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procreate tattoo stamps

10 Best Procreate Tattoo Stamps

Are you struggling to choose the best Procreate tattoo stamps and brush sets?

Maybe you’re unsure about the quality, and you’re overwhelmed with how much is out there?

Well, you’re in luck because we searched high and low on the web.

And have rated our best finds into a top ten list that tattooists of all levels will adore.

We made sure these “simply apply” sets come with commercial use.

And don’t worry, we added a couple of free options too (you’re gonna love them…)

So.. kick back, pop open a cold one, and enjoy scrolling through these 10 Procreate tattoo stamps and brush sets!

1. Astronomy & Witchcraft Stamp Set

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Here’s the first on our list of Procreate tattoo stamps.

If your kit is missing some astronomical or witchcraft tattoos, then we highly recommend this set.

The pros at Design Cuts know precisely what tattoo fans of all walks want.

This set has over 60 moons, stars, and witchcraft brush stamps.

With crafty symbols that skin art fans love to put on the back of their necks, wrists, and ankles.

These stamps are probably the simplest to use of what is available.

And there is a good reason this style never goes out of fashion.

Because they make new-found and aged tat lovers adore the look!

On top of that, you get 3 extra-cosmic brushes to really fill in the background.

So, it tops off the look if you or someone you work on wants to feel like a walking galactic being.

We should mention that this brush set has been long-brewing in the cauldron.

As Design Cuts clearly state, this set has yet to be featured in a deal.

This means the odds of us seeing a set like this before are pretty slim.

So, nothing can go wrong with a simple and attractive stamp set like this.

And if you get any last-minute pop-ins that are looking for a quick fix (we know you do..)

Then, adding this pack to your palette is like adding pepper to your plate…

Quick and tasty!

Pros & Benefits:

  • 60+ stamps and brushes of moons, stars, cosmos, and witchcraft
  • Quick to apply
  • With a variety of great filter

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2. 30 Neo-Traditional Birds in Flight Stamp Pack

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Neo-traditional birds are a must-have in any tattooist catalog.

And if you’re missing out on a bunch, then take a look at this brush and stamp set by Design Cuts.

Here, you get 30 highly articulate designs of feathered friends in different positions.

Some are standing by while others take flight.

From parrots to penguins, hummingbirds to eagles.

This stamp set lets you decorate the age-old saying…

Birds of a feather flock together.

We find this pack is especially ideal for newcomers to the neo-traditional style.

And you get a few realistic designs too!

Every bit of detail in each bird pushes the boundaries of neo-trad art.

So it makes sense that this is an essential brush set for every artist.

Even if you just want to practice some color shading.

And at eighteen dollars, this is a steal, so we’d be lying if we said otherwise!

Branching out with this brush set is necessary to add classic neo-traditional art to work with on your irons.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 30 high-quality designs of neo-trad and realistic birds
  • Essential brush kit for almost every tattooist
  • Perfect to practice color shading

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3. 48 Peony Flowers & Greenery Stamp Set

procreate tattoo stamps

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Who knew that just one color of ink on the skin makes realistic tattoos look like 20th-century artwork?

If you have never seen a highly realistic peony flower brush pack before, then get a load of this.

Design Cuts have brought out 48 intricate peony flowers, buds, and leaves.

And you should check the quality of these…

The immaculate definition of each leaf, petal, and stem really brings out the realism in this stamp set.

So, no wonder silhouetted flowers look so good on the skin.

You can forget about scrolling through your kit, looking for the perfect leaf stamp or brush set.

This tattoo set complements them all.

Whether a blank canvas or open areas that need this kind of aesthetic.

These botanical stamps have proven to be a lovely piece for girls that want something more elegant.

And you can engrave some classic italic calligraphy under or on top of these pieces!

We know these tattoos feel like you’re decorating your body as you do with a home.

So, even if you took advantage of Design Cuts’ fifty percent offer.

You could get this pack and one of the other two, as long as this set is still up.

All you got to do is make sure you got Procreate version 5.0 minimum.

Because then you’re good to use this brush set!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Beautiful stamp set of 48 peony flowers and greenery
  • Perfect if you want silhouette/ one color art on your skin
  • Highly realistic artwork

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4. The Ultimate Tattoo Stamp Procreate Bundle (750+)

procreate tattoo stamps

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First up, we have the gigantic brush and stamp bundle by ProCreateInk.

With over 750 stamps of variety, you can’t go wrong with ramping up your style with this lot.

Ferocious animals, lotus flowers, religious artifacts…

More than plenty of stamps you can use!

Having said that, no tat here is exactly the same.

You get unique stencils in this brush set, so every carve of ink can’t be compared to another.

And the simplicity of using these stamps makes your life easy and your clients happy.

Without sacrificing the quality, of course…

That’s what you want as a tattooist, right?

Now, we call this the Ultimate Bundle because there’s one thing we need to highlight here.

ProCreateInk has a small number of these sets left which they state on their Etsy page.

However, we checked the reviews and found this set is fantastic for beginner-level and professional tattooists.

Which resonates with over 2,000 of their happy artists.

So, we don’t recommend anyone take any chances here.

Whether you want to start pumping up your kit or throw salt on your (tattoo) steaks like Salt Bae…

This kit has proven to be the best choice for tattooists at any stage of their career.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 750+ beautiful brush and stamp variety
  • Perfect for beginner
  • Happy clients all-round (no longer undecided!)

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5. 104 Floral Variety Stamp and Brush Pack

procreate tattoo stamps

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Fancy yourself as a bit of an ink florist?

The second runner-up has to be this gorgeous floral brush and stamp set by Tattoo Design Stock.

With this pack, you get 104 stamps of greenery, which is ideal for decorating skin!

And so you can get a picture of the inside…

There’s Magnolia, Poppy flowers, Daisies, Cherry Blossoms, and plenty more.

But, if we dig even deeper…

This pack contains 84 stencils and realistic stamps of nearly every flower you can imagine.

And what is a flower without some decoration?

20 leaf stamps and a pack of 3 brush sets will help bring your art to life.

So, no wonder this is a popular set amongst tattooists.

And the fact is, ink-greenery is a classic favorite among neo, traditional and realistic fans of skin art.

Tattoo Design Stock is really setting the tone here!

So, as you know – stamps, brushes, and stencils can make work so much easier for an eager artist.

That, all it takes here is a few taps, and voila!

You got original creations and combinations of these flowers to ink on yourself and others in no time.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 104 stunning floral brushes and stamps
  • Variation of flower designs
  • Unique combinations of flowers and leaves

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6. Valhalla Ink Tattoo Stamps for Procreate

procreate tattoo stamps

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Rise up to Odin like a true Viking with this stamp set by Studio Valhalla.

This set takes third place, but believe us when we say it was a tough fight for the top 3.

So, let’s jump straight into it.

With this set, you get 100 high-quality brushes made straight by hand.

And as you can tell from their cover images, there’s a good mix of neo and traditional art to choose from.

Studio Valhalla is taking variety to another level with their brush sets…

This pack ranges from Popeye and cartoons to skulls, wild cats, and artistically nude mythical creatures.

So, this will for sure win over some of those picky clients!

This XL pack is fantastic for any project.

Project types like references, tattoo fillers, or even coloring.

So, that makes this set, yet again, ideal for new artists developing their style.

And, even professionals added more ammunition to the artillery.

This pack is clearly a fan favorite with well over 12k purchases.

And as we said, it was a tough fight in the top 3 for these reasons.

The bottom line is – if you’re struggling to find a quirky set to entice your clients with your new and exciting kit.

Then, giving Studio Valhalla a try will do a great job of that.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 100 brush and stamps of a wide variety – cartoons to mythology
  • Neo and traditional set to pump up the volume
  • Ideal for reference, coloring, or fillers

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7. Traditional Stamp Set for Procreate

procreate tattoo stamps

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What would this article be without a brush set dedicated to traditional tattoos?

It’s the backbone of every tattooist in the game!

115 handmade stamp sets that scream old-school.

With skulls, underwater creatures, dragons, and other fantasy-related characters.

And the lines on each stamp are so bold and crisp.

You wouldn’t see any blur if you maxed up the size.

The bonus here is that these sets are made for more than just tattoos…

Studio B Art Design has made these multi-purpose.

Got a client looking for a tee shirt or coloring book for their kid?

You got some ideas to amaze your people!

And another good thing about these tattoos…

You get even more ideas to create sick combinations.

That turns a classic style into something new and modern, but with a twist!

And at just over forty dollars for full commercial use.

You can use each stamp for almost anything ink-related.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 115 traditional and ready-to-use stamps
  • Clear, bold lines for any size tattoo, logo, or sticker
  • Tons of classic varieties for fascinating combos

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8. Skull & Bone Mammal Stamp Brush Pack

procreate tattoo stamps

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We all know that artists from all backgrounds love skeletal artwork.

And the pros at Creative Market have knocked up something special with this pack.

A set of 78 skulls and bones that will drop the jaws of those fascinated by articulate tattoo definitions.

And yes, that means sizing up the stamps to fit the chest, back, or legs.

You get bone art of mammals and animals, from humans to dinosaurs.

Which includes different shapes and textures for a wide variety.

So every tattoo looks and feels different.

And you know that translates to people loving the ink you do!

By the way…

Not only does this pack contain a wild set of bones to pick from.

There are amalgamations of floral and medieval weaponry that speak of a story.

And many of us believe that skulls, swords, and roses add history to a piece.

Even depth and symbolic things like – a fight for peace.

So, got a pack of skulls but none as realistic as this?

We suggest this stamp set if you want to add some simple-yet-sweet additions to your ink palette.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 78 skulls and bones of creatures from all timelines
  • Amazingly realistic artwork 
  • Various floral and weaponry

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9. 100 Free Variety Brushes & Flash Stamps for Procreate

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This stamp pack is so cool, we can’t believe it’s free!

We found this neat grab at ProcreateFolio, and it’s the best pack to get started with.

Tattoo Smart have taken their 19 top brush sets and packed up 100 free.

For anyone getting started or for those widening their tat palette.

You get organic and digital sets of Japanese, ornamentals, snakes, and some greenery.

Of which you can stamp on straight away.

And get many designs out of them.

Why not combine ocean waves and Japanese mythology?

Or snakes surrounding a lighthouse that tell a vivid story about hope and despair?

As you can see…

You can make unique combinations without running out of ideas!

And with this stamp set being free.

Having something to lose is really out of the question.

So, if you fancy trying your hand on this set to level up your technique or start building it from the get-go.

We highly recommend this pack as our top free choice of Procreate tattoo stamps!

Pros & Benefits:

  • 100 free stamps of different styles
  • Tattoos of Japanese, killer animals, adventurers, and more
  • Best free choice for new and experienced tattooists

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10. Free Flower Variety Tattoo Brush Set

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They said this pack contains ten floral brushes, but what we found inside really surprised us.

The last on our list of Procreate tattoo stamps are made by GrilaMike.

We dug into the Dropbox shared on ProcreateFolio and were not expecting this at all.

You get over 200 brushes and stamps of wonderfully designed flowers, arches, animals, woodland greens…

Compasses, brickwork, full circles of many textures, lettering…

There are so many stamps here that we recommend you grab this set while it’s still around.

Clearly, it’s popular with many thanks in the comment section.

But just to make this clear…

High quantity doesn’t always mean low quality.

Even though that might be true about some things.

You wouldn’t agree with that as a tattooist with an inspiring kit, would you? 

And so because this set is free and in an abundance of stamps.

There could be something in here that could make your work stand out among others out there.

As they say – usually, the underdog surprises us all!

Honestly speaking, this pack would have taken our top free spot by a landslide if it were more organized.

But it’s not, so if you want a chance at getting great ideas at no cost.

Then we suggest these stamp sets that guarantee a turn of many heads.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Over 200 free stamps
  • Wide variety of choices
  • New and exciting ideas to boost your kit

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Final Thoughts

So, in closing – the number 1 paid choice is ideal if you want a varied set of high-quality Procreate tattoo stamps.

And if you’re on a budget looking to test drive a kit first, take number 9 out for a spin.

These sets will certainly help you reach your inking needs, whether you’re a beginner artist or an avid skin art fan.

Got a question or a suggestion? Drop a comment below!

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