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Make Money Selling Prompts

Make Money Selling Prompts

Buy and Sell Prompts

This is a PromptBase review.

And PromptBase is a place where you can buy and sell prompts.

promptbase review

So if you’re struggling to get the perfect look in DALL·E 2 or Midjourney, you can purchase a lovely prompt that will give you exactly what you’re looking for.
Or if you have mastered how to get a very specific or unique style out of these programs, you can sell it on this website.

Purchase Prompts

So you can purchase prompts for DALL·E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion.
Looking through the site most of the prompts available at the moment are for DALL·E.
And they offer you the opportunity to get extremely specific styles out of the program.
promptbase review
Here are 3D futuristic buildings.
They’re priced at between $1.99 and $4.99 for a set of prompts.
And I’ve tried a few out so you don’t have to.
So the first prompt I purchased was from Midjourney and it cost me a fair price of $1.99.
promptbase review
And it was for these origami animals.
And this is what I got.
I started out with a turtle and got this little guy, which I was moderately pleased with.
Then tried it with a sloth and that gave me much more interesting results.
I was very happy with this sloth face.
So what happened was I received a prompt, which I then put into Midjourney and there was an instruction to change one of the variables, which was choosing which animal I would like to have.
I tried it out with a few different versions and most of the results were quite impressive.
promptbase review
I have to say that I like this panda particularly as well.
So overall I really enjoyed actually using this prompt.
It was a lot of fun and I got some interesting artwork out of it.
I think the price I paid for it was fair.
And yeah, for the amount of enjoyment I got it was worth it.

Photorealistic Portraits

So as to continue this PromptBase review, I decided for my next purchase I would try something a little different.
I decided to purchase these beautiful photorealistic portraits of women.
promptbase review
But this time I wanted to see if I could quickly get close to what they were offering without purchasing the prompt.
Then purchase the prompt and see how much better it was.
So this was the closest I got to the images.
It is a fairly attractive woman.
It’s not quite as photorealistic as the examples.
And also mine had this sort of strange harsh lighting but I got this.
I think this was my second attempt at getting an image similar to this.
So I went ahead and bought the prompt.
And on this one, I was much more impressed with the detail of the prompts than in the original one.
This one really had a lot of extra keywords that I would not have thought to use.
I will not tell you what they are.
You have to purchase it to get that.
So and these were the images I then got up using the algorithm.
And I upscaled one of these and got this lady.
She’s definitely more natural and realistic looking.
I tried again with a different type of hair which was one of the variables that were available inside of this prompt and got some interesting results as well.
It did not do quite so well with the red hair.
Now my theory on this is that there is less subject matter for DALL·E to train on for people with short red hair than there is for people with long blonde hair.
So perhaps that affects the quality of the results.

Things You Can Use in PromptBase

So on that site, there are a couple of other cool things you can use inside of it.
An image generator, and you can sell the prompts that you create inside of here immediately into the system.
You can set up your own account, connect it with stripe and sell your prompts.
If you’re using Midjourney, you have to make sure that you are in private mode.
So overall I think this is an incredibly creative experience that the gentleman who made this platform has really taken us a step further in exploring what is possible for monetizing inside of Midjourney and DALL·E too.

Clamor Inside the Creative Industries

So there has been some clamor inside of the creative industries that Midjourney, DALL·E too, were going to take the jobs of some creatives.
Well, I think this is a fantastic example of how people can adapt to find new sources of income.
So one concern I have about this platform is, firstly, people can just go to Midjourney, to the public gallery, find the most popular prompts, use them and change them a little bit, reorder them and sell them here.
And I think it’s extremely easy to steal other people’s prompts, especially on Midjourney.
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Image-to-Text Generator

So another cool site that might link in well with this is this image-to-text generator where you can put in any image and it will give you a prompt that would suit it.
So you could even use this site which I’ll leave a link to in the description to create your own prompts.
And then sell them on PromptBase.
So I think these are new platforms that people are trying to understand and get to use.
That there will be a marketplace, an opportunity to sell prompts to others.
I think as the space evolves and matures, these problems will be coming more well-known.
People will understand how to use the system more.
And people will be releasing their prompts for free.
Of course, these are just words so it’s extraordinarily easy to share these, even just by word of mouth.
So understanding the parameters, the problems of copywriting, and the prompts themselves.
I mean is that possible and is that allowed?
Surely anyone is allowed to put any combination of words they like into these machines.
And if you take another person’s combination and use them ethically, I would have some questions about that especially if you’re looking to profit from that.

PromptBase Review: Final Thoughts

So overall this is a fantastic development inside of the space.
I’m really excited to try and sell a few of my own prompts.
And I’ll explore how to be doing that in a new video.
Let me know what you think.
Are you excited about PromptBase and selling or buying your own prompts?
And if you enjoyed this video PromptBase review, please stick around to watch a few more on AI art.
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You’ll also learn the nuances of creating prompts.
And you’ll be able to create your own prompts, which you can then sell on PromptBase.
Have a delightful day.
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