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procreate wood texture free

10 Best Wood Texture Brushes for Procreate(Free and Paid Options)

Hone your drawing skills at no cost, using some Procreate wood texture free and paid brushes.

Procreate brushes, as you know by now, are downloads that enable your Procreate-compatible pencil to create effects. 

If you have any difficulties in getting your brushes to work or are not sure how to install them, then look at this article, which clearly explains the installation process. 

Procreate supports a range of brushes that can be simply mind-boggling! 

Just the brushes for drawing grass, hair, and sand are in their hundreds! 

Trees and wood texture brushes are the same. 

We will help you select just 10 of the best Procreate wood texture free and paid brushes so that you have the tools to draw ANY wood!

All these brushes are easily obtained online through Etsy and 

These are safe household stores to ensure you get quality and support. 

21 Wood Seamless Texture Procreate Brushes for Interior Architecture Landscape Design and Sketching

procreate wood texture free
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If you are a furniture designer, draughtsman, illustrator, landscape artist, or architect, you probably already own this brush. 

There is simply nothing like its versatility!

You get 21 brushes in the file. 

The file is big, which means LOTS of editing details. 

It contains 11 wood styles with seamless textures, which means every stroke is different.

There are no repeated grain or wood knots.

As you start using these brushes undoubtedly, you will find preferences, and like any artist, have a favorite brush. 

Go for it! 

As you know, there are no rules in creation!

It contains ten seamless floorboards, floor tiles, and wood plank textures.

It is specifically designed for Procreate.

As with many of the designers of these brushes, feel free to accept the designer’s help and advice, usually freely offered on the download page.

Pros & Benefits

  • 21 Wood specific brushes
  • Seamless textures
  • HUGE versatility
  • For artists that work with wood a lot
  • Perfect brush set for both technical Illustrators such as architects but also pure realism artists
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Natural Texture Procreate Brushes

procreate wood texture free
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This may seem like a rather expensive brush set, but it is by far the most versatile. 

We’ve included this textured brush because this gives you a lot of bang for your buck. 

Not only does it have wood grain textures but includes these features:

  • Liquid texture
  • Fabric textures
  • Terrain Textures
  • Stone Textures

This brush set is semi-labeled as ‘Shader brushes’

When you need to do shading, you can mimic classic shading techniques.

Creative Market, the online shop selling this brush, invites you to try vintage shading effects or misprint effects.

However, you end up playing with the effects.

Your artwork bursts out of the page with dazzling feisty fresh looks and appears as something uniquely your own!

Don’t forget that this is not just a wood texture brush but also has features for desert sand, liquid mix effects, and concrete walls for texturing your art creations.

Be amazed at how fresh and original they look!

We are saying a little more about this brush than the others because these DO a lot more!

We can also describe this as a Digital Collage Tool.

If you do a lot of collage, you will know how essential texturing is to capture the viewer’s attention.

You can create classic comic pointillism or original natural shading. 

That’s where this set of brushes stands out ahead of the rest!

They do all this and SO much more.

This brush would certainly be in my paintbox.

Because it’s specifically a shading and texturing brush, Artists will know that there is no greater need for this type of versatility when drawing wood grain, bark, and different timber grains. 

And think about drawing wet wood?

A log cabin in the rain? 

The liquid texture feature is on the same brush!

Pros & Benefits

  • A very versatile general texture brush especially suited to wood because of its huge versatility of texture
  • All the wood grain associated textures on the same brush like terrain, stone, and liquid; an incredible 30 textures
  • Woodgrain has infinite shading, and this is a shading specialist tool

A great brush to have in your virtual paint box.

You can do so much more without changing to specific brushes as you change features within your subject. 

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Naturalistic Textures

procreate wood texture free
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Another really special set that I would have in my Paint Box!

How do you replicate the powderiness of old bark, the glossiness of varnished oak, or even the sheen on marble?

This brush alone can texture in wood and many other textures, not limited to leather, stone, and sand. 

This brush renders truly authentic ORGANIC or NATURAL textures for want of a better expression.

Like most Procreate compatible brushes, this brush does not have just one texture.

 It has an incredible 50, with five of those specifically for wood textures.  

We love the unique feature that you can create canvases.

It has eight different papers and six different canvases to work on. 

We have not seen many brushes that carry this feature. 

This means that when you work, you get the authentic feel of actually putting paint or color onto paper or canvas. 

The texture is the key to creating a warm, tactile feel “atmosphere” to your artwork. 

Pros & Benefits

  • Apart from the five wood textures, it includes another 45 textures
  • Some of the textures include actual canvas and paper effects to work on
  • High-resolution texture to impart human tactile warmth to your creations

This is a good brush to own if you make many greeting cards, logo designs, or graphic designs with warm eco overtones.

This is a natural element brush.

Artists know that bringing such natural elements into a drawing infuses life, warmth, and beauty.

As with many of the other brushes, google the brush’s creator, and you will find a plethora of videos, tutorials, and actual brush creators’ assistance. 

Download Now!

20 Wood Texture Brushes – Procreate

procreate wood texture free
Download Now!

You get two download files with 20 different wood effect brush styles.

Because of the Procreate infinite color shades palette, you can start with absolutely any color you like. 

The brushes are fully configurable for size and different wood grain types.

You can change the size of the brushstroke any time.

Fill in huge areas of wood grain simply by increasing the brush size.

Alternatively, go small to texture delicate maple wood and satinwood grain. 

Every brush stroke looks different. 

It’s up to you.

Repeat a stroke or blend them to create an infinite difference in texture.

You need never get the same shaped wood knot appearing over and over like a mere floor tile! 

Don’t forget, feel free to ask the brush designer’s help and advice, which is usually freely offered on the download page. 

In this case, the designer is Joanna Vu. 

You will find a few brushes here as well as many more, all designed by Joanna. 

You will find her contact in the download link. 

We reached out to her for a bit of advice about her brush sets, and Joanna was super helpful! She is an amazing artist in her own right, and we strongly advise anyone using this brush or any of her others to search Youtube videos for Joanna Vu.

You will not be disappointed.

She has so much to share and has a unique talent.

You will be blown away by her work. 

The thing is, with her help, You can be equally creative too!

Pros & Benefits

  • An incredible 20 brush styles in one brush
  • Specifically designed for Procreate and therefore works perfectly
  • Authentic random appearance of wood grains

The brush set is an easy way to create wood texture without painting the texture itself for hours and hours. 

Also, because you “paint” the texture, you have total control and all the creative freedom that comes with that. 

Download Now!

Wood Texture Procreate 5 Brush Pack

procreate wood texture free
Download Now!

This is probably the strongest “Wood Texture” brush set. 

It is a 22-brush pack specifically made for Illustration, Lettering, and Digital Art.

Toggle through actual views of how the brush choice effect will look like. 

This brush is specifically for use with the latest version of Procreate.

Out of those 22 brushes, 15 of them are specialized for wood patterning and texturing, and the other 7 add warm shadow and glow, as well as amazingly realistic effects.

The number of available variations makes this a big download, so straight away, you know it has huge versatility.

Oh, and not so common, the brush can toggle an eraser!

Don’t forget, the brush designer is an artist like you and will, very likely, love to engage with you to overcome any glitches or brainstorm some techniques and some favorite textures.

Pros & Benefits

  • A specific wood texture brush
  • VERY versatile wood effects features
  • Specifically modeled for the latest Procreate version

If you are into eco-design, painting landscapes, and love wood, and natural textures, this is probably an essential brush for you. 

We love the incredible 22 different variations that you can toggle through.

You can then view the appearance of the effect before using the brush. 

Download Now!

Realistic Tree Bark Brush Set

Download Now!

You can use these brushes for both Photoshop and Procreate.

It has an incredible 96 photo-based high-resolution brushes!

Using your merging and fading tools, you can work these into absolutely any drawing you can imagine. 

You end up with incredibly realistic natural wood bark textures that are tree species-specific. 

These are not only stamp overlays, but you can paint with them.

Ideal for concept art, matte painting, and sketches, and they form a great base for illustrations.

Don’t forget, feel free to ask the brush designer’s help and advice.

Pros & Benefits

  • 96 high-resolution brushes
  • The brushes are not mere stamps but can also be used to paint with
  • Brushes can produce extremely high-resolution drawings

Our big like about this package is that it uses high-resolution photos yet can also paint textures from the stamps.

Highly realistic results due to the photo-based brushes.

Download Now!

Wood Grain Lettering Procreate Brush

Download Now!

This brush is perfect for creating a subtle wood grain to either use in Lettering or paint your Lettering.

A nice feature is that it uses the standard iPad Pencil.

The brush is designed by OTM (On The Mark Designs), which specializes in virtual calligraphy brushes. 

The brush produces a texture as low as 300 DPI; that’s VERY fine detail!

Pros & Benefits

  • Designed by OTM, which specializes in lettering brushes
  • Benefit Very high DPI of 300 for fine-grain work
  • Uses the standard iPad pencil

A “nice to have” brush in your iPad paintbox for those occasions when you want to make a greeting card or do any other calligraphy with a wood grain.

Just a reminder, this brush designer has a BUNCH of other lettering and calligraphy-specific tools on the same download page.

OTM brushes are not specific for wood grain only but can be used for scads of other fine brushwork in a huge variety of textures.

Don’t forget, feel free to ask the brush designers for help and advice. 

Very often, they offer it free on the download page.

Download Now!

Wood Brush for Procreate

Download Now!


This brush has to be the artist’s starting point for everything wood. 

Draw log cabins, furniture, and fences.

Do Calligraphy letters, notices, and signboards with woodgrain backgrounds. 


Draw wood grain backgrounds with calligraphy imposed upon it! 

Fully compatible with the Procreate App.

Don’t forget, feel free to ask the brush designer’s help and advice, which is usually freely offered on the download page.

If there is none, then simply google the brush. 

We were amazed once again at the amount of Youtube and other tutorials available to learn from. 

Pros & Benefits

  • Probably the easiest brush to start drawing cut wood
  • VERY cheap and can do SO much
  • Essential for tradesmen

This brush is great for signwriters, draughtsmen, architects, and furniture designers. 

It interfaces seamlessly with Procreate to shade, change colors, change tones, turn pine into oak–everything!


Download Now!

Free Interior Brushes

Download Now!

This is another bunch of Procreate wood texture free brushes with some great wood textures.

Designed specifically for Procreate, therefore we know they will be glitch-free.

This set of brushes is for Architects, landscape painters, garden designers, sketchers, and illustrators. 

We love this because we discovered that this set offers so much more than just wood effects while we were looking specifically for wood effect brushes. 

Brick, stone, stippling, and lots more. 

Pros & Benefits

  • Well, ummm, it’s free!!
  • Has a huge amount of features that normally cost a lot to download
  • Specifically designed for Procreate, therefore glitch-free

This is a great architectural brush set and can do all kinds of wood effects from aged wooden flooring to smart wall paneling. 

It is another brush that has a mass of tutorials on the web. 

We were amazed at the vast amount of youtube and other tutorials available to learn from.

Download Now!

Free Procreate Background Textures: Paper, Canvas, Skin & Wood

Download Now!

These Procreate wood texture free brushes and more are an exclusive collection of 50+ high-resolution textures that will add depth and character to your digital artwork.

The textures include 20 variations of paper, wood, canvas, metal, and skin, providing an array of options for you to choose from.

These textures are ideal for artists, graphic designers, and digital creatives who want to add a touch of realism to their work.

Get your hands on this must-have collection today and elevate your digital art to new heights.

Pros & Benefits

  • 50+ high-resolution textures
  • Includes 20 paper variations, wood, canvas, metal, and skin
  • Ideal for artists, graphic designers, and digital creatives
  • Adds depth and character to digital artwork
  • Adds a touch of realism to your work
  • Elevates your digital art to new heights
  • Must-have collection for any digital artist.
Download Now!

Runners-up: Two Free Wood and Plaster Brushes

Download Now!

Here’s a super useful Procreate wood texture free brush (and a plaster brush) also angled toward technical artists such as architects and furniture designers.

However, the awesome bark and tree graphics lend themselves to so many other uses. 

Change colors, draw trees, draw Garden Sheds.

It’s VERY versatile and user-friendly. 

Use the plaster stippling effects for changing texture on anything from walls to roofs and floors. 

Pros & Benefits

  • AWESOME free versatile, and powerful brush set!
  • Authentic natural effects
  • Can be used professionally for beginners

We loved this free product because it is not your typical freebie with limited practical use. 

It has many variations, and together with the powerful Procreate App, the sky’s the limit!

You will likely start your Procreate creations with some of these free brushes.

 Don’t for one minute believe you are working with an inferior product. 

Note that there are Youtube videos and tutorials found on the internet, which can get you painting successfully in a very short time!

Download Now!

Realistic Fabric, Stone, Brick, Wood, Paper, Tile, Terrazzo Texture Brushes

Download Now!

Transform your Procreate sketches into lifelike masterpieces with these seamless and realistic fabric, stone, brick, wood, paper, tile, and terrazzo texture brushes!

With 240 brushes in .brushset format, you’ll have a vast array of texturing options at your fingertips.

Unleash your creativity and elevate your work with these must-have Procreate brushes – available exclusively on the iPad.

Pros & Benefits

  • 240 brushes in .brushset format for Procreate app
  • Seamless and realistic textures for fabric, stone, brick, wood, paper, tile, and terrazzo
  • Adds depth and dimension to your sketches
  • Compatible exclusively with the Procreate app on the iPad
  • Extensive range of texturing options
  • Elevates your artwork to lifelike masterpieces.
Download Now!

46 Wood Texture Brush Procreate

Download Now!

Get creative with the 46 Procreate Wood Texture Brushes!

This comprehensive set includes 46 Procreate brushes and 46 Photoshop brushes for versatile digital art creation.

The brushes are designed to provide a natural, wooden texture for your artwork, perfect for digital painting, sketching, and more.

Plus, with the included gift brushes, you’ll have even more options to play with.

Enjoy free customer service.

Moreover, get to join their community for free art promotion and a supportive community of artists.

Upgrade your digital art toolkit with the 46 Procreate Wood Texture Brushes today!

Pros & Benefits

  • 46 Procreate brushes and 46 Photoshop brushes
  • Natural wooden texture for digital art creation
  • Perfect for painting, sketching, and more
  • Additional gift brushes for even more options
Download Now!

Final Thoughts

Amongst these ten Procreate wood texture free and paid brushes are guaranteed to be one or two suited to your particular style or project. 

These are all excellent value for money.

Your guarantee of this is that they are sold by leading Online Art Stores – Etsy and

Artists are special people. 

Procreate brush designers are artists with a passion and LOVE for sharing their brush inventions and techniques with other artists.

Don’t be shy. 

Reach out to them as we did, and you will be overwhelmed by the camaraderie of this exceptional group of artists!

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