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procreate line art brushes

10 Best Procreate Line Art Brush Options

Are you looking for the best options for the Procreate line art brush?
This is where you will find them and get what best suits your specific requirements.
There are many options for line art brushes.
You just need to be ready with how much you are prepared to spend.

Line Art – Brushes for Procreate

procreate line art brush

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This is a line art set of brushes that you can also use for sketching.

It is available as a zipped file with a size of 418 KB.

As an illustrator, Eliza Moreno, the creator of the product, is originally from Mexico City. 

She describes herself as a ‘childlike’ artist.

Her primary collection of digital brushes is available in different online shops and social media accounts.

She also has a website.

This line art brush set is compatible with Procreate.

Pros & Benefits

  • The creator will respond to questions about the product.
  • It offers a combination of 3 brushes for doodling and sketching.
  • Line Art 1-3 brushes can create different effects.
  • There are 3 Procreate brushes included in the set.
  • This pack is for Procreate use only.

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Line Art Drawing: Procreate Brushes & Color swatches 

procreate line art brush

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These brushes are designed with illustrators and graphic designers in mind.

The art of Sir John Tenniel inspires them.

He was a British English illustrator and an artist in the 19th century. 

Born in Bayswater, London, in 1820, he was known for his illustrations featured in the novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.

He has captivated the imagination of children and adults alike with his representations of the characters. 

He received recognition and knighted for his works in 1893.

This product comes as a zipped file of 99.6 MB.

It is compatible with the software for Procreate.

Pros & Benefits

  • It includes 30 of a variety of color swatches.
  • You have the option to use the jitter line brush for more rugged edges.
  • It includes a variety of 30 different color swatches.
  • The brushes are suitable for Stippling and Hatching.
  • You have the option to use the jitter line brush for more rugged edges.
  • A video is available to show how to use the brushes effectively.
  • This is a unique product in comparison to the other line art brushes.
  • There is a customer showcase that boasts endless possibilities for its usage.

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Line Art Brush Set for Procreate

procreate line art brush

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This product will enable you to have smooth lines.

This is available as a digital download in PDF.

It is compatible with the software Procreate and is easy to download.

The creator Milomonstershop offers designs that might not be to everyone’s taste. 

Some are cute, but some designs are also described as grotesque by the creator. 

His artwork from his childhood inspires him.

He has continued to draw and create art well into adulthood.

The designer continues with his passion and strives to create new designs.

He may be an inspiration to children who take an interest in art.

He has an interest in comics and video games, as well as action movies and vinyl toys. 

Undoubtedly, these items will be an inspiration to him as he continues to draw and create as an adult. 

He also has an interest in video games and metal objects like robots.

Pros & Benefits

  • This product gives you smooth lines.
  • You have the option to use the jitter line brush for more rugged edges.
  • There is an option to use a rougher brush for drier edges and lettering that needs a rougher appearance.
  • If you are going for a distressed look, then you can use the grime brush.
  • It features an eraser.
  • You can build shadows using the Bring Da Noise Brush.
  • These brushes are great to experiment with and try out a different style of line art. 

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Procreate – 50 Women Tattoo Stamp Brushes Line Art

procreate line art brush

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Why not use line art stamp brushes?

You don’t need to slave drawing images.

Just use these line art stamp brushes to draw women’s faces and bodies.

This is a great set for beginners and professionals alike.

This set contains 50 line art images created by Aynug.

Just add your favorite quote and you’ll have a finished line art in no time.

Pros & Benefits

  • You’ll receive your file in PDF.
  • The pack is very affordable.
  • The images are very versatile–you can use them for many projects.

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Pigment Liner For Procreate

procreate line art brush

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Design Material Co. created this line art set of brushes.

The Company took inspiration from the Staedtler pens.

Hence, you can now draw with a pigment liner on your iPad.

The line brushes come in the size and texture of the aforementioned pens.

The set offers 12 brushes.

You have enough variety to choose from to create and finish your line art.

Note that these brushes are compatible with Procreate only.

Pros & Benefits

  • This set comes with easy-to-follow instructions.
  • These brushes mimic the experience of using Staedtler pens.
  • No need to edit technical brushes.

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70 Procreate Stamps. Daily’s Life Figures

procreate line art brush

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Firstly, this product enables to use figures of real-life people.

Secondly, it is downloadable as a PDF document with installation instructions.

Thirdly, the creator has received five-star reviews from buyers.

Fourthly, this set is for use with Procreate only. 

Fifthly, the creator StudioBaileys offers good discounts when buying multiple products.

The discounts applied are 15% off for two items and 25% off for three items or more.

Sixthly, the massive collection and angles impressed the buyers.

In addition, this works best with clipart-style illustrations.

Seventhly, this pack is ideal for animation projects, these will be an inspiration.

Finally, this would be ideal for creating a storybook or for creating characters for a specific purpose.

Pros & Benefits 

  • You can create personalized characters.
  • There are multiple real-life images.
  • The product is adaptable and realistic for everyday life images.
  • The images are appropriate and suitable for anime line figures.
  • They are ideal for character designs for a project.
  • It has a cartoon effect on the stamps.
  • This certainly helps with gaining proportions and use as a reference guide.
  • One user recommends it for drawing hair, such as a spiky hairstyle.
  • They are of high quality.
  • Different pens can be easy to use.

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29 City Buildings & Architecture 

procreate line art brush

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Firstly, this product is particularly effective when designing landscapes and sculpting the scenery for buildings in the city, and showing the depth of the architecture.

Secondly, the creator has had multiple 5-star reviews for their product as it is easy to download.

Thirdly, the elements respond to resizing.

Moreover, it is wonderful for cityscapes and building architecture, and they are a healthy addition to a portfolio.

Fourthly, the buyers of the product love the style of brushes, and they have found them very useful as base drawings.

Furthermore, they have also found the customer service of a high standard and recommend them to others. 

Fifthly, the customers rate this product highly.

Lastly, this is available as a digital download. 

Pros & Benefits

  • This is effective for use as a base drawing.
  • The product offers value for money.
  • This is a go-to product for making backgrounds.

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Micron Fineliner Procreate Brushes

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Scribbleberries created these line brushes.

She made them imitate micro pens so you can draw line artworks with attention to detail.

Moreover, you can also use these pens for calligraphy work.

If you want a variety of line art pens from thick to fine weight, then this set is for you. It can handle broad strokes and fine-line details.

This is a great set!

Moreover, you can download it many times as you want–gone are your worries about ‘breaking’ your pens!

This set is compatible only with Procreate.

Pros & Benefits

  • Draws like micro pens
  • Perfect for making broad and fine lines alike
  • Budget-friendly price

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Free Line Art Brushes by Witchient

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These free-line art brushes have been created by a digital artist called Woden from the Netherlands. 

Pros & Benefits

  • These line art brushes are free to download.
  • The free-line art brushes are individualistic and unusual in their design.
  • The designer is available if there are any problems with the brushes.
  • They are highly recommended by other users.
  • They are simple and effective to use and apply.

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Procreate Line Art and Architecture Brush Suite

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This pack comes in 2 versions: free and paid.

As expected, you get more from the paid version.

The free version, though, will allow you to try the pack and see if you like it enough to pay for it.

The product is labeled as lite, therefore, you can expect it not to occupy a lot of storage space.

Pros & Benefits

  • This package has many tools that are necessary for architectural drawings or line drawings. 
  • These can be used for Procreate for iPad, the iPad Pro. and an iPhone.
  • There are different pens that can be used in this type of software and also when illustrating using line art.
  • A full pack with over 1000 brushes can be purchased at a later date. 
  • The designer is open to feedback and suggestions about the package.
  • Some of the users recommend investing in the complete package.
  • There are so many line brushes available to use and implement in the full version, so this is an excellent way to try out the free version of the line art brushes.
  • The brush library is extensive, with many examples provided on the webpage.
  • The link shows an example of how the architectural drawing of a site plan can be constructed using the suite and how effective it can be.
  • Specific architectural drawings can be applied, such as plants and people.
  • A new version, 4.0, is available for download and use with a link provided.

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Procreate Linework Brush Set

Download Now!

Introducing the Procreate Linework Brush Set, the ultimate tool for all your line art needs!

Whether you’re a professional artist, illustrator, or just starting out, this brush set is perfect for creating stunning line work, fine liners, sketches, and even tattoo designs.

With recent updates made specifically for Procreate, you’ll have access to brand-new brushes that will take your work to the next level.

Plus, with the addition of the highlight brush from my lettering set, you’ll be able to create even more dynamic and eye-catching designs.

This brush set is an instant download, so you can start using it right away!

And with an easy installation process, you’ll be able to get started creating amazing artwork in no time.

Don’t just take our word for it – try the free brushes and see for yourself how these brushes can take your art to the next level.

Get your hands on the Procreate Linework Brush Set today and see the difference it can make in your work!

Pros & Benefits

  • Perfect for line art, line work, fine liners, sketching, or tattoo design
  • Updated with brand new brushes for Procreate
  • Includes highlight brush from the lettering set
  • Instant download for easy installation and immediate use
  • Offers free brushes available for trying

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Line Art Procreate Brushes

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Introducing the Line Art Procreate Brushes, the ultimate tool for digital artists and designers looking to take their line work to the next level!

This set includes 12 ready-to-install brushes, each with its own unique style and functionality.

From the 0.1 fine line art brush to the windy fountain pen, these brushes offer a wide range of thicknesses and styles to help you create the perfect outline for any project.

Whether you’re inking a comic book, outlining a logo, or adding details to an illustration, these brushes are perfect for the job.

The set includes a variety of brushes, such as the dotty dotted line brush, the marker line art brush, and the road line art brush.

They allow you to experiment and create the perfect look for your artwork.

With these brushes, your Procreate app will be more fun and versatile than ever before!

Not only can you create outlines, but you can also add details, dotted lines, and even make letters.

Outlining is a crucial step in every digital design, and these brushes will help you take your outlining game to the next level.

Start creating your base collection of brushes and tools for Procreate today!

With the Line Art Procreate Brushes, you’ll be able to create stunning artwork with ease.

Get your hands on this set now and see the difference it can make in your work!

Pros & Benefits

  • 12 ready-to-install brushes for Procreate
  • Includes a wide range of brush styles and thicknesses
  • Perfect for outlining, inking, and adding details to the artwork
  • Allows for experimentation and customization in line work
  • Versatile brushes that can be used for various types of projects, including logos, illustrations, and comics
  • Helps to create a solid base collection of brushes and tools for Procreate.

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70+ Fine Liner Brush Set for Procreate 

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Introducing the 70+ Fine Liner Brush Set for Procreate!

This is the ultimate tool for digital artists and illustrators looking to take their work to the next level!

With over 70 brushes in this set, you’ll have everything you need to create cool doodles and highly detailed illustrations with ease.

The set includes 11 fine liners, 15 decorative liners, 7 stipple brushes, 10 paper textures, 22-micron patterns, and 8 seamless patterns.

All these give you a wide range of options to choose from.

You’ll love experimenting with these brushes and discovering new ways to create amazing artwork.

Not only that, but the set also includes 2 bonus marker brushes, making this an even more valuable investment for your digital art toolkit.

Make your illustrations more atmospheric and captivating with these brushes.

You’ll love the level of detail and intricacy that you can achieve with each brush stroke.

The fine liners are perfectly sized to help you create beautiful and detailed linework, while the decorative liners add a touch of creativity and flair to your artwork.

The stipple brushes, paper textures, and micron patterns help to add depth and texture to your illustrations.

Now you can create a truly immersive and engaging experience for your audience.

Get your hands on the 70+ Fine Liner Brush Set for Procreate today and take your digital art to the next level!

You won’t be disappointed with the level of versatility and quality that these brushes provide.

Pros & Benefits

  • Perfectly sized-brushes for creating highly detailed illustrations
  • Helps to create atmospheric and captivating artwork
  • Versatile brushes that can be used for various types of projects
  • Ideal investment for digital artists and illustrators looking to enhance their work.

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Procreate Line Art Brushes

Our line-up of choices for Procreate line art brush offers free and for sale products.
Here is where you can decide which the best options are for you.
We have described the ten products in-depth with information about their application, plus feedback from users.
It also features some information about the designer and their background.
Information about the designers or creators has been included.
This information should give you some insight into their inspiration and help with your decision about purchases.
These ten options for Procreate line art brush provide ample choices for you to make the best purchase.
Some Procreate line art brushes are offered for free, with the option to purchase other packages later.
The free version allows you to try it out and see if you find it helpful.

Final Thoughts

I hope that this article on options for Procreate line art brush has helped you make a choice.

As an artist, be open to try all kinds of products and think out of the box on how to use them

For more helpful articles, do go over our articles below.

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