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procreate star stamps free

10 Best Procreate Star Stamps, Free and Paid

Add the brightest stars to your artwork with these 10 Procreate star stamps, free and paid.

Creating stars of the same size and shape can be challenging when you are drawing with your hand on paper or even digitally.

Luckily we have Procreate tools that can help us create the same star over and over again with so much ease.

Now we have different star stamps and brushes which have already been created for this purpose.

In this article, I have covered some of the best Procreate star stamps available out there.

Also, you will find amazing star stamp packs that you can use on invitations and any artwor.

You can use these star stamps on almost everything.

Wait no more and scroll through this list of Procreate star stamps, free and paid!


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Let’s start with one of the cutest star stamp packs for my taste.

If you are looking for stars that look hand-drawn, this package is completely for you to get hand-drawn star stamps. 

You will see a bunch of cute stars that look like you draw them one by one.

I always loved sparkling things, and I love implementing that into my art to exhibit bubbling stars on my art.

One of the greatest benefits of this package is the sparkles that come with it.

With the addition of sparkles, your art will mesmerize and hypnotize people while they are looking at your adorable art.

It also has a bunch of dots covered for you to elevate your design.

These stamps are amazingly useful to use in notes as digital stickers.

Now adding stars to my digital agenda is more fun and easy, thanks to this great package.

All are high quality, yet they seem handmade.

You can adjust the size, opacity, and color of these fabulous stamps.

It is not pressure-sensitive, so you will always get the same star with the same length and width as you wish.

You can use it only with the Procreate app.

With this pack, you will have cute hand-drawn stars and sparkles on every design you want. 

For $17.70, you will get high-quality and resolution hand-drawn stars that you can apply to every design which you or someone else created.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 17 different stars, dots, and sparkles
  • Adjustable size, opacity, and color of stamps
  • High-quality shapes

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2. 120 Stars & Sparkles Procreate Stamps

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Don’t you just love variety?

I love to see different options on almost everything before I decide what I choose.

Maybe this is the reason why this package seems amazing to me to use in my works.

Our next suggestion is for you, if you want to enlarge your stamps collection, and have various stars you can use.

It is simply one of the best packages you can get if you want a variation on your star stamps and do not want to restrict yourself to a few star stamps.

Also, it covers 120 procreate stamps, and all are stars and sparkles!

With a wide range of options, this package will surely be useful in designing almost everything which does not have to be related to the universe or space. 

In addition, all stamps are color compatible and hand-drawn, so you can use handmade star stamps in any color you like!

With the advantage of the Procreate app, you can obtain lots of different arts or images like a rainbow which contains dozens of colorful hand-drawn stars.

With lots of options and easy usage, this package is one of the essentials of Procreate.

You can use this only in the Procreate app, which is another special benefit of having a Procreate app on your iPad.

Furthermore, you may use these to design postcards, digital planner stickers, social media posts, embellish your images, build your goods, and whatever else you can think of.

After downloading, you can employ these various stars and sparkles in almost every design to create fully sweet and smooth posts or digital postcards.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • 120 different Procreate stamps are available
  • Compatible with every color
  • Ready to use in the Procreate app

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3. 60 Procreate brushes 

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I always get bored of drawing stars at some point because drawing is not always easy and creating new style stars is not sustainable by using not user-friendly apps.

Luckily this package has every ability I want in a star brush.

It is easy to use and has great ease for my illustrations.

Next on our list of paid and free Procreate star stamps, included are the 60-star brushes to design incredible posts.

Look at these amazing designs to choose from, in my opinion, those stars are individually unique.

It has a lot of different stars for you to use in your designs to create new styles, otherwise, you will always repeat yourself but via this app, you have a great power to design innovatively.

You can scale the stars according to your design and you can choose the best size for your design.

In addition, you can rotate or change the color of the stars.

With blending mode, you can get amazing effects.

You can use it only with the Procreate app.

It covers 60 high-quality brushes for you to use in your different designs.

I bet you guys will love the range of options and how easy it is to use.

Enjoy blending mode and amazing star designs!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • 60 Procreate star brushes with different designs
  • Adjustability is very good
  • With Blending mode

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4. 50 Star Stamps for Procreate

star stamps

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Darla studio created an amazing package of Procreate star stamps to use in your designs.

This Procreate star stamp set has one remarkable benefit.

It has a big variety to create creative designs with different styles and colors.

Moreover, it comes with 5 different dot sets.

And, it also has 45 amazing star designs.

I love it when a package has variety and this package contains different materials.

It has unique stars you can employ everywhere with different colors, from invitation cards to dress designs.

Setup is pretty easy.

It is also easy to use.

This package is not pressure-sensitive.

It only works with the Procreate app. 

These brushes are not compatible with Photoshop or any other program.

This is a fantastic font with high quality.

Lastly, you can play with the opacity, size, and color of these amazing stars.

Have fun enjoying these adjustable stars!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • 50 various Procreate star brushes to choose
  • Adjustability is on point
  • Fantastic font for invitations

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5. Procreate Star Stamp Pack

procreate star stamps free

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If you want to speed up the creation process, these stamps are excellent for you.

You can use these stamps for commercial use and this app is user-friendly to create fast.

This means you can use them on items you sell as well.

And this package has 17 hand-drawn and unique star stamps on it.

It is just too good to be true.

This package has a 5-star review average.

Moreover, the seller has a 5-star average overall.

So we know that these are good designs coming from a marvelous creator.

The creator, Rachel Kick did an amazing job creating unique star stamps.

I loved the stars she created.

It only works with the Procreate app.

So you need a compatible iPad, and a pen suitable for it.

I also feel obligated to say I completely loved how the dots helped my galaxy designs.

Lastly, it costs nearly $7 but it is worth every penny.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • 17 Procreate star stamps with different designs
  • All are hand-drawn
  • High-quality designs for you to use

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6. 32 Star Stamp Brushes

procreate star stamps free

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One of my favorite things in star brushes is confetti brushes.

It makes everything so easy, especially in galaxy designs.

Adding small stars all over when I can add more with confetti brushes?

That seems like a time-consuming alternative.

I also love comet designs.

I give small comets to my galaxy designs to give them a magical touch.

Lucky for me, this package has both of them.

This Procreate star stamp set has 22 different star stamp brushes and 10 confetti brushes.

That makes 32 amazing star brushes!

They hand-drawn 22 unique stars, including comets.

And then they digitalized them to create this amazing set.

This package only works in the Procreate app. 

After downloading, you will get one file that has all 32 different star brushes.

Make a wish with each comet you put with this amazing package.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • 32 different Procreate star stamps
  • Confetti brushes are available
  • The pack has comet designs

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7. Magic Star Brushes for Procreate

procreate star stamps free

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Are you looking for constellations and moons to accompany your star stamps?

Or are you looking for unique designed stamps with a variety?

Then this package is for you.

This Procreate brush set is created by Maria Summer, a professional children’s illustrator.

I think these would be perfect for children’s birthday party designs with the uniqueness of each stamp.

All of her creations shine between computer-created stamps by being unique.

I enjoy the feeling of hand-drawn designs.

If you also like it, you should check this package.

It has constellations, comets, star groups, the moon, and many more for you to discover.

There are 21 brushes in the set: 14 patterns and 7 stamps.

If you ever need to adjust the design’s size, go into the brush’s options, pick “grain,” and adjust the “scale” as needed.

You can only use it in the Procreate app. 

For $15 you can use this pack on your designs, and even 5000 commercial products.

If you want to use this stamp set on a larger scale of production, you should check the website for other buying options.

Enjoy this unique set created by an amazing creator!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • 21 Procreate unique brushes for you
  • Hand drawn by a professional
  • The package has constellations and moon patterns

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8. Procreate Star Stamp Brush

procreate star stamps free

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Now we have a basic yet effective star stamp set created by Julisha Kim.

It has 12 stars that you can use in your calendar, your invitations, your illustrations…

Many of these stars are similar to what everyone draws when they are doodling stars.

But I love implementing little shine effects to my writing with this tool.

The artist also used the technique I mentioned on the cover picture of this set.

Implementing this simple yet effective set to your art will ease your creating process.

The brushes in this collection are only compatible with the Procreate App on the iPad.

But it comes with PNG files of each stamp, which is a big benefit of this package compared to the other packages.

You can import the PNG files included in this collection into other tools like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. 

But, because all of the brushes were created with the Apple Pencil in mind, the developer cannot guarantee that they will work with other styluses.

For $14 you can get the Procreate file and PNG files of all of the stars.

You can use this package on your commercial items for a limit with this price.

Furthermore, you can also use it on one commercial Instagram account.

Have fun with this minimalistic package on your designs!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • 12 Procreate unique brushes for you
  • Comes with PNG files
  • Compatible with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop

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9. Procreate Star Brushes

procreate star stamps free

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Now I have a star brush set that is compatible with dynamic color variations.

This set seems minimalistic compared to the previous packs covered and this is the special power of the app.

This set of star brushes is created by Molar Ink by Geena Kade, a German creator.

In addition, this set has 5 different star stamps.

These stamps are hand-drawn.

It also has 2 different cluster stamps to ease creation.

And, it has a random star brush that has all of the star designs in the pack.

A random star brush with dynamic color variations also comes with this package.

Until this moment, this set didn’t get negative feedback.

In the light of this knowledge and my previous experiences, I recommend this app.

Since all of the people who downloaded it are happy with it, I am hopeful about this package.

One of the greatest benefits of this pack is it is completely free.

You can simply have this package by just downloading the add-on.

This is a great addition to your Procreate toolbox!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Completely free
  • Has cluster stamps to ease the designing process
  • A random star brush included

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10. Procreate Star Brush

procreate star stamps free

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Last but not least of the paid and free Procreate star stamps we have a star stamp brush created by Anayahs room.

This app is convenient for someone who needs an app to make the job easier.

With this brush, you can do stars in black, white, or any other colors whatever you wish.

This minimalistic package is perfect for you if you are only looking for a tool to ease putting the same stars with the same length and width everywhere.

Since the product is powerful enough to create different kinds of designs, it can be used in commercial products.

Most importantly, this package is also free.

Upon download, it gives you one file and setup is easy.

Besides you can download this package unlimited times, which gives you a big opportunity because as we know, sometimes we do not have enough space in our iPads but with this superiority of apps, you do not have to think about it.

Adding stars to your design has never been easy before this app because the main property of the app is its minimalistic style so changes or additions are pretty effortless.

This star stamp will be a great addition to your Procreate toolset.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Available color options

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From Ancient Egypt wall writings to high seller NFT arts, all through history, we see different star shapes and illustrations everywhere ever since mankind started to draw.

Stars are one of the most common and interesting shapes artists use.

We can even say that every designer used a star in their art at least once since they have begun to design.

Nowadays many art creators shifted to creating digital arts with clear and smooth lines and curves.

Especially after Apple gave us one of the best apps ever made called Procreate to design and create various types of new generation art.

We hope this list of Procreate star stamps, free and paid, helps you find what’s best for you!

Final Thoughts

Stars have been and always will be one of the most common and interesting shapes people will use.

Above, 10 of the best paid and free Procreate star stamps were mentioned.

You can find different styles and types of star stamps and brushes above.

Do you know of a good one that isn’t on the list but should be?

Please let me know in the comments section below.

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