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Ten Timesaving Procreate Shortcuts

Here’s a compilation of Procreate Shortcuts to help you with your work!

Watch our tutorial now.

Work Efficiently with These 10 Procreate Shortcuts

Here are my top 10 Procreate gesture shortcuts that you should know.

1-2. Undo & Redo

procreate shortcuts


Number one, is under Redo.

So to undo, tap with two fingers.

procreate shortcuts

To redo, tap with  three.

3. Copy & Paste with Swiping Down

procreate shortcuts

Next up we have copy and paste.

procreate shortcuts

So, simply swipe down with three fingers and you get the copy and paste menu appearing.

4. Quick Pinch to Fit to Screen

procreate shortcuts

Next up is fit to screen.

procreate shortcuts
With a quick pinch, you fit the entire artwork on your screen, which is perfect for seeing how you’re getting off!

5. Tap with Four Fingers to Hide UI

procreate shortcuts

Next up is hiding the UI, so you can preview even more of your artwork by removing the UI with four fingers.

procreate shortcuts

Tap with four fingers to bring the UI back!

6. Scrub to Clear

procreate shortcuts

Next up is scrub to clear with three fingers

procreate shortcuts

You can scrub from left to right to completely clear a layer so you see my cat has disappeared.

So that’s a scrub with three fingers.

7. Merge Layers by Pinching

procreate shortcuts

Next one is you can merge layers by pinching them together.

So, simply merge all your layers together very quickly with a little pinch.

8. Adjust Brush Size

procreate shortcuts

Here’s a cool little trick, you can gain greater control over your brush size by sliding your finger away from the slider, and it gives you greater precision in increasing the size.

The closer you are to the slider, the quicker you can increase the brush size.

So if you want to get exactly to drag it over to the left.

9. Using the Eyedropper Tool

Next up is the eyedropper.

Simply by holding your finger somewhere you can bring up the eyedropper.

Now, you can select any color that you like!

10. Quick Shape

And finally number 10 is quick shape.

By drawing rough geometric shapes and holding the pen in place, you will automatically create a more perfect shape.

This also works with lines, triangles, and squares.

There we have it!

They’re my top 10 favorite Procreate shortcuts.

Let me know what your favorites are!

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Final Thoughts

There we have it!

A collection of Procreate gesture shortcuts to save some time!

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