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procreate speedpaint

Top 10 Procreate Speed Paint Artists

Have you heard of Procreate Speedpaint?

More so, a Procreate Speedpaint artist?

Before we start discussing the top-ranking artists on the Procreate platform, lets first give you a brief insight on what Procreate is?

Procreate Defined

The answer to this is the following. 

This is a graphics editor application that you can use to play with colors on a screen and produce the best form of art possible.

This great application was the brainchild of the developers at Savage Interactive.

It is currently only available on the iOS platform.

What is a speed paint?

Speed Painting is an artistic method where the artists are supposed to finish a particular painting within a stipulated time frame.

The time can, however, vary from a few minutes to several hours.

Unlike the conventional sketching, speed painting focuses on the time limit.

After the painting time is over, the artist can’t make any changes to the artwork anymore.

The speed painting technique is commonly used by artists who are looking for ways to develop their digital painting skills.

Speed Painting technique was first introduced back in 1981 by Denny Dent in the United States.

He came up with this idea just after the death of the rock legend John Lennon.

Hence many of his speed paintings were often related to rock music.

Experts believe speed paint drawings showcase the subjective skills of the painter.

Painters on the digital painting platforms practice speed paint to learn to work more quickly and effectively.

Speed painting is used by the artists in the film industry to prepare several concepts fused together rather than a single polished idea.

Experts consider the speed painting technique a part of contemporary art.

Now let’s go through some of the the top 10 Procreate Speed Paint Artists.

They have made a name for themselves in this particular field over several years with their effort and luck.

1. Nikolai Lockersten

procreate speedpaint

Learn More

He has been sharing his art and also his art-related tutorials on his channel.

According to the bio on his channel, he is a freelance concept artist and illustrator from Norway.

He has had lucrative projects under his kitty, including some of the well-recognized movies such as Kon Tiki, Max Manus, The Mortal Instrumental, and many others.

He is currently working as a freelancer.

Nikolai is busy with illustrating book covers, children’s books, theatre stage design.

He is an online educator at, where he teaches potential students how to excel in digital art in various platforms such as Procreate.

Niko loves teaching very much that he has been enrolled as a teacher and lecturer at several art schools and colleges worldwide.

He also conducts tutorials on how to draw a must-watch for the newbies who wish to learn speed painting or any other techniques that have given him experience in the field.

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2. Cheeriokitty

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Cheeriokitty is a digital illustrator based in the West Coast, USA.

She is quite active on her YouTube channel, with her speed paint drawing dwelling on many different topics.

She has been actively painting and growing as an artist since she opened up her work to the world in 2013.

Her artwork has a unique sense of calamity and also quirkiness at the same time, which makes the work more touching.

She also offers tutorials on how to speed paint on the Procreate platform that is a must-watch if you are a new bi in this arena.

Here is the link to her Youtube Channel, where you can check out her artworks.

Learn more

3. Vincent Chu

procreate speedpaint

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He is a well known digital artist based in Hong Kong and has been in this profession for quite a long time.

His work speaks for itself.

His ultra-realistic paintings have made him popular not just on the Procreate platform but also on her social media handles.

Vincent’s subscribers on YouTube and Instagram are considerably high.

His work blows the feet off the ground, according to her fans.

Just Un Imaginable!

If you wish to see more of his work, then do not forget to check all his latest updates from the link given below

Learn More

4. Sara Faber

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Sara Faber is a digital artist, an illustrator based in Berlin, Germany.

She is an active community member on Procreate.

She has been actively running her illustration business for the past four years.

Sara has grown very popular within this short period and is still thriving to the heights.

She does commissions such as book covers, book illustrations, etc.

Apart from this, she owns an eCommerce platform where she sells enamel pins, stickers, prints, postcards, etc.

She is also active on Patreon, where she shares art tutorials of real-time drawings videos.

Also, she shares her sketches and also uploads newsletter podcasts for her listeners and viewer

She also hosts live streams and also monthly Q and A sessions to connect with her fans.

She uses techniques that are equally applicable when you intend to use the physical items during your drawing.

At the same time, utilize methods that are used solely while using digital art such as regenerating a shape to generate a grid that can be placed on texture.

She has been able to earn more views than her peers in this field.

You can check out for yourself, right here and then judge it for yourself.

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5. Ergo Josh

procreate speedpaint

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Ergo Josh is a digital artist based in Atlanta, USA.

He was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and moved into the US with his family and was raised as a US citizen.

Ergo was well known for his artistic skills amongst his peers from a very early age.

He completed his graduation in the field of architecture.

He went on to work as a design professional before switching to digital art full time.

Ergo is an active community member on the Procreate platform.

He is passionate about any sort of drawing.

His drawings mostly feature anime -oriented characters.

This is the link to his YouTube channel if you why to see his speed paint and other types of artwork.

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6. Kloodwig

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She is a digital artist based in Germany and is active on her YouTube channel.

Her artwork comprises mostly of portrait paintings.

She is an active member on the social platform since 2018, with her channel having about twenty-six thousand subscribers to date. 

7. Mia Hobbes

mia hobbes

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She is a digital artist from Tbilisi, Georgia, and has recently joined the speed paint artists.

Her work speaks differently, however.

The works have been trending after she had uploaded her work on her YouTube Channel.

She is also into anime types of drawings, as many artists like her.

She also offers different tutorials on how to draw on Procreate, so her tutorials are a must-watch.

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8. Milkkbat

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He is an artist, hobbyist, and a fan of digital art at the same time.

It is equally exciting to see the artist build up different forms.

There are techniques the painter is free to switch in between the painting, such as acrylic and/or oil painting. 

He adds a lot of color highlights in his work.

You can also get more of his excellent speed paint as well as other types of artwork from the following website.

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9. Vesle

Learn More

He is a digital artist, painter, illustrator based in India and has been active on Procreate for a long time.

He is mostly into portraits, and his faces try to speak a lot through their countless expressions.

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10. Flo

Learn More

Based in the United States, Floortje or Flo, as she prefers to be called, shares her tutorials on how you can draw on software such as Procreate and also other platforms.

She has a channel known as Art with Flo that has a considerable number of subscribers on all platforms.

Flo has been uploading his tutorial videos and also his work of art since early 2017.

She started drawing when she was about five years old.

Flo has improvised her drawing skills over the years since then and has acquired more skills “by reading a lot of books and looking at the works of others,” according to herself. 

She started learning digital art when she visited the website of the CGSociety.

Bobby Chui was her inspiration in the field of digital art.

There was no turning back for her after this.

She learned more about digital art and got her work published in numerous magazines over some time.

Flo gave herself a break working as a wedding photographer after her graduation and then slowly got back to the drawing scene with her YouTube channel Art with Flo.

She loves to play with the colors and shades that make her artwork unique and well-loved by her fans.

Her work on the YouTube Channel and also the other platform are a must-watch if you wish to learn on how to draw on your iPad with ease.

Learn More

Some Productive Tips on Speed Painting

Apart from discussing the top speed paint artists on the Procreate platform, wouldn’t it be tipping on the cake if you got to know about some of the techniques these great minds imply to provide their best work?

Hence now let’s go through some of the techniques the experts plan to use.

1. Make use of the custom shapes that are quite handy when an artist wants to complete his work quickly.

Learn about how to draw some basic shapes beforehand. This will help you draw complex shapes with greater ease.

Start by scribbling abstract shapes using a hard brush.

Then try to do things such as overrunning, repeating, and reforming them so that you can properly use them in your artwork.

2. Use of the brush tool and place-specific strokes that can comprise different colors, tone, texture, and opacity.

3. Try out the different shades that can make your drawing even more pleasing to the eye.

4. Avoid using too many brushes at the same time, which will save you a lot of time.

Also, if you use a few brushes, you will be compelled to think more about improvising the shapes and the overall design of the painting scene instead of brushstrokes.

Large brushes can cover up the entire canvas within a short period.

If you make use of a gradient tool to add on base color to your digital drawing.

This will help add tonal value to the image.

5. Gradient Tool is an appropriate tool during speed painting.

This will help you select the color for every part of the sketch beginning with the ground and then eventually proceed towards the skyline shade.

It was ultimately selecting a color to identify the shade between the land and sky.

Linking Art to a Reference

6. Link the art you do to an appropriate reference.

The best way to do so is to have access to a sound photo reference library.

You can use the appropriate exposure, scenery, and contrast to align perfectly with your current painting.

Using landmarks or cloud formation can be helpful as an inspiration for drawing.

You can explore across all available options to search for that particularly perfect photo that will go well with your work.

You can choose from various natural and human-made items.

Although using pictures as a reference before painting is not mandatory, it will assist you in not generating an idea for the art by yourself.

7. Adding complexity into your paintings takes the whole art piece into an entirely different level altogether.

This can be done with the help of the texture and custom brushes.

Use a nice variety that will help crack open the internal shapes of the composition.

If you wish to make photos that have a powerful impact, it is essential to select the right one.

For instance, do not try to select a photo that has a totally different lightning source compared to the others included in the picture.

Using Clipping and Smudge Tools

8. Use specific tools such as the clipping or smudge tools to try out new ways to improvise the drawings.

This will be the part of the experiment on your part to make your painting stand out of the box.

This is necessary to try out ideas and concepts that you may not even think of implementing if you had not looked out for different options.

10. Avoid telling a complicated story with your art.

No one will buy it.

The simpler, the better.

Another disadvantage of working on a complex story includes dividing the campus into smaller sectors so that the storytelling elements can be equally distributed.

Tips on Recording a Speed Paint Drawing

After you have completed your drawing, you may need to know how to record the drawing digitally. 

If you are someone who has heard about speed paint for the first time, you may want to know how you can record it?

The answer to this is dependent on the device or software you will be using.

We have been talking about speed paint artists on the Procreate platform. Therefore, we will only discuss how to record the painting if drawn digitally.

The option for you is the screen recorder.

The screen recorder lets you record and stream all that you can see and hear on your PC, including games, dashboards, applications, etc.

The speed recorder has a range of options for use, such as benchmarking, recording audio using a different file, etc.

Some of the options of the screen recorder that are quite important for you as a digital artist include:

1. Active screen – If you have access to more than one monitor, then this option lets you select the monitor that you wish to record from.

2. Select Application to Record – This is relatively useful when you wish to record only from the graphic software and not any other screen or running applications

3. Overlay Graphics – This option is available if you wish to add a logo to the video to protect your work copyright.

4. Capture Card Device and Software – this is an internal or external device that can be used to connect from the computer to the video camera.

The video capture device can take the video signals and then change it to a stored video format.

Now you can alter the display of the video on the computer.

The capture card device, along with the screen recording software, enables you to make your video more eye-catching and authentic.

Tricks on Speeding Up Your Drawing

Besides these, let’s talk about some tips that you can put into practice to draw relatively faster.

With consistent practice, however short, it will make your work faster than usual.

1.Finish quickly, but this gives you a sense of complete work that you would otherwise end more slowly.

Let’s say if you try isolated studies, you can complete a six-hour work within an hour or two.

If you use this technique, it reduces the chances of you messing up with your artwork, making your artwork look much sharper and crystal clear.

2. Draw using charcoal, carbon, or a soft graphite pencil.

It will help you prepare a beautiful set of texture, values, and details within a brief period.

It also prevent you from getting into too much detail and shadings.

Catch Attention with an Unfinished Look

4. Most eye-catching drawings have an unfinished look, which means that there is a high depth of detail on the inside with very loose sketchy ends on the outside.

If you do so, you will be able to focus most of your time and energy on one small area and then get fast, loose and expressive over the rest of the image.

6. In this way too, you will be saving a considerable amount of time.

7. Block in large shadow areas first.

If you do so and separating the shapes and lights and ignoring any of the details within the shadows will speed things up.

8. Once you block your shady shapes to make sure not to go too heavy initially, once you have created your shadow areas, you can use the eraser and the darker pencil to bring up the details within the shadow areas.

9. Posterize the reference photograph.

By doing this, you reduce the number of pixels within that particular reference image.

If you posterize the image, then this makes it easier to see the various values and tones with a subject.

Once you regenerate the blocky feel and smooth out the transitions, it is a great way to speed up the entire shading and translation procedure irrespective of the medium you are working in.

Another advantage of this process is that you will be able to create a more three-dimensional and solid-looking sketch.

10. Finally, try to give yourself a time limit and try to maintain it strictly.

By doing so, you will not just speed things up, but also your artwork can improve.

You focus on the elements that matter, which has the most significant impact, and there is no way you will get time to overwork that particular painting.

Final Thoughts

There is a long list of artists who are continuously trying to thrive in this field.

So apart from the top ten, do not forget to check out other Procreate speedpaint artists.

Let’s do a recap on the subjects we have touched by in this particular piece of writing:

  • A definition of a speed paint and also discussed its emergence.
  • Deep insight into some of the trending Procreate Speedpaint artists of the time
  • Tips and tricks that you can use as a novice or a beginner if you plan to make speed painting as a part of your career
  • Ways you can record your drawing and prepare a video that can be shared on all social platforms
  • Tricks that you can apply in getting your artwork completed quicker

We hope you found this article on Procreate Speedpaint artists inspiring.

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