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procreate pantone palette

10 Best Procreate Pantone Palette Options

Digital designers keep up with the color trends by using the latest Procreate Pantone palette.

Designers just need to download this palette in their tablets and draw away without worrying about matching colors.

The options for the Procreate Pantone palette have made drawing and painting easier and on trend.

Below are the best choices for the Procreate Pantone palettes all designers can download to create trendy art.

Check them out now.

1. 10 Best Procreate Pantone Color Palettes

procreate pantone palette

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I don’t know of any other most trusted, not to mention, used color system than the Pantone (color systems). 

Graphic artists, fashion and interior designers, etc., use the Pantone color systems to be on-trend and precise in their color decision-making.

Delightful Design has curated 300 Pantone hues for easy reference.

You need not waste time looking for them on the internet.

You’ve got a number of them in this collection.

I am sure you will love their Dreamscape colors, Electric Pastels, International Key colors and, many more!

Note that Delightful Design gives these palettes for free.

Hence, you don’t only save time but also money.

Now you need to download it to make the most of this artist’s tool.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ready-to-use with Procreate
  • A comprehensive set of colors
  • Instant download
  • FREE

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2. Fall In Love With Autumn

procreate pantone palette

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Firstly, Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, and the Fall In Love With Autumn palette confirms.

Secondly, the palette offers a very warm, beautiful, autumnal combination.

In addition,  it is a seasonal product that clearly emphasizes the atmosphere. 

Thirdly, this palette has a large number of wine shades and shades of gold leaves. 

Fourthly, all 24 colors of the palette are hand-picked and collected in one file. 

Moreover, with trendy colors, Fall In Love With Autumn ensures that any work looks stylish. 

Fifthly, the set includes five bonus files, on which you can try out the new palette. 

Lastly, this is ideal for those who love the change of seasons and will perfectly feel the contrast of the transition from summer to autumn.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Use this palette to create seasonal advertising products, fashion look books, photo portfolios, social networks, and digital space.
  • The palette contains emotions of warmth, autumn, spices, hot chocolate, delicious mulled wine. It has a very warm emotional vibe.
  • Also perfect for decorating seasonal goods, wardrobes, everything that is tied to the autumn season

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2. Pantone 2019

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Firstly, the Pantone 2019 palette symbolizes the color of the year – Living Coral. 

Moreover, the color is unusual and gorgeous. 

Secondly, you can find a whole selection of palettes with a shade similar to it, but this one contains the best. 

Thirdly, this palette will cover all stylistic questions, from digital innovation to retro shades. 

Fourthly, it contains beautiful retro colors for modern and innovative design. 

Finally, it will help you choose shades for everything.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Bright, very saturated colors. Ideal for those who like complex color combinations
  • Suitable for a florist business
  • Goes well with white and black backgrounds

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3. 2021 Trending Colors Beachy Vibes

procreate pantone palette

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The first on the list is the 2021 trending Pantone color palette.

It comprises primarily of blues, followed by greys and peach.

Working with these palettes, you can create a color scheme for a website, corporate identity, interior solutions, and even sort your look by these colors. 

Here you can find the colors that allow you to work with any design solution for 2021. 

The palette contains 30 inspiring colors.

SoulLumiere created this palette for the enjoyment of us, digital artists. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • On trend colors
  • Though it’s for 2021, the color combination is timeless
  • Great colors to create a peaceful vibe

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4. Shimmering Space 

procreate pantone palette

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Next on the list is the dazzling Shimmering Space palette. 

This is a calm palette that includes dusty olive green shades. 

This is a range of muted colors, and there are only 30 colors. 

Perfect for those who want to add flavor to their work.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Ideal for wardrobe capsules
  • With this palette, you can stylize clothes on the themes of “military” or “animal prints.”
  • A calm range that is not tied to time and will be relevant for many years

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5. Lively Aviary 

procreate pantone palette

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The Lively Aviary palette is bright and springy. 

It contains hot pink, bright blue, which are symbols of vibrancy. 

Perfect for innovative and  dynamic company advertisements and interior designs.

The colors of this palette are associated with life and energy. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • This palette goes well with young adults. These bright and cheerful colors are great if a business is tied to a person’s personality or broadcasts work with youth.
  • The palette contains both bright and neutral muted colors. From it, you can create complex compositions in design.
  • With this palette, you can perfectly create digital packaging and covers for dynamic IT companies.

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procreate pantone palette

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The 30 Hand Picked Color SET palette is carefully selected and is perfect for illustration and calligraphy. 

This is a rather complex palette for working with businesses, where you need to differentiate the product line by color. 

Brightblueprint created this palette.

He’s an interior architect based in England.

I am pretty sure, that you’ll never go wrong with this palette having an architect as its creator.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Suitable for creating packages, websites, as well as product lines
  • Universal colors suitable for all types of businesses
  • Perfect for establishing corporate identity, packaging, digital spaces

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7. Earthbound Beauty

procreate pantone palette

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Firstly, the name of the Earthbound Beauty palette speaks for itself – the beauty of the Earth. 

Secondly, unlike the previous palette, you will not find bright, colorful colors in it. 

Instead, on the contrary, each color is more muted and conveys calm and confidence. 

Thirdly, the set includes a palette of 30 colors. 

Therefore, it will come in handy for those looking for a calm color scheme.

Fourthly, this is another set from the designer BrighterMom.
Lastly, do note that this designer has dedicated herself in helping mothers to balance being an entrepreneur and mother duties.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • The set contains a file with a palette of 30 colors
  • This palette is also based on the Ultimate Gray and Illuminating colors of the year 2021
  • Easy access and allows you to get started quickly

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8. Dreamy Enlightenment 

procreate pantone palette

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The Dreamy Enlightenment palette contains pastel light colors that have vibrant accents. 

Light, filled with positive emotions, colors are ideal for children’s business, young, teenage business. 

They do not carry the emotion of severity or complexity. 

On the contrary, they carry the emotion of brightness and positiveness.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Can be used in wardrobe, digital space, location design, printing, and websites
  • Contains summer colors that will look much better in warmer seasons
  • Natural colors, so they are perfect for eco-lifestyle – environmental friendliness and naturalness

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9. Spicy Intrigue

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The Spicy Intrigue palette has brighter colors. 

Looking at the colors you get the Cyberpunk feels.

This is great for eye-catching modern advertisements for companies and consumer products.

Your advert will definitely not be missed if done in this palette.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • A vibrant, universal palette for those looking for a beautiful color combination and contrasting colors
  • Suitable for all types of businesses
  • Great for modern products

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10. Pantone 2021 Spring/Summer Trends Palette 

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Last but not least, the Pantone Spring / Summer 21 ‘Trends palette. 

This palette is identical to the previous one and is also suitable for solving any issues in any business. 

It has only ten colors but includes the most top shades of spring/summer 2021. 

Its convenience is that everything is in one place.

There is no need to scroll through palette after palette in search of the desired color.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Bright, very saturated colors. Ideal for those who like complex color combinations
  • Suitable for all types of businesses
  • Goes well with white and black backgrounds

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Each of us has our favorite color. 

But not everyone knows how color affects a person and his mood. 

The well-known sizeable American company Pantone annually determines the color of the year. 

They do this by analyzing various spheres of human activity:

  • Entertainment and cinema
  • Current lifestyle
  • Upcoming sports events
  • Popular tourist destinations

Pantone specialists study how color affects a person and all areas of their life throughout the year. 

Based on this, a trend is formed for a specific color.

This color is subsequently used in interior design, fashion, company logo, etc.

This color  influences decisions on purchasing and making products in various industries. 

So, from year to year, the Pantone company determines the color trends. 

Interestingly, many companies use the year’s color to their advantage.

It has become part and parcel of their marketing strategy.

Color psychology is the most crucial science for marketers. 

Human behavior and influence on his emotional state are formed by the effect of color on the subconscious. 

It’s no secret that red is associated with aggression, and green is the color of cheerfulness and freshness.

Nowadays, color is a way of expressing thoughts and ideas. 

The right color is the key to success in a competitive market and distinguishing the brand from others.

Final Thoughts

After reviewing the best options for the Procreate Pantone palette above, we saw how strongly colors affect our emotions.

When used correctly in marketing, colors can shape the perception of a brand. 

The brand’s corporate identity today is one of the critical tasks of every business, and the correct color scheme will help set the tone and distinguish the company from competitors.

Color causes not only associations but also physiological effects. 

And although there is no perfect and universal color, remarkable results can be achieved thanks to the analysis and work of specialists.

For your freebie, get our popular 100 FREE Procreate palettes here!

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