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procreate ocean palette

10 Best Procreate Ocean Palette Options(Free and Paid)

If you’re working on an ocean related project, then you will surely find these options for Procreate ocean palette indispensable. 

When we talk about the ocean, what mostly comes to our mind is blue.

Blue evokes a sense of peace, confidence, and calmness you can’t find in any other color.

Blue is often associated with elegance, serenity, security, and trustworthiness.

Now, how great is it that you can get the chance to add other shades of blue to your existing palettes and create a spectacular product?

That’s why we’re giving you this opportunity to get your hands on ten Procreate palettes.

This is the time to distinguish yourself from others with this collection of ten paid and free Procreate Ocean Palettes.

1. FREE 10 Ocean Color Palettes for Procreate

procreate ocean palette

Download Now!

Ocean scenes evoke peace and calm in our tired minds and bodies.

No wonder we tend to go to beaches for our vacation.

Delightful Design brings to us these ten carefully curated ocean palettes.

Now, you’ll have all the colors you need to make your very own oceanscape.

No need to travel far. 

You can paint your ideal calming ocean art right where you are.

Did I say that these ten palettes are FREE to download right now?

Yes, you can have an alluring turquoise or deep navy blue water and the other 298 ocean colors on your tablet now.

The palettes also have sandy brown and sea green hues to complete your waterscene.

The palettes are ready to download at any time.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comprehensive set of 300 colors
  • Instant download
  • Free
  • Ready to use

Download Now!

2. 28 Procreate Blue Color Palettes – 840 Colors

procreate ocean palette

Download Now!

Close your eyes, wear your earbuds, and picture this.

You’re taking a walk on the beach, with your life-partner and your dog.

Alternatively, you might want want to picture the ocean in your mind while the sun directs its rays of sunshine on you,.

These images will surely make you wish you have your drawing pencil and a paper or your iPad in your already full bag. 

Can you see the ocean clearly from picturing it? 

How many shades of blue can you see?

Now, let’s get down to business!

If you’re looking for a palette that brings you a wide range of blue shades, you shouldn’t miss this one from ProcreateBundle!

If you’re used to looking for tools for your projects, then you probably know Procreatebundle work.

Procreatebundle is a shop that has many special kits for you to try,.

It has a number of things from watercolor kits to all kinds of brushes, gouache, workbooks, stamps, and many other materials.

Not only are its tools very charming and great quality-wise, but also pretty affordable.

The stars and feedback also show how well-received and popular this shop is, making you want to [indirectly] entrust your artwork to the seller.

That being said, don’t let the image fool you.

You’re paying less than $11 to get 28 Procreate Blue Color Palettes and 840 Color Swatches .

The hues include:

  • Blue Gradients
  • Ice Berg
  • Starry Night
  • Foggy Beach
  • Navy Blue
  • Ocean Blue
  • Winter Ice Blue
  • Glacier Lagoon
  • Dusty Blue for Weddings
  • Frozen Lagoon
  • Many more

You can download it directly on your iPad and open it with Procreate.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Excellent quantity/quality for an affordable price
  • Offers you many shades of blue
  • Available for personal and commercial use

Download Now!

3. Lila’s Procreate Palettes-Under the Sea

Download Now!

If you’re reading this, know that you’re lucky.

I’ve been checking Lila’s work for a while, and it’s terrific.

(Okay, maybe «good» is not enough, her work is excellent, and it reflects well in herself as a professional.)

She’s an outstanding illustrator in our field.

Lila is sharing all her beautiful palettes with us.

She’s doing it for free!

To be able to get it, you need to:

  • Install the DropBox App;
  • Import the downloaded file to dropbox;
  • Go to the three dots under the name of the file and click it;
  • You’ll see an «export» option;
  • Click on it, scroll to the side and click on “Copy To Procreate.”

Does it seem complicated?

Don’t worry – you can see more detailed steps on the link above.

Now sit back, check out her beautiful ocean palettes and enjoy how it transports it to your summer beach days!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Dropbox installation
  • Free Palette
  • Color variations

Download Now!

4. Procreate Color Palettes Bundle – 1200 Colors

procreate ocean palette

Download Now!

If someone asks me to rename this Palette, I’d call it The Wonderland Palette or The Rainbow Palette.

Does it sound good?

Probably not (I’m not good at naming. Tell that to my dog! hehe!)

The image itself is already catchy, I know.

To make it better, this product promises to bring you 20 color palettes with 1200 different colors!

It features palettes (with many colors and different tones) to fit every occasion: Donut Glaze, Pastel Sunset, Ocean Waves, Beach Day, among others.

How great is that?

Not only lets you enjoy and mix freely, but it’s very cheap as well, especially if we take into account the number of colors it offers.

Also, we have to ask you this: have you looked at the breathtaking ocean colors this Palette provides you?

The ocean waves palette included has 60 beautiful colors to use in your design and illustrations.

Those beautiful shades of blue will make you lose yourself just from its beauty and versatility.

The owner of these palettes is none other than PatriciaDknyStudio, and everyone who checks out her shop can get a reliable feeling from it.

The rate and feedback given are great, and the tools are tremendously pretty.

We all know how hard it is to create a new color palette from scratch.

So why don’t you take advantage of a collection of palettes made by fellow artists like you?

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy installation
  • 1200 different colors for an affordable price
  • All made for Procreate

Download Now!

5. Ocean View Procreate Palette

procreate ocean palette

Download Now!

Don’t think you will only find blue swatches when it comes to the ocean palettes we’re showing you today!

This time we’re introducing you to a different kind of ocean palette which gives you a mix of gray, blue, and pink swatches.

I know, I know!

Grey swatches don’t seem as attractive as blue ones, but can we say those don’t remind us of the oceans?

The grey color may seem depressing at first.

Still, it has its share of calmness and reliability.

Moreover, it also offers us a deep relaxing feeling, especially when it’s to be mixed with other colors like pink or blue.

Take this Palette as an excuse to challenge yourself into turning such color into something extraordinary.

Also, how many good grey palettes are out there, do you know?

Not many indeed, which makes this one a lot more valuable and original (and look at how beautiful those swatches are!!! I fell in love!).

Katie is indeed spoiling us with her new ocean palette from her shop SouthernClassByKatie, which you can get for $ 6,15.

Check out this 30 color palette and give an exquisite touch to your designs.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy installation
  • Unusual Color Palette
  • Created for Procreate

Download Now!

6. Key West Procreate Palette

procreate ocean palette

Download Now!

See what I mean?!

This Palette is also from SouthernClassByKatie, and it’s gorgeous!

I can’t take it: I want to buy it all (Isn’t Christmas along the corner?! What about me being your Secret Santa? I’ll pretend I don’t know about it!).

Welcome to this Key West Color Palette, which lets you deeply explore different sides of similar colors and achieve pleasant color harmony.

It’s also great to paint a natural ocean while not losing its longing and calming feelings.

Looking at it, I can’t help but get lost in it, so I can imagine how wonderful it would be to apply it to an illustration, design, you name it.

It’s an incredible ocean representation for sure, but it can be used to so much more!

I mean, I’m sure you sometimes look for a particular color, but none of the ones you have do justice to what you have in mind. 

Does it happen to you?

That’s why these palettes are great – by giving you different tones of the same color; you can easily find the color you’re looking for!

You can also buy it for $ 6,15 – why not make it a set with the previous one?

Beware, all colors are beautiful, and dying to join your Procreate palettes!

Check out this 30 color palette and give an exquisite touch to your designs.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy installation
  • 1200 different colors for an affordable price
  • All made for Procreate

Download Now!

7. Ocean Dreams Swatches for Procreate – 7 Swatches, 210 Colors

procreate ocean palette

Download Now!

My teacher always told me: if you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at nature.

Its harmonious colors and backgrounds allow us to get into work and notice how colors can have different contrasts and still seem beautiful.

Of course, nature is enormous, and you can choose many sceneries to look at. 

But for me, oceans represent one of the most beautiful landscapes Earth can give us!

What about you?

What is your favorite source of inspiration when it comes to nature?

Do you enjoy looking at the sea?

Does it bring you pleasant memories?

If you’re a fan of oceans, let me show you a palette representing ocean and sea colors swatches (Calm Ocean, Ocean Depth, Turquoise tropik, Water Symphony).

Besides the colors, it also includes Sands & Seashells, Neon Corals, and Marine Life swatches.

Enjoy the sea life to the fullest with these seven swatches (210 colors) for a price of $ 5,74.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Compilation of the best marine life experience
  • Works with every version of Procreate
  • Available for personal and commercial use

Download Now!

8. Procreate Bundle Color Palettes

procreate ocean palette

Download Now!

Let me share with you another ocean palette for Procreate.

This is great for those looking to buy, with one click, a collection of different palettes.

If you buy this Palette, you will gain three extra palettes and get the trending and more fashionable colors of 2020/2021.

Explore your ocean with the «Blue me to the sea» Palette, which has many blue shades for you to try.

However, if you look further, you can get sights of the ocean from the other palettes.

For example, you might like the green colors from the «Fresh Mint Melange» Palette.

Or the beautiful blue shades in the «Morning Glory» palette you get as a bonus as well.

Lebondesign is a shop that sells more than 4.000,00 similar products, and it has excellent rates and feedback.

The prices also seem pretty fine, considering you can add these palettes to your iPad for the price of exactly $ 3.69.

What are you waiting for?

Go and excel on your artwork!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy installation
  • 120 Colors for a low price
  • Available for personal and commercial use

Download Now!

9. Organic Ocean Waves – Procreate Color Palette

procreate ocean palette

Download Now!

Blue is my favorite color, and it’s so interesting to see how versatile it is.

I cannot choose a sole favorite from all its shades for my life!

I mean, can you?

That’s why we found you this «Organic Ocean Waves»!

Now not only you’ll be able to get an assortment of blue shades, but also be able to find that one color you’ve been looking for for so long.

And I’m sure you’ll succeed at anything you’ve put your mind on!

If you have the suitable material and a lovely imagination, why wouldn’t you? 

You can use these palette colors for comics, graphic designs, calligraphy, drawing, etc.

According to its description, this Palette includes «(…) relaxing, denim, aqua, deep-sea, travel, wanderlust, nature, water swatches vibes, mood, aesthetic blue hue color swatches».

You can also use it for faces, lips, blush, and complete portraits.

Don’t wait any longer and get this pretty Palette for the price of $ 2,04.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Color and tone variations
  • Includes 30 matching colors
  • Can be used for any Procreate Project

Download Now!

10. Into The Ocean – Procreate Color Palette

Download Now!

Whether you’re a newbie or a professional in the field, this color palette will be helpful to you.

Firstly, look at it. 

Doesn’t it seem beautiful and captivating?

I can no longer choose a favorite color, thanks to this…!

The palette «Into the Ocean» features 30 color swatches for the price of $ 3,08.

With this Palette, you can take absolute advantage of all these beautiful shades of blue.

Apply those to your lettering, digital artwork, illustrations, websites, etc.

Don’t forget to use it to give life to your social media posts and attract clients or followers that way.

Oh, and the author also invites you to create «(…) beautiful digital art of oceans, mermaids, sky and water» with it.

Doesn’t it seem appealing?

Here’s a 30 color palette for you to use (and abuse!).

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy installation
  • Artwork enhancer
  • Excellent rates/feedback

Download Now!

Runner-up: Mermaid Inspired Color Palette for Procreate

Download Now!

If you love Disney’s Ariel just like I do, then you’ll want to download this Palette inspired by mermaids.

I love mermaids.

Okay, not the hair-raising you see in Harry Potter movies.

I’m talking about Disney stories, with beautiful and colorful mermaids as examples!

Here we have an extensive combination of colors you can use to bring your artwork to life.

You can see a set of blue, purple, teal, and sea green colors here.

Besides the color swatches, it also lets you download a «JPEG Version to Use with Color Picker.»

The download is made from google drive, and it’s pretty easy.

Check out this 11 color palette and give your collection a boost!

Don’t forget to show me your results!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made for Procreate
  • Specific Palette with a diverse amount of colors
  • Free quality material

Download Now!

Final Thoughts

Tell me: have you purchased or downloaded any of these options for Procreate ocean palette?

Get your hands on these exquisite choices now. 

Seriously: how many palettes can we have for it to be considered «too many»?

I mean, could there be  «too many» when it comes to colors?

I don’t think so.

Download these dreamy ocean palettes.

For your freebie, get our popular 100 FREE Procreate palettes here!

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