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procreate winter palette

10 Best Procreate Winter Palette Options, Free and Paid

Are you looking for the best choices for Procreate winter palette to create beautiful digital art with a winter theme?

Do you have an idea of what you’d like to create but are unsure which colors you should use to make it perfect?

We’ve got you covered.

Color palettes are a great way to keep and organize your favorite color combinations so that you can use them repeatedly.

We have researched the top 10 Procreate Winter palette options for you to use in your winter-themed digital art. 

Scroll down to look at our top picks and get creating today!

1. 10 Best Procreate Winter Color Palettes

procreate winter palette

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For me, the winter season is a time to wind down and retreat into the warmth of my home alone.

I guess I do hibernate during this season.

You will find me staring at the snowy mountains or frozen lake out of my window.

Sometimes, I watch snow silently fall on the window sills.

The scene from the window is undoubtedly picturesque.

Delightful Design captured these different winter scenes in the ten palettes they are offering for free.

Now you can focus on your art and not how much it will cost you to perfect your winter scene.

The ten palettes feature a myriad of colors, 300 hues to be exact.


In addition, the palettes download instantly, so you get to use them right away.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Read-to-use with Procreate
  • A comprehensive set of colors
  • Instant download
  • FREE

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2. Snow Berry Procreate Color Palette

procreate winter palette

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We’re starting strong. 

This is our favorite of all the color palettes.

We think this palette would be perfect for you to create a snow scene with winter berries.

You might even want to create some beautiful winter calligraphy using frosty blues and contrast it with a red highlight.

This palette is so versatile that you could use it for multiple projects time and time again. 

It includes 30 hand-picked swatches based on frosty blues and popping berry colors.

The purples add an extra dimension to the palette.

They would be perfect for adding shadow and definition to any snowy winter scene.

BBBDesignStudio takes pride in creating whimsical and purposeful digital products and putting this color palette together.

They are reasonably new to Etsy and already have unique products and reviews.

So, don’t just take it from us. 

Please go and check out their shop. 

You can get a brilliant winter palette for a reasonable price while supporting a fresh new creator with their small business.

You could start creating with it today, as it’s in an instant download file.

Moreover, the creator has provided clear instructions on how to use the download.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect for digital art, including snow scenes with berries
  • Created by a fresh new designer
  • Includes 30 hand-selected color swatches

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3. Winter Color Palette for Procreate

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Are you just starting out with Procreate and don’t have the budget to buy color palettes?

Have you been looking at all these color palette options wishing you could get them but thinking you couldn’t justify it?

Don’t worry. 

We’ve got you covered with this one.

Believe it or not, this unique color palette is free.

Yes, you heard that right, free.

Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s poor quality.

This Winter Color Palette works brilliantly in crafting a wintery landscape.

There are 26 colors in this color palette. 

The colors selected are muted greens, light blues, dark blues, light browns, dark browns, and grays. 

Emy from Ebb & Flow created this beautiful color palette.

She likes only to use a few leading color families but provides a great range of tints and shades from each family, as you can see here.

Emy has even provided an example of how you can use this color palette on her website, which we have linked here.

Emy’s example is a wintery mountainscape with a windy road and spruce trees.

We love this color palette and think it’s perfect for getting you started in the digital art world.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Lots of tints and shades based on a few leading color families
  • Easy to use to create a wintery landscape
  • Free

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4. Winter Wonderland Color Palette

procreate winter palette

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Sometimes you want to go the traditional route. 

Can you get more traditional than blues for a beautiful snowy scene?

We love the range of pastel and bold blues chosen for this palette.

You could create a very realistic piece using pastels or create a more abstract work using bolder colors.

You could even use the pastel colors as the main theme in the artwork and use the bolder, darker colors to add detail.

We can picture creating a winter mountain scene using these colors. 

That would be amazing!

It would be snow-capped mountains, surrounded by moody-looking clouds and a valley of dark spruce trees.

How’s that for inspiration?

This is just our suggestion, of course.

There are so many directions you could go with this palette.

Artistrybyjoi designed the color palette.

They are new to Etsy but already have a range of products available, including color palette options.

We know that you will love their products as much as we do, particularly this color palette.

It’s so reasonably priced it seems silly not to purchase it and try it out.

Having this sort of color palette in your back pocket is fantastic.

You can use it year after year on winter creations.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect for recreating winter mountain scenes
  • Contains a great variety of blues
  • Created by a new designer

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5. Winter Magic Color Palette

procreate winter palette

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The first two palettes in our list greatly emphasize digital artwork.

We love digital artwork and think winter scapes are perfect for it.

However, maybe you’re more of a digital planner.

Don’t worry. 

We haven’t left you out.

You’re in for a treat with these following two palettes.

This Winter Magic color palette is a stunning blend of green, blush, purple and blue pastels with a few bold colors.

Primrose Planners put the colors together.

Their specialty is in their name.

They are a popular digital planner creator on Etsy and have over 220 products in their shop. 

What’s brilliant about this color palette is that these colors also correspond to digital stickers and paper.

All are available in the Primrose Planner shop.

This means that you can also get additional elements to make your planner even better with colors that correspond perfectly.

This is a digital planner’s dream!

If you weren’t into digital planning before this, I think you will be now.

Go and check out this color palette on Etsy today.

Did we also mention that it’s also under $5? 

It’s an absolute bargain!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect for digital planning
  • Corresponds to digital stickers and paper
  • Created by a popular digital planner creator

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6. Cozy Winter Color Palette

procreate winter palette

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The color palettes PrimrosePlanners create are so good we had to use them twice!

We’ve never seen another winter color palette quite like this one.

Blush, green and neutral colors are so diverse that they’re brilliant for winter but could be used all year round on different projects.

The Cozy Winter digital color palette is another fantastic option for digital planning fanatics.

This time the colors are still wintery but much warmer.

They‘re cozy and would create a tremendous beautiful aesthetic for any digital planner.

You could use a few of these colors in each month of your planner to create a cohesive aesthetic across the whole year.

This is your sign if you haven’t checked out PrimrosePlanners Etsy shop yet.

Like the color palette above, these colors also correspond to digital stickers and paper available in the PrimrosePlanner shop.

So if you love this color scheme as much as we do and want to make your digital planner fully cohesive, then added extras are available in the perfect corresponding colors.

Just like the color palette above, we’re still shocked at the price of this.

It is unbelievably reasonable, especially considering the quality and cohesiveness of the colors and additional products.

The Cozy Winter color palette is under $5.

Yes, you heard that right.

You can’t beat it.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect for digital planning
  • Corresponds to digital stickers and paper
  • Unique, cozy winter colors

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7. Winter Color Palette

procreate winter palette

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We’re moving away from cozy colors now and going to frosty.

This palette is made up of pastel blues, purples, greens, and a few darker shades of green and blue.

The soft pastels of this palette are great for backgrounds.

You can use darker colors to draw details. 

Thirty individual color swatches are included. 

No color is repeated.

ShirolonnaStudio created this palette.

They are an impressive Etsy seller, with multiple 5-star reviews in the past seven days.

You can see why.

Their range of palettes is impressive, and this one is no exception. 

They have clear instructions on downloading the palette and using it after purchase.

This palette is slightly more expensive than the previous palettes, but not much. 

It is still under $5 and a meager price.

If you’re looking to create some winter digital art, this is an excellent option for you to consider.

When we look at this palette, we see that you can use it for creating art with a frosty river running under a bridge.

But you could take it in a completely different direction because of the variety of colors.

We’re excited for you to get your hands on this palette and start creating!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Offers a spectrum of frosty pastels with a few bold colors
  • Perfect for coloring in winter-themed artwork
  • Created by a highly rated Etsy seller

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8. Winter Procreate Color Palette

procreate winter palette

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We are treating you with our top winter color palette choices.

What a fantastic selection of colors!

We had to include this color palette as it was different from the others.

It has various colors, including blues, turquoise, blush, purples, pinks, browns, and grays.

ArtsyGoonsCo, a successful Etsy seller, created it.

They sell a range of products, and their shop has been rated a top shop for gifts.

The Winter Procreate Color Palette would be a lovely gift for someone interested in digital art or planning.

Especially,  if you can’t see them in person and want to send them something digitally.

They could use it to create a bright, colorful abstract winter scene.

Alternatively, you could use the pastels to create a more realistic piece of winter-themed art.

The seller has clear instructions on downloading and using the color palette after purchase.

As with all of the palettes above, we cannot believe the price.

It’s so cheap for the fantastic quality of colors that have been selected.

The palette has received multiple 5-star reviews from customers who have bought it.

This could be you, too. 

Feel free to look at the palette in closer detail by clicking the link that will take you to Etsy.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Range of bold and pastel colors
  • Designer is top-rated, and the shop is top-rated for gifts too
  • Boasts of multiple 5-star reviews

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9. Winter Procreate Color Palette

procreate winter palette

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This palette says winter elegance all over it.

The color choices are so beautiful.

Cate Shaner of Cate Shaner Design created this Winter Procreate Color Palette.

They are a graphic designer with 5+ years of experience, so you’re in excellent hands with this color palette.

Thirty blue & beige-based winter colors are included.

We think this would be brilliant for digital winter-based artwork, digital planning, or even branding.

You could create beautiful lettering and logos for your brand or others with these colors.

This color palette is more expensive than the previous color palettes we have included here, but that is because you can buy a commercial license for it.

After purchase, you will have commercial use to use this color palette in any digital products you create that you sell.

They have provided clear instructions on using the digital product after purchase.

We think this palette is perfect for someone with a larger budget interested in creating their digital products using beautiful colors that are easy to access and organize.

Yes, the price is higher than the previous ones, but this would be an investment into your business, and in reality, it’s a very reasonable price.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Commercial use after purchase
  • Created by an experienced graphic designer
  • 30 unique color swatches included

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10. Procreate Winter Color Palettes

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This is a knock-out digital product.

You will not get just one color palette, but nine!

That’s 270 individual color swatches for you to use in any digital art product.

The color palettes have a slightly different theme, making this a versatile digital product.

The themes include frosted, ice on the lake, winter sea and sand, winter pastels, winter rainbow, winter mornings, moody darks, winter berries, and winter blues.

We cannot believe the value of this digital product.

You could use these color palettes for many different products, including digital art, calligraphy, and digital planning. 

For example, you could use the ‘Ice on the Lake’ theme to create a beautiful digital art piece of people ice skating on a lake surrounded by trees.

Another example is using the ‘Winter Sea and Sand’ theme to create a seascape in winter with crashing waves.

Or you could use the ‘Winter Rainbow’ theme in your digital planning and use different colors for each month of the winter to create a cohesive look across the season.

Like our color palette above, this is slightly more expensive than the other palettes in our lineup, but when you purchase, you receive a license to use this commercially.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 9 Color palettes included
  • Each color palette has a different wintery theme
  • 270 unique color swatches included

Download Now!

Runner-up: Enchanted Christmas Winter Color Palette

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We’ve got another treat for you.

This color palette is also free.

Yes, don’t say we don’t spoil you.

It’s free, and it’s Christmas-themed.

And who doesn’t love Christmas? (The Grinch excluded)

This is the perfect color palette for creating digital art with a Christmas theme.

It’s a fascinating mix of Christmas-based colors. 

You can tell they’re all Christmas colors, but they are not super traditional.

That’s why we think this could be an exciting palette to use in digital art.

If you want to stand out from the other Christmas art, this color palette will help you do that.

The traditional red is more pinky in this palette, and the conventional green has more of a turquoise hue to it.

It may not be Christmas right now, but it never hurts to practice.

It means you could create some fantastic templates for Christmas cards that you could print and give to your friends and family next Christmas. 

You could even create present label designs or digital drawings to give your loved ones as a present. 

These things take time, so now is the best time to start.

The palette was created by the fabulous Dawn Nicole, a full-time lettering artist.

She is a Procreate pro, which is why we’re so excited that she’s produced this free resource.

Get stuck in and get creating!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Christmas-based colors
  • Range of colors
  • Free

Download Now!

Final Thoughts

That’s our review of the best winter color palettes on the market!

There’s an actual range of winter-based color schemes, whether you’re interested in winter landscapes or Christmas scenes.

There’s also a great range of price points, from free up to $14+.

Whether you’re just starting or more advanced, there should be something for everyone.

Did you like what you just read?

For your freebie, get our popular 100 FREE Procreate palettes here!

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