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procreate selection tool

How to Use The Procreate Selection Tool

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to properly use the Procreate Selection tool.

Watch our video now and effectively use it to your convenience!

Use the Procreate Selection Tool Effectively

Did you know that Procreate has an automatic selection tool built right in?

1. Tap on the Selection Tool Symbol

All you have to do is go to the third little symbol. 

procreate selection tool

From here you can start tapping on different parts of an image that you want to select.

Procreate’s clever little brain will start to understand what you’re looking for.

2. Increase Threshold by Holding Down While Swiping to The Right

procreate selection tool

And, you can also hold down and swipe to the right to increase the threshold for what you’re trying to select.

This will add tones that are similar to what you already have selected to the selection.

Keep going until you’ve selected all parts of the image that you want.

OPTION 1: Copy & Paste

procreate selection tool

After this, you have a few options. 

I will select copy and paste.

procreate selection tool

And this will add a new layer to your selection.

Delete your own selection.

OPTION 2: Change Background Color

procreate selection tool

And we have the option to adjust the background color, something that will suit our peach.

Final Thoughts

This Procreate selection tool will surely make your life more convenient.

From adjusting the size to color and to orientation, you can do it all at once to multiple parts of your artwork!

Here’s a video on the “Tips for Using Procreate With A Keyboard”, if you plan on utilizing it with Procreate.

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