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procreate rainbow palette free

10 Procreate Rainbow Palette: Free and Paid

Having a Procreate rainbow palette is a necessity artists like you which you can get for an affordable price and some are even for free!

An excellent artist knows the importance of choosing the colors and tones, hue and shades.

Moreover, he is also aware that colors affect can make or break the appeal of a painting.

Considering that, artists should carefully choose the perfect combination of the colors.

However, making a palette can be time consuming.

To lessen your burden, you should consider checking out this great list of the Top 10 Procreate Rainbow Palette, free and paid, that we hand-picked with care for you.

1. Procreate Rainbow Chalk Brush Set– 4.31$ 

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The first item on our list is the Procreate rainbow Chalk Brush set. 

You can find this unique set on Etsy.

They are posted by an illustrator and graphic designer known as “Scribbleberries.” 

In this set, you will get a playful Chalk color palette, eight brushes for Procreate, and 2 Chalkboard textures.

One for portraits and the other one for landscapes!

These handpicked colors are excellent for any design and illustration.

Also, they’re soft and pastel.

Thus, they will give your art a delicate and lovely appearance.   

The owner of this palette used Procreate 5 to make this handy package.

Therefore, make sure you’ve updated your Procreate to the latest version.

What about downloading?

Don’t worry. 

The process of downloading is straightforward! 

After purchasing the set, unzip your file, install it on your device, and apply it to your Procreate.

Make sure that you don’t break any of the rules or copywriting policies of the owner.


 Pros & Benefits

  • Aside from a perfect pastel rainbow palette and colors with great texture, you will also get eight unique brushes.
  • You can use this palette for many types of work, school projects, landscapes, and even the most challenging portraits.
  • Make sure you have Procreate 5 before downloading.
  • In installing, just simply unzip the file and then download it.

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2. Rainbow Palette Pair– 3.78$ 


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The second on the list is the Rainbow palette pair which you can find on 

“WindAndSage,” which sells these interesting color palettes using this website, made great swatches to save you time!

Considering that, you can indulge in creating art and spend your time wisely and effectively. 

This set of color swatches contains 60 handpicked color swatches.

Likewise, it has many different shades of your favorite colors.

These can help you make a perfectly balanced artwork.

In addition, this palette also gives you various options.

You will get two color palettes with both Bright and Pastel pigments. 

A great choice of colors can always make your work more authentic and complete.

Therefore, you should carefully combine them to get a harmonic spectrum on your board.

You could achieve it using these numerous hues.  

If you realize that this is the right palette for you, you should consider buying it and downloading it. 

The answer is simple. 

The seller explained it, so go to your Etsy order, click on the link you will see, and download your palette.

And as he highly recommended, download the file directly on your device to import it easily. 

Pros & Benefits

  • This is a beautiful palette with 30 handpicked swatches! 
  • There are two sets available: a Basic rainbow with radiant colors and a Pastel rainbow if you need a gentle and most pleasing impression.
  • It is effortless to apply to your Procreate.

Download Now!

3. Boho Rainbow Procreate Color Palette– 2.34$

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Boho Rainbow Palette took third place on the list. 

It has been popular for almost 60 years as a unique style that has captured the hearts of many artists, actors, designers, and even architects with its free spirit.

We are not surprised because it offers many opportunities.

Considering that Boho doesn’t have solid boundaries or limitations. 

If you want your artwork to be unique and have limitless energy and a rebellious spirit, this palette is definitely for you. 

This palette is made of 30 handpicked colors inspired by Bohemian freedom.

The seller of this palette is “FlamboyantFlamingoCo.”

You can find its products on the Etsy website.

You may check their products for all Procreate users and more.

The process of downloading shouldn’t be a problem either. 

Once you pay and have your receipt in your email, you will find a link to take you to your Boho Color Palette.

You may download it directly to your iPad.

Open your file using Procreate and VOILÀ! 

Pros & Benefits: 

  •  If you like to get everything fast, this is great for you because it offers Instant downloading! 
  • This handpicked palette is definitely for you if you want to find it trendy, neutral colors and make everything unconventional boho style.
  • Make your art stickers trendy and original.

Download Now!

4. Pastel Rainbow Procreate Color Palette– 3.00$ 

procreate rainbow palette free

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Are you looking for something dreamy and lovely to fulfill your artwork with soft shades?

And you also want to make your next design like it popped out of a fairytale?

Then this palette is for you.

It will take your breath away from the combination of colors contained in this palette. 

The colors are dreamy and lightly saturated.

So, they can be great for floral, pastel landscapes, coloring books, relaxing mandalas, or designs for kids and many others. 

Furthermore, you could also use these colors for dim and ambient light, light leaks, and beams to produce the appearance of a comfy atmosphere. 

Crisco, the author of this palette, made 30 handpicked color swatches that will help you create your artwork. 

Having someone who did great work like this should not be unappreciated and copied. 

When using someone else’s hard work, don’t make a cardinal mistake and disrespect the palette.

Trying to make any changes to adjust colors and make other shades, for example. 

Also, you shouldn’t sell other people’s work and claim it to be yours. 

The download procedure is not very different from the others.

You may use your iPad to open your Etsy account.

Then, download the palette, and finally, open it using Procreate.

Pros & Benefits:

  • In this palette, you have 30 swatches with pastel and cute colors!
  • All of the colors are perfectly balanced, they are not too bright or too dark.
  • Perfect choice for a fantastic price!

Download Now!

5. Muted Rainbow Procreate Color Palette– 2.03$

procreate rainbow palette free

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The Procreate Rainbow palette that took our fifth place in the list is Muted Rainbow Procreate color palette. 

Like many palettes on the market, you can find this on the Etsy website. 

This one is created by RoughDraftDesign.

It can give you a wide range of applications. 

You could use this palette to make nice, well-balanced shadows and avoid using black for shadowing.

Also, this color palette can reduce your effort to make landscapes, terrain, and relief of some areas. 

In addition, these “earthy” colors can be great for creating everything in our natural environments like dirt, stones, sand, swamps, forests, or even animals and plants. 

You can easily open the muted rainbow color palette in Procreate after downloading.

If you have a problem with a product, feel free to ask the seller.

They should be happy to help you because you supported them by buying and using their product.

Pros & Benefits

  • If you are looking for a foggy and mysterious impression of your art, check this palette! 
  • It is very easy to use.
  • You can use it for any personal or commercial necessity. 

Download Now!

6. Bright Rainbow Procreate Custom Color Palette-1.52$

procreate rainbow palette free

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Next on our list is the New age Galactic palette with bright colors. 

The creator of this color palette is “Blissful Illustration.”

You can find their products and this palette on! 

These radiant, bright colors can catch your eye and have your full attention. 

They are attractive, modern, and trendy!

So, if you mouse something adventurous to refresh your art, this could be your choice. 

These colors are great for abstract, natural, dreamy artwork, new fashion and furniture innovations, cheerful stickers, and playful designs. 

After purchasing this palette, you may install it on your Procreate.

On your iPad, open the file that you’ve downloaded and import it to Procreate.

Also, the seller kindly offers help for answering questions about products that you may have.

Pros & Benefits

  • In this Rainbow palette, you will be impressed by how the colors are so bright and radiant! 
  • It has 18 color swatches with well-combined colors.
  • It is effortless to use and download as well.

Download Now!

7. Rainbow Procreate Color Palette– 14$ 

procreate rainbow palette free

Download Now!

The seventh but worthy is the Rainbow procreate color palette by young and ambitious graphic designer Cate Shaner. 

Knowing how competent she is, this palette can’t be anything less than impressive.

The palette is made with care, so it has excellent quality.

You can use it however you please because it gives you various options. 

The price is excellent.

If you want to have something that will give you a comfortable experience, this is for you.

Cate Shaner also offers her knowledge and tips in using Procreate on her youtube channel.

So, if you think you need some master class, go and visit her profile. 

You can download this rainbow palette using your browser, Dropbox or Canvas, and AirDrop.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • This color palette offers 30 unique colors which you can combine and make beautiful designs. 
  • This palette makes designing more manageable and prevents you from wasting your time.
  • On this link, you can also find the youtube tutorial video for using these colors! 

Download Now!

8. Procreate Color Palette Rainbow Story-14$

procreate rainbow palette free

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The eighth place in our list took Rainbow story Procreate color palette by Design Resource Hub. 

You can find this palette on 

It has 30 ready-to-use colors in handpicked swatches. 

The colors are nice, soft, and gentle.

Thus, giving you the feeling that you are in the most beautiful gardens in France, the Netherlands, and all around the world. 

Let the colors speak for themselves. 

Dreamy floral colors are great for making pastel creations and all that you can ever imagine.

Installation of this Palette is not a complicated process.

Purchase your palette, download zip, extract it, and save it. 

You can start creating as soon as you open Procreate and import installation.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The colors picked in this palette are perfect if you are searching for dreamy, cute, and pastel colors. 
  • The creator of these fantastic 30 colors found his inspiration in spring flowers!
  • The download process is easy! 

Download Now!

9. Rainbow Falls Color Palette– FREE

procreate rainbow palette free

Download Now!

Rainbow falls Color palette made by Dawn Nicole is in ninth place in this list. 

You can find it on her website and check out her color palette.

The bright colors used for this palette will give a playful and cheerful appearance.

Also, you can use them if you want to put a little bit of light in your designs.

This palette is handpicked and made with care.

More importantly, you can get it for free!

You could download it from her site and easily apply it to your procreate.

She also has youtube videos with tutorials on how to download, apply and use her palette. 

Maybe, this will help you with ideas and even use it for some references. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • This palette is an excellent balance between bright and soft colors! 
  • You also can watch a video tutorial after downloading this palette for a better experience.
  • It is free! 

Download Now!

10. Double Rainbow Color Palette– FREE

procreate rainbow palette free

Download Now!

The final product on our list is the Double Rainbow color palette by Dawn Nicole.

You can find it on her website

The colors used for this color palette are so lovely and soft.

Thus, you could enjoy it by using it and creating your perfect artwork.

This fantastic product is free for downloading and easy to apply on your Procreate. 

If you are new to Procreate, this can be great for you!

On this website, you can find compatible video tutorials or learn some tips.

The colors have great shades. 

They are not too bright or too dark.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • This palette offers a fantastic experience by using bright rainbow colors!  
  • It is effortless to download!
  • You can download it for free.

Download Now!

As stated, it takes us 90 seconds to decide if we like something or not.

That’s why choosing the perfect palette is important.

A beautiful combination of colors attracts spectators and potential buyers.

And with a rainbow palette, you will surely get their interest.

Just mix and match, and you’ll get the perfect blend.

We hope you enjoy these top 10 procreate rainbow palette for free!

Final Thoughts

The theory of colors is an essential factor because we decide if we like something just for 90 seconds.

And in 90% of cases, the choice of colors you use may be crucial in attracting the attention of the potential buyers of your painting, whether if it’s in physical or digital form.

The understanding of colors dates to ancient times.

Philosophers and artists are aware that colors affect one’s mood, perception, and impression of anything.

Having a fantastic color palette can make your artwork complete, meaningful, and trendy.

In addition, it can make you feel like a real professional artist. 

These Procreate Rainbow Color Palettes can help make dramatic changes in your art and designs.

Thus, they are all that you need to make them more exciting and complete. 

We hope that this list will help you in choosing the right palette.

Moreover, you will also stop wasting so many hours of your time making palettes on your own.  

We hope you enjoy these top 10 Procreate rainbow palette which you can get for an affordable price and some are even for free!

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