7. Art Journaling with Procreate

procreate journal template

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Another great template on Creativemarket is this art journaling template.

This one will be the best Procreate journal template for every artist among you.

It will ease the creation of comics, books, and storyboards.

Moreover, it represents a place for neat organization of artwork and sketches.

Once you try it, you’ll fall in love with it!


  • Versatile backgrounds, textures, and sizes
  • Makes digital sketching fun
  • Available for iPhone or iPad
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Allows quick organization of your art

What’s included in the template?

  • 4 different styles of digital journals
  • 2 coil binder styles
  • A cover page and 4inside pages
  • 10 journal sticker elements
  • 3 customizable elements
  • 14 brushes and stamps

These numerous stickers and stamps offer you many ideas on how to:

  • organize your journaling
  • add fun but serious notes to it
  • make it more attractive for the mind

As journaling is something personal, we should get the most out of it.

Download Now!

8. Bullet Journal Maker Stamps Planner

procreate journal template

Download Now!

On the note of bullet journaling, here is another great set of stamps useful for bullet journaling.

This one is a little different as it is aimed at illustration projects, as well as for digital planners and journaling.

It contains a variety of different stamps, so any form that you can imagine can be found in this set.

To that idea, we want to add that you can control the color and opacity of any form of the stamp.

So, you have full freedom with this one.


  • Versatile stamp forms
  • Great and fun decoration on your journal
  • A hand-drawn look at the stamps

What’s included in the template?

  • 3 brush set files with 309 stamps
  • Frames
  • Decorative stamps
  • Symbols

9. Bullet Journaling

procreate journal template

Download Now!

We have a surprise for you!

In this template, you can find 4 different sub-templates for your bullet journaling.

And for free!

Awesome, right?

Moreover, they offer templates that are great for journaling-depth, schedules, lists, and sketching.

Every beginner would love to have these with themselves evermore as they are fun, cute, simple, and plain.


  • Great for highlighting titles
  • Versatile in color and size

What’s included in the template?

  • Sheet of banners and borders
  • A sheet of boxes to make lists
  • Grid and a dot paper
  • Watercolor brushes
  • Texture paper
  • Transparent background stamps
  • Separate sketch from text

Journaling and planning can get serious and exhausting.

Therefore, adding stamps, coloring, and highlighting them will help you lower the anxiety and do something fun for your soul in such a serious act.

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10. Sketchbook Journaling

procreate journal template

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We all know how messy in terms of organization can sketching get.

For that purpose, we present you with the free template for sketch journaling.

This one will look at your sketches in-depth.

What do they mean to you, are they finished or present sketches, and what was your inspiration.

As you open the page, you’ll see a few prompts for examples of what to expect.

Surely, you won’t regret downloading it.


  • Detail-oriented
  • Easy to use
  • It will make you love your art even more
  • Get in-depth of your sketches
  • Motivational

What’s included in the template?

  • A few prompts for you to choose
  • Instructions for whichever you choose
  • Different stamps depending on the purpose
  • Write-and-draw layers to fill in
  • Multiple pages that are reusable

Different formats are also included:

  • Past Reflections
  • Art Manifesto
  • Growth Map
  • Draw your future
  • Award ribbon
  • Tools for growth
  • Star Chart

Download Now!

 Final thoughts

Journaling and planning can be stressful and overwhelming for many people.

But having fun and easy templates and stamps during the process changes those feelings.

Think of your purpose and preferences, and choose the best Procreate journal template offered above.

Lastly, you won’t make a mistake whichever you choose.

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