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procreate shape stamps free

10 Best Procreate Shape Stamps, Free and Paid

From simple shapes like circles to more complicated ones, this list of paid and free Procreate shape stamps has it all!

If you are an artist or a designer, these are perfect for you.

Introducing you to our top 10 paid and free Procreate shape stamps.

These stamps vary from plain to quirky and are ideal for creating when time is not a luxury.

The selected sets are versatile and are available for personal and business use.

We’ve selected our favorite products, be they moons or circles in shades of maroon or purple.

Continue scrolling to view our array of paid and free Procreate shape stamps from different websites, giving you plenty to browse through.

Procreate Shape Stamps by Delightful Templates

Download Now!

Introducing the Procreate Shape Stamp Brushes – the ultimate collection of 23 versatile shape brushes for the Procreate app.

Add dynamic elements to your artwork in seconds with a simple tap of your Apple Pencil.

Perfect for artists, designers, and anyone who loves digital art.

Get creative with geometric patterns, abstract art, icon designs, stickers, logos, technical illustrations, and more.

Purchase now and receive unlimited support and future updates.

Elevate your digital artwork with the Procreate Shape Stamp Brushes.

Pros & Benefits

  • Versatile collection of 23 unique shape brushes
  • Easy to use with a simple tap of your Apple Pencil
  • Perfect for a variety of projects, from geometric patterns to technical illustrations
  • Includes unlimited support and future updates
  • Essential tool for digital artists, designers, and art enthusiasts

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81 Procreate Symmetry Shapes Bundle Pack 

procreate shape stamps free

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If you are a fan of symmetry and alignment, check out this bundle.

From 81 shapes to choose from, black and white, enables you to color them as you wish.

This classic product allows you to produce mesmerizing patterns.

There is room for creativity here, as you can create many combinations!

It shows the symbolism of symmetry – the beauty of balance and proportion.

Moreover, it is highly satisfying to create symmetrical patterns, as it takes focus and discipline.

In art, symmetry is two sides that mirror one another.

Like the Yin and Yang symbol, it portrays the duality of existence.

Since Romanticism, it has always been a significant element of art.

Symmetry can be inverted, biaxial, or radial (among others) and portrays order.

The Last Supper by da Vinci is a famous example of symmetry in art.

Renowned for being a pleasing painting because of the symmetry in color/ shapes.

As a diverse point of art, it has relevance and a place in the digital world, too.

Symmetry is a tool for architecture – floor plans/ tiling mosaics, etc.

One of the best things you could create with this set is mandalas.

A mandala is an artwork that aids meditation and is a healing tool.

Although classically hand-painted, there are no rules against creating digital ones.

It comes with an extended license for personal and commercial use, for ten dollars.

More importantly, it also has support from professionals!

Does that sound like a win?

I think so!

It gets better – when purchasing two-plus products, you get up to fifty percent off!

Pros & Benefits

  • Symbolism of symmetry in art
  • Used in building design/ architecture
  • Save up to 50%

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45 Stamps & Brushes for Procreate Shape Set 

procreate shape stamps free

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Above you will find additional merchandise, by Dani DiPirro, at 18 dollars.

This fun-loving pack comes with 45 stamps and brushes for Procreate.

You can write with brushes, incorporate cool backgrounds and go wild!

It includes decorated shapes, hearts, clouds, and what looks like fireworks.

With a one million followers on Instagram, DiPirro is a popular choice.

Her page promotes self-healing and all-around good energy.

She is the founder of Positively Present and the author of many books.

In 2022, she illustrated a book titled: Negativity is Boring.

How uplifting does that sound?

Her books focus on living in the moment, backed by her colorful illustrations.

All contain inspiring quotes, stunning imagery, and happiness challenges.

She sounds like an elevating mentor, right?

Furthermore, her themes also focus on accepting challenges and techniques to deal with them.

She seems like someone you would want to have as your best friend!

Always remember that living is winning, and sometimes that is enough.

My mother always said not to worry about the little things and remember to smile.

Certainly, this stamp set makes me feel light like air and flowy like water!

I will end number two on our list of paid and free Procreate shape stamps here before it gets too over-sentimental.

Pros & Benefits

  • Focused on positivity and self-help
  • Colorful stamps and brushes
  • Has cute stamps and brushes

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43 Procreate Shape Stamps 

procreate shape stamps free

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 At a reasonable $5, this Procreate set has 43 unique shapes in its bundle.

These shapes are two- dimensional and have simple outlines, not solid.

The stamp set has a variety; circles, suns, stars, moons, and squares.

Ideal for multiple uses, they can create foundations for several projects.

While simple, these elegant shapes save you the tedious task of drawing them yourself.

In addition, they have outlined shapes, so users can have some fun creating details and depth.

Ideas include using this library to illustrate educational children’s books or textbooks.

Basic shapes have a history of providing humans with symbols and signs.

For example, softer images like circles are more gentle and represent wholeness.

Shapes like rectangles usually portray a message or give direction.

Besides, knowing more about basic shapes enables us to create what we desire/ for our clients.

Also great for book and comic book illustrating and simple logo design.

Pros & Benefits

  • Reusable shapes on different occasions
  • Sun and star variations
  • Affordable package with a five-star rating

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Geometric Shapes           

procreate shape stamps free

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Fourth on our list of paid and free Procreate shape stamps is by Dune Digital Design, a top-rated store by creatives. 

Get lost in these shapes; see how well they merge to create a picture.

This versatile brush library comes with eccentric shape designs, including 3-D.

Perfect inspiration for designers.

It comes with examples of ideas and potential projects.

With 42 geometric shapes, this set knows how to bring your work to life.

The stamps give off a futuristic/ sci-fi element and can work well in creating illustrations for stories and children’s books.

At only $3.54, it’s safe to say this is a sweet deal and well worth it!

Geometric shapes are stimulating – our brains find patterns in them.

Moreover, they are shapes that often are studied for longer by people, as our eyes connect lines.

Geometric shapes make decent business logos, as people tend to remember them.

While 2-D flat shape stamps are appropriate for simplistic designs, complex 3-D patterns are well-suited for something you’d want a crowd to remember.

When you understand more comprehensively the language of shapes then you are able to efficiently brand a product or entity.

More importantly, this store also gives decent discounts when purchasing multiple products.

Pros & Benefits

  • Three-dimensional shapes for live artwork
  • Tutorials for design-work inspiration
  • 30% discount when buying 3+ items with Dune Digital Designs

Download Now!

205 Procreate Stamp Brushes

procreate shape stamps free

Download Now!

Tired of manually drawing these fundamental shapes?

 With 205 forms, this package is a decent choice and has variety.            

The package includes extensive outlined and solid forms in earthy/ warm colors.

When you’re pressed for time and prefer to work on decorating, this set is beneficial.

Also great for when you’re focusing on repetitive patterns that usually take a while.

In addition, it includes a brush folder for leaves, flowers, and branches for nature-inspired work.

With a large number of basic shapes, you can create almost anything!

Ideal for business logos, branding, social media adverts, books, signs, cards, and digital scrapbook layouts!

It’s best when you can get some personal use out of it, too.

The sizes are adjustable and are very clear/high-definition. 

These would be good for pattern design, symmetry art, and illustration.

With great reviews, people seemed to be pleased with this product.

Also, it is very easy to import into Procreate and defined as value for money ($2.08)

Pros & Benefits

  • Soft and subtle colors
  • Great for quick design work
  • Numerous options to work with and cost-effective

Download Now!

Procreate Stamp Shapes Set 

Download Now!

This set is perfect for planners, creating cards, and sticker-making!

It Includes a drawing guide, making your projects quirky and fun.

With 45 stamps and brushes created by artist Dani DiPirro.

The store, Positively Present, supports self-love and awareness.

We see this in the illustrations, which encourage lightness.

We love to see an old-school style that makes us feel like we’re back in the ‘90s.

It’s $20 for the set, for commercial use for up to 5,000 end products.

This option is limited to one business social media (marketing) account.

Furthermore, you can promote adverts used with these stamps for local markets only.

And, if you want to go bigger, you can upgrade the package!

By paying $75, you’re able to use this asset for up to 250,000 products!

There’s also no limit to the number of social media accounts under the license.

 Lastly, it enables unlimited local and international advertisements.

This animated style is perfect for all peculiar people who enjoy quainter artwork. 

Pros & Benefits

  • Vibrant colors
  • Shapes ideal for a variety of fun projects
  • Drawing guide included

Download Now!

Comic Book Shapes 

Download Now!

Think of the Archie comics/Netflix’s Riverdale.

At number seven, by Studio Kitsch, are these bold comic book shapes.

These bright and eye-catching illustrations are for the relaxed kind.

With plenty of stars and exclamation points, these make for super adverts.

If you are looking for a way to get marketing attention, this set is for you.

The shapes come in outlined, solid, bold, and shadow stamps and work well as backgrounds or with text.

Naturally, these are also ideal for comic book illustrators, making work more efficient.

Other ideas could involve creating pop art – aging back in the 1950s.

Pop art was a break away from tradition and the rules it encompassed.

It allows people to be a bit freer when creating.

These could be great as digital art hanging up in an old-school diner/ restaurant.

Brilliant for branding, as people remember boldness.

Also, if your child has a birthday coming up, what better way to create an invitation?

You also have options here: license types.

Furthermore, you can avail of a Commercial at $14 includes up to five thousand physical and digital end products.

Extended commercial costs $36 and has more benefits, shown on the link.

Pros & Benefits

  • Dynamic shapes and colors
  • For personal and business use
  • Comic book illustrators enjoy it

Download Now!

227 Celestial Stamp Brushes 

Download Now!

If you enjoy looking up in space and all things extra-terrestrial, this one is for you!

This set seems almost as infinite as the universe and has an abundance of stamps.

These include shapes of the moon, sun, stars, comets, crystals, and zodiac signs.

Amidst this set, you will find planets, pottery, leaves, and constellations.

The list does not end there.

The watercolor effect would bring about a sparkle on posters, greeting cards, and branding styles.

These can display as a background, faded detail, or the focal point of your project.

A magical and mystical product like this has abundant task opportunities.

Why not get creative and make some digital art that can be framed and sold?

Everybody, well, most, love the stars and would happily have them hang in the hallways.

Zodiac signs have been of interest to humanity for centuries.

As far back as the ninetieth century, humans were interested in astronomy.

It is somewhat comforting to believe that magic bursts in the stars when someone is born.

Do the stars mean anything, or are they just glitter in the sky to gaze at?

The famous quote from Julius Caesar contests that we are responsible for our fate.

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves.

Be it astronomy or science, there is plenty to work with here.

Stars have featured in numerous songs, plays, and art, and have significance!

As per Creative Market, you have options for license type preferences.

These are personal, commercial, and extended commercials.

Lastly, for a reasonable starting price of $17, I would say you are receiving quality and quantity here.

Pros & Benefits

  • Infinite stamps with airy designs
  • Can be used in creating different artworks that can be resold
  • Popular themes include astronomy, astrology, history, and humans

Download Now!

Shape Brushes Procreate Stamps


Download Now!

Above, find a free Procreate stamp set.

These include outlined and solid shapes.

Moreover, these can help with illustrating and the foundation for an art project.

Easy to download and utilize, with all the basic shapes you need.

Create depth and shadows with these and deliver some unique work.

You can have fun sketching patterns/borders and creating 3-D art when using this set.

They can be adjusted to any size while maintaining good quality.

The brush strokes can be in whichever color or size you want.

Also ideal for making contrasting drawings for those who prefer simplicity.

Plus, lots of room for brainstorming your ideas for these; a lovely foundation for all projects.

Indeed, this set is great for beginners learning how to use stamps in Procreate and experimenting with all its functions.

Pros & Benefits

  • Free to download
  • Can create your own detail
  • Ideal for illustration

Download Now!

Runners-up: Free Basic Geometric Shapes

Download Now!

Finally, here is the last on our list of paid and free Procreate shape stamps!

We have 24 geometric shape stamps in light outlines, regular and solid. 

These can be for commercial or personal use, plus super helpful to save time by having these shapes pre-drawn.

It seems that the focus here is minimalism enabling you to create what you please.

Geometric imagery and works of art have become very popular worldwide.

They would look great as patterns on clothing, underwear, or other fashion design.

Sometimes it is better to start with the basic shapes to encourage your creativity and see where it goes.

Explore her stamps to get your creative flow going!

If interested in using these, the creator suggests tagging her on Instagram at @beautiful_souls_art.

Pros & Benefits

  • Geometric imagery is popular
  • Free downloads
  •  Enhances your creativity

Download Now!

Basic Geometric Shape for Procreate

Download Now!

Looking for a versatile set of brushes and stamps to create your own geometric artwork in Procreate?

Look no further than the Basic Geometric Shape set!

Featuring a whopping 133 Procreate brushes, this set includes 69 basic geometric shapes.

It offers four different styles to choose from a solid, outline, dashed outline, and dotted outline.

You’ll also find 64 mixed geometrical shapes, giving you plenty of options to choose from when creating your art.

But the Basic Geometric Shape set isn’t just limited to brushes.

You’ll also find a selection of basic geometrical shape stamps to help you create your designs even faster.

And with most of these brushes having transparent backgrounds, you can easily add your own colors and textures to create unique patterns and designs.

Finally, this set even includes sticker templates and tattoo stencils.

This set is a must-have for any artist or designer looking to create eye-catching geometric designs in Procreate.

Whether you’re creating art for personal or professional use, the Basic Geometric Shape set is the perfect tool to bring your visions to life.

Pros & Benefits

  • 133 Procreate brushes in .brushset format
  • 69 basic geometric shapes in 4 different styles
  • 64 mixed geometrical shapes for variety
  • Transparent backgrounds for custom colors and textures
  • Sticker templates and tattoo stencils included

Procreate Mid-Century Geometric Shape Stamp Brush

Download Now!

Introducing the Procreate Mid-Century Geometric Shape Stamp Brush, the perfect addition to your digital art toolkit for your iPad.

This bundle offers a wide range of mid-century modern stamps to incorporate into your projects, including:

  • Wall art prints
  • T-shirt designs
  • Surface pattern designs
  • Stickers, greeting cards
  • Logo designs
  • Much more

With over 60 high-quality stamps included in this bundle, you’ll have a wide variety of mid-century modern shapes and designs to choose from.

These stamps are perfect for adding a touch of retro charm to your artwork, making it perfect for any project that requires a vintage aesthetic.

Please note that this is not a png or jpeg file. Instead, this bundle is an instant download that requires the Procreate app and an iPad to use.

Unfortunately, these stamps will not work with other applications like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

The Procreate Mid-Century Geometric Shape Stamp Brush bundle is the perfect addition to your digital art toolkit.

Get your hands on this bundle today and start creating your very own mid-century masterpieces!

Pros & Benefits

  • Wide range of mid-century modern stamps included
  • Perfect for adding retro charm to digital artwork
  • Versatile for a variety of projects, including wall art and logos
  • High-quality designs included in the bundle
  • Instant digital download for convenient use on iPad with Procreate app

Download Now!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the choices of Procreate shape stamps free and paid are plentiful.

Most of all, to dive into the multifaceted topic of art and how unique it can be.

Creators, in this chaotic world, are valued for their contributions.

Creating is a means of expression, learning, and understanding. It is a great trait to polish within oneself. It is also a tool for healing and teaching.

Design is also a broad field; these products are reasonably priced for what you get, while others are free of charge!

If you are looking for a project, I hope this article has provided insight into some prospects and that you are inspired by these artists, as I am. While we always think we have time to do things later, right now is the best place to start.

So, I will leave you with the words of my favorite esteemed author, J.R.R Tolkien:

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

What will you do next?

And that’s the end of our article about the 10 best paid and free procreate shape stamps!

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