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10 Best Procreate Manga Brushes 2023 (Ranked)

10 Best Procreate Manga Brushes 2023 (Ranked)

Get the best Procreate manga brushes.

We’ve collected the best anime and manga kits from across the web and put them into this handy guide.

Manga Brushes for Procreate by Delightful Design

manga procreate brushes

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Are you looking for the best manga brushes to bring to life your art pieces?

Then try our number one pick.

If you’re looking for realistic manga brushes, our set is the perfect choice for you.

These brushes are perfect for creating a manga or anime style. The set includes professional brushes that work perfectly in Procreate.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced artist, these brushes will make your work look more realistic and polished.

These Manga brushes are based on real manga tools to give you the most realistic effects possible.


  • 8 custom brushes, designed to create the exact manga style
  • 4 half-tone brushes and 4 G-pen brushes
  • 4 anime color palettes
  • Detailed installation instructions
  • Unlimited one-to-one support
  • All future updates

A buyer commented that she was so impressed by the brushes that she has not bought any other products after this.

She found everything already included in these Asian Manga brushes for a professional Manga artist.

Pros & Benefits

  • Our top pick
  • Top rated with an average review of 4.9 stars
  • Money-back guarantee

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Lichtenstein Procreate Color Swatches and Brushes

procreate manga brushes

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Digilife created this set.

It was inspired by the pop artist Roy Fox Lichtenstein.

Consequently, you see Benday dots, primary colors, and thick outlines.

The finished art looks machine-made.

The target users of this set are comic designers, graphic artists, and illustrators.

This set is suited for making anime, manga, pop art, and comic illustrations.

When you buy this set, you’ll get 300 color swatches and 11 brushes.

Interestingly, the makers included a Spotify playlist link of classical music for you to play while creating art. 

The creators would like you to experience the difference in your output with classical music playing in the background.

Pros & Benefits

  • Offers an incredible number of color swatches (300 in total!)
  • Includes a Spotify playlist link
  • Get to use a set inspired by world-renowned artist

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Manga Ornament iPad Procreate Brushprocreate manga brushes

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Are you bored with old and traditional sketching tools?

I know you are also in search of some “innovation.”

Here’s one in the form of these super fantastic Manga ornament iPad Procreate brushes!

This set contains 15 brushes hand-drawn and custom-made to give you the feel of professional art.

You would not feel that you are losing something by not using a pencil and paper.

So just throw away your worn-out tools and take a look at the fantastic strokes of these Manga brushes.

They are so easy to use that you will feel like painting with a snowy brush. 

You can add pearls to your paintings with this collection of brushes.

The inverted dot, oil, texture, and diamond brushes can aid you in creating a different style of manga art.

These brushes have been designed so that you work with speed and precision together.

These brushes, even in the hands of beginners, give such high-quality strokes making you feel like a professional artist. 

You can use them not only for Manga art but also for designing ornaments, as the name suggests!

Pros & Benefits

  • Wide range of styles
  • Variety in characters
  • Provides the best results at an affordable price

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80+ Ink, Pen & Sketch Brushes Bundle by Georg’s Procreate Brushesprocreate manga brushes

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Here is another user-friendly bundle of brushes containing more than 80 ink, sketch, and drawing brushes for Procreate.

 You may use them for personal as well as professional work as an expert comic artist, character designer, and illustrator.

Why get this bundle?

This bundle comprises:

  • 2 Ink brush Sets for professional Comic & Cartoon artists,
  • 40+ standard brushes, unique nibs, and inking pens
  • Crafted for fan lovers of famous artists like Andre, Osamu Tezuka, Naoki Urasawa,

The Manga characters of the artists mentioned pay tribute to Manga art. 

Manga and Anime Brush Set

This set is teamed with more than 25 regular Japanese sketch brushes, shading, and darkening brushes.

These marvelous brushes are a perfect choice for screen toning techniques.

 Standard East Asian sketches and Japanese drawings can be created efficiently.

You can add perfection to your comic characters.

 Cartoons and illustrations can be drawn more skillfully by using these brushes.

Pencils & Sketch Brush Set

Since you have thrown away your old pencil set, here is the collection of 8+ custom pencils, drawing pens and sketch brushes.

A procreate user with a pencil in his hand doesn’t sound efficient and smart.

These beautiful brushes+Procreate features are really a blessing.

Now you can forget about sharpening your pencils, erasing mistakes, and unwanted strokes.

Here is a link and check out the fantastic history behind Manga art for more motivation and guidelines.

My AnimeList Manga/ Vagabond

Pros & Benefits

  • Comes with everything you need for creating professional Manga, traditional East Asian drawings, and anime-style comics
  • Best for obtaining multiple strokes
  • Character designers and professional comic artists can benefit from versatile brushes 
  • No need to buy other products, this set saves you money

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Manga Light Brush Set for Procreate by Underglovesᵂᴶprocreate manga brushes

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I have been told that some creative cartoonists have spotted something missing in their Manga art pieces.

After much reflection, observation, and discussion, I found out what it was.

Your illustrations, drawings, and characters need illumination!

The Manga light brush set for Procreate includes more than 14 brushes to simulate high-quality light effects for anime and Manga.

These were made for Mangakas, illustrators, and designers.

Your drawings will get that needed x-factor.

The following set contains a vast collection of special light effects including Manga light 7,12,1,2,3 and so on, each having a different effect.

Fires, splashes, thunder, flashes of lightning, and collisions in comic books need proper light and visual effects for emphasis.

The light effects convey the writer’s thoughts and message more accurately and quickly.

These brushes can save hours in creating embellishments and glow.

You can increase the number of fans for your comics by modifying your existing paintings and sketches by the addition of glare and radiance.

These are the brushes you have been longing for.

You would regret it if you ignored this collection of brushes.

Pros & Benefits

  • Provides the desired light effects, glow, and perfect radiance
  • Wide variety with affordable price+visual effects
  • Brushes are compatible with professional nibs

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Ultimate Manga Bundle Procreate procreate manga brushes

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Curious about revealing the untold mystery of these brushes?

Meisanumi has created these brushes to please those artists who want to craft their creativity in the form of Manga characters.

These brushes are designed in such a shape and angle that you get a good grip on them in no time. 

The halftone, watercolor, charcoal, foliage, and pencil brushes provide a beautiful blend of different textures, etc.

 This is a complete set of Manga for Procreate containing four brush sets.

Check out the real graphite brush, and this unique brush can do wonders for you.

Ultimately, you can mix these brushes and uncover the new effects of the blend.

You need these brushes both as a cartoon designer and comic artist as the procreate app contains fewer features by default.

These brushes are available at an affordable price, and you can use them to draw everything.

I am thinking of using these brushes to create sketches and drawings for my upcoming YouTube channel! 

These brushes are modifiable and have a variety of thicknesses:

  • Narrow
  • Pointed
  • Thick and thin
  • Double edges
  • Borders
  • Blur lines
  • Smoky textures
  • Bold lines

Pros & Benefits

  • Can be tilted and angled according to use and need.
  • Could be blended and mixed to create more uniqueness
  • Produces the best effects and stylish outlines

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Master Manga Paint Procreate Brushprocreate manga brushes

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Are you the one looking for some excellent Manga brushes but unable to find the desired material?

Meisanumi remarks that the brushes have been crafted with love and passion, keeping in view the demands of the users.

The master Manga paintbrush set is a masterpiece in itself.

These brushes will change your digital cartooning life!

Flowing and very natural brushes indeed!

Keeping in view the demand of the artists, these brushes prove to be the best companions for cartoon character designers.

Comic books will now be more magnificent and awe-inspiring.

Ordinary objects of art can be modified into more spectacular ones with the help of these paintbrushes.

Save time by using these brushes to jump-start your creativity.

What are you waiting for?

Everybody wants perfection, and indeed, these brushes are worth the money.

You can finally create digital art the way you imagined it.

Manga brushes need to be flexible because individual artists have their own way of sketching.

So they need different tools for creating comic characters.

You can express your thoughts and imagination in spectacular Manga artwork! 

More people would be inclined to read your comics due to your attractive drawings.

Pros & Benefits

  • Lower opacity to create 2b,4b, EE, all up to you
  • Provides real effective smudges
  • Perfect choice for decorating and complementing artworks snaps and photos

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Manga Sketch Procreate Brush

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This product is excellent for beginners who want to improve their sketching and drawing.

Your portrait needs these brushes to create first-class work.

This set contains 14 brushes.

Each of the brushes is distinct in its way.

The brushes produce exceptionally significant effects.

Moreover, working with these brushes is fun!

The brushes create crisp lines and traditional-looking sketches.

You will feel like a pro!

As a customer happily commented:


I am a professional cartoonist and Manga art is my profession and my identity.

It’s exactly what I was looking for.

I have used many brushes from different companies to create Manga characters, but these brushes, I’ve never seen these before.

It is such an amazing product–must be made available for all artists.

It’s a blessing!” 

You can create savage cartoons and sketches for comics right away.

All you have to do is to buy this Manga brush set and add it to the Procreate app.

Manga art is all about drawing, sketching, and painting.

Since you don’t have the option to convey your message through words, the visual effects need to be fantastic, then.

Bad sketches can be dangerous for comic artists because the reader might misunderstand your message.

This can prove hazardous to the credibility of the writer .as well as. the book series.

Henceforth, to maintain accuracy in your sketches and to sustain your artistic approach, you need these brushes.

A little imperfection is also necessary for your sketches for some real-life quality in your work.

An expert artist knows how to maintain a balance in the sketches.

You must know how to understand the psychology of your target readers.

Pros & Benefits

  • High-resolution results in fine lines
  • Gives a classy look and
  • Immediately grabs the attention of the readers
  • Works on all surfaces providing smooth strokes with a natural smooth nib

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Ink and Paint Procreate Brushes By MiksKSInk and Paint

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Want to create some eye-catching stuff that grabs the attention of art lovers at once?

Here I reveal that “open secret,” an all-in-one bundle of brushes! 

 This is a set of 12 handmade ink & paint-themed brushes for Procreate.

The set includes:

  • two ink pen brushes (trust me, they’re really great for outlining your artwork)
  • ink brush(a tapered brush with grunge edges)
  • 2 dry brushes i.e., brush with a “dry paint” aspect, ink marker brush, which is a smooth ink brush
  • Acrylic paintbrush
  • fine liner ink pen 
  • Diluted ink wash to add shadows/textures or backgrounds
  • Three textured ink brushes
  • Sprayed ink brush
  • Textured ink wash & messy halftone

The brushes are very smooth.

You can work with varying hand pressure and inclination.

They produce original paintings and sketches.

 The creator made them over several weeks for a new comic/game project.

He had to develop a rough, hand-drawn, and grungy look & feel.

Pros & Benefits

  • A diluted ink wash brush provides the best smudgy texture
  • Contains flowy brushes to work for hours without being tired
  • Amazing blend of shades and textures

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Set of 36 Procreate Ink Brushes

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I can understand how it feels when you have to work on Procreate for hours.

This is why I also know how annoying the situation becomes when you have to press hard to move the brush.

You need to have a pressure-sensitive brush for creating Manga art.

Here’s a unique bundle of 36 handcrafted ink brushes for Procreate!

Three different divisions of the set:

  • Standard brushes (for ink sketches)
  • Washes
  • Ink stamps

To add a more realistic touch, the creator used real China Ink to create these brushes.

 The creator has also added five paper textures as a bonus, that you can add as a background for your artwork.

These are different from the regular brushes as the daily, and casual brushes are resistant to pressure and are not pressure sensitive. 

Pros & Benefits

  • Trace the outlines of ink drawings with the brushes
  • Washes are pressure sensitive and use them for painting backgrounds or adding dimensions to the sketches
  • Instead of dragging the stylus as for regular brushes, use the stamps by tapping with the pen on artwork

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Runners-up: Line Art Brush Set for Procreate By Milo Monster

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This product is excellent for those in search of fine-lined brushes.

Here’s your go-to collection of brushes, fine-tuned for creating line art in Procreate.

 These brushes are invented to give smooth results.

Here is a description of the individual brushes:

  • Smooth Line Brush gives supreme quality sleek lines even on hard surfaces
  • Smooth Line Taper Brush is designed to produce sharp and narrow edges
  • Jitter line brush produces an ‘uneven and rocky finish’ (the rougher brush is just like a pen running out of ink, ideal for dry surfaces and tapered corners)
  • Grime brush can be used to add a little darkness to your paintings

Your lifeless paintings will now become as lustrous as the sun!

Here’s a PRO-secret:

You can use these brushes as erasers as well.

Pros & Benefits

  • Allows you to work like a pro as they help you in working on hard surfaces and rough edges
  • Brushes are great for dry surfaces
  • Provides the best coverage and precision

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Manga Essentials for Procreate

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Introducing the Manga Essentials Procreate Brush Pack!
This is the perfect starter set for anyone looking to create manga or comic illustrations.

This pack includes 16 essential brushes, covering everything from sketching to inking, halftone, textures, and effects.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artist, these brushes will elevate your artwork to the next level.

Pros & Benefits

  • 16 essential brushes for manga and comic illustrations
  • Includes brushes for sketching, inking, halftone, textures, and effects
  • Perfect starter pack for those not ready for the full Manga Master Set
  • A 50% off code for the Manga Master Set is available for those who leave a review
  • Adjustable scale for seamless dots by tapping on the brush and adjusting the settings.

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200 Manga Brushes for Procreate

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You’ll love the Manga Brushes for Procreate!

These brushes are perfect for comic book and manga-style illustrations.

The set includes various manga brushes, such as speed lines, lace, sakura, and foliage.

It also includes halftone and pattern brushes that you can use to create your own unique designs.

Pros & Benefits

  • A huge variety of brushes to choose from
  • Instant download
  • For personal and commercial use
  • Versatile brushes

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Manga ART Brushes for Procreate

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Introducing the Procreate MANGA ART brush set, designed specifically for creating comics and manga in Procreate.

This set includes 11 professional brushes that are perfect for creating dynamic poses, detailed backgrounds, and more.

With the included 4 color palettes (120 colors), you’ll have everything you need to bring your creative ideas to life.

These brushes are easy to use, making it easy for you to create beautiful manga art from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re a professional manga artist or just starting out, these brushes will help you improve the quality and efficiency of your work.

Get ready to start drawing your favorite manga characters with the Procreate MANGA ART brush set.

Pros & Benefits

  • Perfect for creating comics and manga in Procreate
  • Includes 11 professional brushes for creating dynamic poses and detailed backgrounds
  • Comes with 4 color palettes containing 120 colors
  • Easy to use, making it easy for you to create beautiful manga art from the comfort of your own home
  • Helps improve the quality and efficiency of your work
  • Suitable for both professional manga artists and beginners.

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Final Thoughts

Manga art is not child’s play.

It is done by experts with the help of the latest technology.

Now is the reign of Procreate with its amazing features for artists and architects.

But as the competition increases, it becomes difficult to choose among the Manga brushes.

No need to crack your head in finding the best Manga brushes for Procreate!

All these Procreate Manga brushes have been created meticulously for Procreate users.

Most of these products work only in the Procreate app and for Manga artwork.

Comic creators and planners can take advantage of these marvelous products and show off their expertise and competence in Manga art. 

These brushes are distinctive and probably the best Manga brushes for Procreate.

A talented artist can best utilize them by understanding the tricks for handling the brushes provided in this article. 

You can consult the following websites for further information about Manga art:

 Liveabout – Manga World

You can know more about the history of Manga art and its popularity by visiting another site:

Art From the Edo Period, the Origins of Manga

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