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procreate polyline tool

Use the Procreate Polyline Tool to Create Fun Abstract Shapes

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Procreate polyline tool.

How To Use the Procreate Polyline Tool

Here’s a quick tip on using the polyline feature in Procreate. 

1. Create an Angular Shape

procreate polyline tool

Draw an abstract, angular shape.

Connect it.

2. Create a Polyline

procreate polyline tool

Hold the shape in place and a polyline will be created.

3. Tap on Edit Shape

As you release, you have the option to edit the shape.

4. Drag Corners to Edit

Now you can edit this much like any vector path by dragging around the corners and creating the perfect abstract shape that you wanted.

What is a Polyline Shape?

A polyline shape, or a vector line, is a series of connected line segments that artists use to create a variety of geometric shapes.

In digital art, artists use them to create precise, clean lines and shapes that can they can easily edit and resized without losing quality.

Where Do You Use Polyline Shapes?

In illustration and graphic design software, designers use polylines to create shapes and illustrations, such as logos and icons.

You can manipulate them using vertex editing, smoothing, and simplification, which allows for fine-tuning and adjustments of the shapes.

They can also be used to create more complex shapes by combining multiple polylines together.

In animation and motion graphics, artists use polylines to create animated shapes and lines, such as in motion graphics, visual effects, and compositing.

They can be keyframe animations.

Animators usually use them in combination with other animation techniques like Bezier curves, to create more complex and dynamic animations.

In 3D modeling, you use a polyline as a starting point to create 3D models.

You can extrude them to create 3D shapes, and use them to create precise cuts and shapes on existing models.

Overall, polyline shapes are versatile and powerful tools in digital art, graphic design, animation, and 3D modeling.

Artists use them for creating precise and clean shapes, illustrations, logos and icons, motion graphics and visual effects, and 3D models.

Final Thoughts

And that’s it!

In just two simple steps, you can now create a perfect abstract shape.

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