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10 Best Procreate Stipple Brush Sets

Just how do artists create art with Procreate stipple brush?

Can you imagine how small dots can take you to another dimension as they trigger your imagination and skill?

Silliness of the mind and skill make artists the living proof that there is a whole new world out there.

A world full of colors and hues.

There are different methods of creating art, stippling is one of the most useful tools in doing it.

It is also one of the popular strategies to create vivid illustrations through shadings and dots. 

Bid goodbye to your pencil and paper. 

Get immersed in the power of Procreate stipple brush.

Start creating stunning art pieces now!

1. Stippling Brushes by MiksKS

procreate stipple brush

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If you are an artist looking for the an affordable stipple brush set, then this  is for you.

For as low as 6$ you can own a set that can add ‘grain’ on your drawings.

This means it can give you more amazing works.

A simple grainy visual is not the only thing it can offer because it has a touch of mezzotint texture.

This will be an excellent tool for having a rough texture in your output and experience high-quality art.

If you are for popularity, this set will not be left behind.

This is one of the most used and included in a Procreate bundle of 400 brushes. 

Moreover, this pack has a small file size and is very convenient for those who have lots of files on their device. 

It may not be the latest trend among Procreate stipple brushes, but it is a reliable one.

This also comes with ten handmade stippling/shading brushes which can only be used with Procreate.

It is also recommended to be used with iPad Pro + Apple Pencil combo because of its precision and accuracy.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Can be downloaded as JPG.
  • Comes in a small file size (5.42mb)
  • Trendy
  • Tried and tested

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2. Stipple Studio for Procreate by True Grit Texture Supply 

procreate stipple brush

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For under 20$ you can have a stipple brush set and a stipple brush studio set.

This is high-quality product that meets the demands of pro-illustrators and even tattoo artists.

It can create a combination of analog and digital stippling resulting in amazing quality of drawings.

Unlike the first set, this one comes with more brushes– a total of 40 precise ones with four different tips.

These tips are round, rough, bleedy, and blotchy with different purposes. 

In addition to this, the shading procedure needs no masking because it covers the tight spaces of your art work. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Handmade tips and markers 
  • No two dots alike creating organic results
  • Contains multiple presets

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3. Stipple Brush Brushpack Procreate by Studio FabianFischer 

procreate stipple brush

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This set is perfect for artists who are in a hurry and want to finish a project quickly, but still produce awesome work.

With this set, you can expect a high-quality drawing just with a few strokes. 

The price of this set is quite close to the cost of the first set featured. 

You can have this set for 7$.

This is a lot cheaper than if you buy the Stipple Studio. 

But of course, this set has its distinct purpose and use. 

 You can also get a discount on the website when you enter the code they have given.

 Pros & Benefits:

  • Small file size (1.63 Mb)
  • File in vector form
  • Compatible with Procreate 5

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4. Drunk Sailor Procreate StippleBrush by RetroSupply Co. 

procreate stipple brush

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This packs offers variations in their stippling brushes for only 15$.

Imagine saving 4$, and you will experience a whole new set of quality when you use it. 

It creates magnificent illustrations along with amazing textures allowing illustrators to take a ride and enjoy a much higher experience than anyone ever had in the world of art. 

This is a great tool to achieve the twist you want in your masterpiece. 

It comes with a total of 73 stippling brushes to spice up your artwork. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Made with real stippling brush techniques
  • Offers variations in its dots
  • Creates easy layering for the drawings

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5. Stippling Brush Pack for Procreate by TheKikiB

procreate stipple brush

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This set of brushes consists of 27 unique pieces.

You also get a high-resolution work with these brushes.

This set costs less than 15$.

Even if you’re not using a pencil, this set will make you feel like you’re using one.

It is almost the same with the 4th set, but with a higher quality of finish.

 Pros & Benefits: 

  • Limited Commercial License, which avoids redistribution of it.
  • Has a Group licensing
  • Easy to download, and no unzipping required

Download Now!

6. Procreate Stipple Brush Set by Trailhead Design Co. 

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With this set of Procreate Brush Stipple, you can make clever touches on your illustration.

This is useful tool to save time and create a stunning art.

The set consists of 15 brushes, which may not be as many as the other ones but is one of the best when it comes to stippling. 

Just like other brush sets, this set is distinctive and makes one of a kind illustrations.

 Pros & Benefits: 

  • Handy pdf quick guide
  • Easy to follow the installation 
  • Includes a Free Goods Bundle

Download Now!

7. Stipple Shading Brushes by SebMcDDesign

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This is for those who like to work with just a few brushes.

For as low as 6$, you can get this set.

It creates texture in your drawings, spicing up the eyes of viewers, brightening up your mood while illustrating, and at the same time, giving uniqueness to your project. 

Notice the precision of your art when using this set.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Can be used personally or commercially
  • Downloads instantly once payment is confirmed
  • Has an image of the installation process

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8. Stipple or Die by Graphic Roadie

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For an affordable price of 15$, you’ll get what you need and can spend a lot more money on other things. 

Re-create the 90’s era with this brush set.

This may be the right set of stipple brushes for people who love to explore crazy ideas! 

 Pros & Benefits: 

  • 1.92 Mb file size
  • 9 brush pack with one bonus line art 
  • Exact number of brushes that you need

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9. Stipple Shading Brushes by DiBrush

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Just like the Stipple or Die set, this set of stipple brushes gives off a vibe of retro but with a touch of vintage style. 

This stippling set consists of 21 brushes for the Procreate app. 

This offers a touch of grainy details.

This set creates a dark mood vibe in your work.

 Pros & Benefits: 

  • Just created last February 2020
  • .39 Mb file size
  • Has a different variation of dark and liner stipples

Download Now!

10. Stipple Brush Procreate by Lora Studio

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This product may be the last, but is definitely not be the least among the brush sets because it offers features and visuals. 

It just costs less than a couple of dollars but you get 14 brushes!

This is really value for money.

Its affordability makes this set popular.

 Pros & Benefits: 

  • Less than 5$
  • Tattoo vibe drawings for artists
  • Downloads instantly upon purchase

Download Now!

Final Thoughts

A Procreate stipple brush can easily make anyone a magician of art.

Anyone can attempt to to make art without fear or self-consciousness.

With accessible apps like Procreate, people can find an escape from the daily stress .

We hope that you found some joy in reading this article.

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