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procreate watercolor palettes

10 Options for the Best Procreate Watercolor Palette

Digital watercolor painting is surely enjoyable if you have the right Procreate watercolor palette.

Just like musicians need notes to create music, artists need colors to create masterpieces.

The richer their collection of colors, the better the artists can express their ideas on the canvas. 

This is especially true for digital art, where every shade and stroke contributes to the authenticity of an artwork.

Beginner artists may not know where to start in the world of art or may not be willing to pay a lot of money for good art supplies.

On the other side, experienced artists may lack options to turn their visions into compelling paintings.

Paint and blend colors with this list of the 10 best options for Procreate watercolor palette that will help you create an extraordinary digital painting.

1. Master Watercolor Procreate Brushes

procreate watercolor palettes

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This color set was carefully developed for traditional watercolor artists that seek perfection in every stroke.  

You will have access to a massive number of flawless watercolors.

Aside from that, you will also have the opportunity to paint your custom washes, layer, and create special effects. 

Furthermore, this customizable palette will never leave you out of options to create new art.

You won’t have to spend precious time searching for the right hues.

All colors are organized in categories that are easy to navigate.

With this palette, you’ll find that the more colors you own, the merrier!

In addition to beautiful color palettes, many texture brushes and texture tools are included in the color set.

Undoubtedly, this is worth every penny.

There are readily available PDF instructions for all new users.

Made by an artist for artists, this palette will make your experience of painting on your iPad unforgettable.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Massive selection of watercolors
  • Easy to navigate
  • Tools for adding texture are included

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2. Watercolor Magic Procreate 5 Brushes Palettes and Papers for iPad Art

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Would you like to create real magic on the canvas? 

This excellent product will give you anything you need to visualize the most complicated concepts.

You’ll get six palettes offering endless color and texture combinations. 

Although layering on canvas requires careful planning, you will never have to worry about making mistakes if you get this palette.

Owning suitable painting tools is essential for creating both traditional and modern art.

This color set will provide you with everything you may ever need to paint successfully, including buttery smoothness and preciseness.

If you enjoy physical as well as digital art, don’t worry! 

Surely, you’ll benefit from an incredibly high-resolution quality when printing the artwork created with these palettes.

Although you painted with a stylus on a touch screen, no one will be able to tell your digital art and actual paintings apart!

Even the most critical artists will be satisfied with the undeniable quality of this palette.

Leave the days of spending a fortune on beautiful palettes in the past.

The wide array of color hues will make this your best color palette purchase yet.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Contains 6 beautiful color palettes
  • Has a variety of color hues
  • Has the tools that you’ll need in painting

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3. Watercolor Paintbox for Procreate

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These Procreate watercolor palettes are a dream for every artist who loves painting flowers.

The developers grouped this palette into three color categories: colors for greens and delicate splatters, for bouquets, and fruits and flowers. 

This makes navigating to this selection of colors effortless.

It saves you the time and effort that you can invest in creating beautiful art.

Also, the developers provide you with video tutorials.

Therefore, you will find out exactly how to get the most out of this fantastic color set.

We are sure artists of all preferences will be happy with the options in this color set.

You can combine these fantastic colors with three different paper textures to add precious detail to your artwork and make it look almost real!

The best part is considering the number of colors and brushes available in this set, you’ll find that its price very reasonable.

We can guarantee that you will be satisfied with this product.

Just imagine painting dreamy flower gardens and wedding flower arrangements…

We are already in love!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to navigate
  • With video  tutorials to serve as guides
  • Has a fantastic color set

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4. Realistic Procreate Color Brush 

procreate watercolor palettes

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Did you think that creating real art is reserved only for artists painting on canvas?

This Procreate watercolor palette will prove you wrong!

The seven flawless color palettes featured in this set will allow you to depict just about anything you can imagine.

This palette has also 5-star reviews!

Furthermore, this great palette option will let you interpret everyday stuff in innovative ways. 

You can be as creative as ever with the watercolor blender that allows you to blend all colors seamlessly.

You’ll feel just as if you’re mixing actual paint with water, a feature you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

That is why flow patterns painted with this palette look natural.

Every color is unique, and you can experiment with this palette endlessly.

Your creativity will no longer be restricted by the number of colors you own.

The color schemes will save you time and make painting much more intuitive. 

You will get excellent quality for your money if you buy this watercolor palette.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has 7 beautiful and unique palettes
  • Top-notch quality with 5-star reviews

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5. Powerful Watercolor Kit for Procreate Watercolor Brushes 

procreate watercolor palettes

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Are you looking for an all-around color set with endless possibilities? 

Look no further than this fantastic watercolor kit for Procreate.

This watercolor palette offers everything you need for painting, splatters, blending, and texturizing. 

You’ll be sure that your art will be unique in every way possible.

A little bit of everything makes for a beautiful color set.

You’ll be able to use 15 additional unique metallic textures, enabling you to create outstanding visuals. 

The quality of all colors is consistent and won’t ruin your talent in any way.

You won’t suffer from ups and downs in the quality of a palette.

As all colors harmonize with each other perfectly, your artwork will stand out significantly among the rest.

This ensures that the beauty of your art will remain unmatched.

You’ll find that the colors in this set are perfect for bullet journaling and keeping beautiful notes.

We encourage you to try it out right now!

And we are sure this palette will make for a beautiful addition to your color collection.

Pros & Benefits:

  • With 15 unique metallic textures
  • Perfect for making bullet journals and beautiful notes
  • An all-around palette

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 6. Watercolor Procreate Brush Set 

procreate watercolor palettes

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Would you like to create art unlike anyone else’s?

You’ll find the best painting resources in this color set featuring three lovely color palettes.

You can easily browse between gradient, jewel, and pastel tones, letting you create numerous different themes without pondering too much on matching the colors.

These palettes are perfect for artists looking to create a theme-centered aesthetic in their art, such as Pinterest or Instagram posts.

You will surely attract followers by using this brush set.

There are 11 paintbrushes in this set, ideal for stunning calligraphy and statement titles.

The color variety of this palette will cast a different light on your paintings.

They will have that natural effect that everyone wants to achieve.

Isn’t confidence one of the most critical factors in our lives?

Just think about how immensely it affects our actions.

Owning a high-quality palette will make you gain confidence and let you paint whatever you want the way you want.

Even if you own a large number of color kits, the beauty of this palette will make it a fantastic addition to your collection.

Pros & Benefits:

  • With 3 lovely color palettes
  • Includes 11 paintbrushes ideal for calligraphy
  • With a variety of colors
  • Affordable price

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7. Watercolor Fun Procreate Color Palette 

procreate watercolor palettes

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Creating fun and vibrant visuals have never been easier with this Procreate Color Palette.

If you want to create both clear and exciting visuals, this palette will prove to be a good tool for you.

This palette will add pops of color and will make your art instantly noticeable.

The brightness and beauty of these colors are sure to catch everyone’s attention.

The colors in this palette were selected and sorted manually to meet every artist’s needs.

This palette elevates your painting experience. 

We can promise painting will be so much more enjoyable with this extraordinary palette.

You’ll find all sorts of hues in this color set.

From more subtle pastel purple and grey tones to vibrant peachy and magenta pink hues.

You won’t be limited to painting a specific theme repeatedly.

More importantly, you’ll be able to paint anything you want.

With 30 colors to choose from, you will never run out of ideas to paint!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Includes 30 amazing colors
  • With pastel and vibrant hues

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8. SOFT WATERCOLOR Procreate Brush Set

procreate watercolor palettes

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This beautiful set of 16 Procreate watercolor palettes is just the thing for nature lovers.

Paint anything from forests over beautiful skies to magnificent animals.

These compilations of colors will let you recreate every little detail you might notice in nature.

Your artwork will look unique and authentic with this variety of shades.

Colors in this palette were organized so that you could unwind and paint seamlessly. 

We’re sure you’ll be happy to leave behind the days of choosing colors one at a time.

There is infinite room for experiments and for you to discover the beauty of art in unimaginable ways.

The possibilities and high performance of this set will amaze beginners and help skilled artists create impressive artwork. 

You’ll find that every brushstroke looks natural.

The beauty of watercolor lies in its transparency.

Moreover, you’ll be able to use this palette to its full potential.

We got you covered if you think digital watercolor painting is intimidating because of the lack of texture.

The selection of different canvases provided in this color set will efficiently solve this problem, so you never have to struggle with texture anymore.

They will add texture to your art and help bring the best out of your paintings.

Your art will never look digital anymore!

Our customers are delighted with the incredible array of colors offered in this watercolor set, and we believe you will be happy with this set too!

Safe to say, this Procreate color set has it all!

Pros & Benefits:

  • With 16 Procreate watercolor palettes
  • Perfect for nature lovers
  • Has different types of canvases for you to choose from

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9. Winsor and Newton Watercolors

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Is your biggest concern the lack of options?

Are you worried that you will not be able to paint something the way you imagined it?

We present you with the perfect watercolor palettes for Procreate!

These Winsor and Newton palettes contain the most color options accessible on the internet.

You will surely get high-quality palettes from the world’s most famous art supply manufacturers.

This English company has been producing various art supplies since 1832.

With a variety of colors, they surely have the unique ones to help your painting stand out. 

Just look at the selection available for every single color!

Though inexperienced with watercolor painting, these palettes will make it easier for you.

It eliminates all possible technical constrictions while painting.

Thus. helping you improve your painting experience.

You may expect large and beautiful palettes like this one that look expensive.

With this palette, you won’t have to be financially capable to start painting.

Lastly, all of these tools are free.

So we suggest you pick them up as soon as possible!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free!
  • Made by a famous manufacturer
  • No technical restrictions while painting

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10. Windsor and Newton A-D Palettes

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A good foundation is essential for every piece of art. 

Thus, we wholeheartedly recommend these Procreate color palettes.

You don’t need any other palettes to create anything you want.

This palette offers you anything you will ever need in one palette bundle.

Furthermore, you can create both basic and advanced artwork.

Having said that, this color set is perfect for beginners and skilled artists looking to advance their color collection. 

Using this color kit, you may recreate a number of painting techniques.

Keep in mind that large palettes are not just for professional artists.

Hence, beginner artists may also use them.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free
  • Suitable for beginners and skilled artists

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Final Thoughts

It is so much easier to paint in Procreate with high-quality palettes.

We’ve scoured the web to provide you with many great options to choose from.

Surely, it has everything you’ll ever need.

Whatever you may want to create, the palettes from this list will make for excellent companions.

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