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10 Best Procreate Landscape Palette Options, Free and Paid

Are you searching for the best Procreate landscape palette to start your first ever landscape design?

In landscape designs, it is important to have the right mix of colors to catch the perfect landscape aesthetic.

This is where we can help you.

We’ve already gathered the best palettes for you.

We know how hard it is to find the right one for your piece of art.

Here, we present to you options for the best Procreate landscape palette suitable for different landscape projects.

Scroll down now to know more about them.

1. Mountain Abstract Landscape

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When you hear the word landscape, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

I can bet that one of them is mountains.

Almost every landscape drawing has a mountain drawn in some form.

It is generally in the background or the focus of the art.

This palette is for all the mountain elements you would ever need to draw in your digital art.

It includes 30 color palettes and 93 brush stamps you can use to create your landscape drawings. 

The colors are boho style and offer a great variety of opacity, light through the dark, light, cold and warm ones.

The tones are calm and aesthetic.

This palette can help you create an artwork that its viewers would appreciate.

By offering you both dark and pale colors, you can shade your mountain as much as you want, contrasting it from its surroundings in the way you imagine your drawing to be.

You can experiment with the stamps to create a more in-depth drawing or create something on your own.

The included colors will allow you to create an aesthetic drawing with calm and flowing colors.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or more experienced in digital drawing, this bundle would help you in many ways with your artwork.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Suitable for mountain landscape design
  • Included stamps to ease your work
  • Create a more realistic drawing with depth in it

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2. Landscape Gradient

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This bundle is for artists who want to experiment with different landscapes or have a wider variety of options when creating their work.

We chose this palette because it’s perfect for all types of landscapes.

It includes not only the color swatches but also gradients.

They are suitable for all kinds of backgrounds for your digital drawings.

You can use the previously prepared gradients or even create yours using the color palettes included in the set.

The creator has included in the description a short and clear guide of how to use the gradients.

If you open the link, you’ll see some examples of finished landscape drawings using the gradients.

For the mere price of 4.20$, you get two swatches of 30 colors each.

The creator of the palette has divided the colors by the type of landscape, which makes your job easier.

It doesn’t matter if you want a safari, beach, city, or mountain landscape drawing- you’ll have all the needed colors.

You can also create not only day through landscapes but also night ones.

This palette offers you a variety of colors, going from light to dark, cold to warm, and is suitable for the most common definitions for a landscape drawing.

It is easy to use, beginner-friendly, but also good for more professional artists.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect for a variety of landscape drawings
  • Includes a set of gradients
  • Grouped colors by the type of landscape

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3. 117 Mountain Brushes

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Have you ever looked at a drawing and thought that it seems unfinished like something is missing?

Sometimes when the horizon is lower on the sheet, and the sky is taking a too big part of the drawing, it might look like that.

You could quickly solve the problem by putting one or two mountains in the background to take up the space.

This bundle will give the artist everything he might need for the perfect mountain landscape.

Upon purchasing, the products you’ll receive are 117 mountain procreate stamp brushes, 1 procreate color swatch, and one written tutorial for monochrome mountain drawing.

The product will help you with creating the perfect background for your landscapes. 

By adding this little detail, your piece of art would have better composition and hyphen the elements you’ve put on the front view.

Artists who have purchased this product all love it and say that it has excellent quality, works beautifully, and with unlimited possibilities.

Whether you are a beginner in digital art or have more experience in the field, every artist could use this bundle to give a more finished look to their landscape drawings.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect for adding mountains as a background for a landscape drawing
  • Includes additional stamps and tutorial
  • Easy to download and use

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4. Aesthetic Landscape 

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Do you love aesthetic-looking landscapes?

Then this is the palette for you!

With this product, you’ll get 30 colors for your landscape design.

The inspiration for creating this palette comes from the desert of Arizona.

The tones in the palette would leave you with a calm feeling.

A drawing with this palette will be perfect for decorating your bedroom or office as it will take the stress out of you.

You could use this palette to create a safari-looking landscape drawing.

With its wide range of colors, you’ll be able to create a detailed drawing with depth in it, giving it a more realistic look.

The colors are cohesive, which will give a more natural look to your piece of art. 

This palette will give you precisely what you need for a natural, earthy-looking landscape drawing.

Users say that it is easy to download, and they love the color combinations.

It’ll be a stepping stone for you as a beginner or even if you are an experienced artist.

You’ll not make a mistake by purchasing this product.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Aesthetic colors
  • Perfect for desert and safari landscape
  • Natural-looking drawing

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5. Nature Walk

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Our next offer is for all the people that love the natural look of their art.

This palette costs only 3$USD and is perfect for an aesthetic, natural landscape.

It consists of carefully picked colors that are cohesive with each other. 

They give an earthy vibe to anyone looking at them.

That emotion would transfer to your digital drawing as well.

The colors are all pale and go through a variety of light to dark. 

They will allow you to give more depth to the landscape drawing you are working hard on. 

When applying different layers of intensiveness to the colors you are using, your piece of art would have a more realistic look.

The creator of this palette has many sales and 5-star reviews on Etsy, so you are sure not to be disappointed. 

The product is pretty easy to download, as you’ll receive a link for it after purchase.

Once you open the palette from your iPad Pro, it will automatically load into the Procreate app.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Professionally picked colors
  • Perfect for aesthetic and earthy landscape
  • Easy to install on the Procreate app

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6. Autumn Breathe Digital Color Palette


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This palette is for all the autumn lovers out there.

We chose this palette for its great variety of colors, all in a warm mood.

Since there are many swatches included in the bundle, you can choose from different autumn vibes.

But since we are looking for colors suited for landscapes, we’ll look more into the swatches named Autumn Forest and Autumn Forest 2.

As the name suggests, both of them are best suited for an autumn landscape drawing.

The Autumn Forest swatch offers a variety of colors, giving the artist an opportunity for a more colorful piece of art.

After all, autumn is famous for its colors.

The colors are moody- they are both warm and cold, allowing you to create a contrast in your piece of art.

The Autumn Forest 2 swatch has warmer colors in orange-brown tones.

It might not have the colorfulness of the previous swatch, but it leaves a feeling of warmth and coziness. 

It also offers a wider variety of shades allowing the artist to flow the colors better and create a rich landscape. 

The palettes are compatible with all Procreate versions.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Suitable for autumn landscape drawings
  • Different swatches to choose from 

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7. Winter & Christmas City Creator


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Winter is, for some people, the most beautiful season with its snowy landscapes in the city or nature.

The city looks like it came from a fairytale, with everything being white from the snow and sparkling with warm windows contrasting to the surroundings.

This palette is for all people in love with the winter with its snow, Christmas time, and cozy mood.

Drawing winter landscapes has never been more effortless with this bundle, including stamps, color swatches, paper textures, and other elements that would help you create the drawing of your dreams.

The palette included on the set has both warm and cold colors.

This will allow you to recreate the coziness of winter with its cold weather outside and the warm inside.

By contrasting those two feelings, the spectator of your art will be intrigued and interested in your drawing.

The red and green shades, on the other hand, are suitable for Christmas landscapes which many people love.

The bundle is compatible with Procreate but also with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and others.

You’ll be able to do your art wherever you feel more confident.

It’s perfect if you are a beginner because of the many elements included, like a puzzle you’d need to arrange and try the colors as much as you’d like.

If you already have the experience, you can begin from scratch and do your magic.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Suitable for winter lovers
  • Different elements in the bundle you could use 
  • Contrasting Colors
  • Compatible with other Softwares

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8. Landscape Drawing Procreate Brushes


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This set is one of the more unique ones because its elements are all inspired by David Dunlop.

He is an artist famous for his landscape drawings.

This bundle offers a great variety of color palettes divided into groups.

Apart from the palettes, the product’s creator offers you Procreate brushed and PNG with grids and background textures.

You can find swatches for lake landscapes, forests, sunsets, swamps, and many others.

The palettes are perfect for all types of landscape drawings, and you’ll be taking an example of the works of a professional.

You’ll be able to explore the world or landscapes to their fullest without the need to choose beforehand what kind of drawing you’d want to create.

With this bundle, you won’t need to search the internet again for more color palettes if it’s about the landscape.

The swatches in this bundle will allow you to create drawings that are on the level of professionals.

Even if you are still beginning your journey in the landscape world, this palette will give you the needed foundations to shape your style.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Example of a professional landscape artist
  • Many swatches to choose from

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9. Procreate Palette – Foliage


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When someone says landscape, we often think of trees, forests, and vegetation.

This free palette offers you all the forest colors you’d ever need.

It has a set of three swatches of 30 colors each, all in green and brown tones.

They differ much by opacity, brightness, warmness, and that variety would give life to your artwork.

You’ll be able to give more detail to your trees.

Your drawings can have more depth by creating layers of paler vegetation in the background.

Using the shades offered by the bundle, your drawing would have a more natural look with flowing colors.

With downloading this palette, you won’t need to search for more ones for your forest landscapes.

It doesn’t matter if you are at the beginning of your journey as a digital artist or have experience in the field. 

This palette would be a stepping stone for you at every moment.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free
  • Colors suitable for forest landscape
  • 90 shades for more realistic drawing

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10. Procreate Palette – Autumn


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The last palette we offer to you is this palette for autumn landscapes.

The included 90 colors are everything you need for your perfect autumn drawing, and the colors are divided into three swatches.

Even though autumn is known for its warm red-yellow colors, you can find some colder blue ones as well.

One of the swatches offers colors of lower opacity for a paler effect on your landscapes.

As fall is known for being the most colorful season, you would expect this palette to be rich in shades and variety.

You’d have a vast amount of colors to pick from.

Also, by giving the option of paler shades, you have the colors needed for a far background of your landscape, giving it depth.

This palette, which we remind you it’s free, will only be of use for you. 

It’ll allow you to create the autumn landscape drawing of your dreams.

Pros & Benefits:

  • FREE
  • Colors suitable to autumn landscapes
  • 90 shades for more realistic drawing

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Final Thoughts 

There are many choices for the Procreate landscape palette that you may find on the internet.

But, we already selected the best and what we think will suit your designs.

With an affordable price (some are even free!), and a fantastic collection of colors, you will never go wrong with these Procreate landscape palettes!

Landscape drawings are one of the most common types of art, which is why we decided to make this list for you of what we are sure to be the best palettes out there.

Going through various options, we hope that at least one of our offers matches your description of the ideal Procreate landscape palettes.

Take your time to review our suggestions and choose what you believe is best suited for your expectations and needs.

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