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Quick, Free, Keyword Research Method to Rank Higher in Searches


Come to this tutorial will explain to you how to find keywords that are easy to rank for using free tools on the (inaudible), and the four tools that we’ll be using our keywords everywhere which gets search volume estimates answer the public. Which gets keywords people are looking for, and also the keyword one of my personal favorites.

It will get the search volumes from the arts of public keywords. Finally, we will use Google sheets to organize the results and filter them down. So, without further do what you must do is come to answer the and type in a base keyword something really broad overarching r elated to your (inaudible). So, we’re going to go with creativity, and we’re going to tap on get questions.

We’ll wait for this to load, and what it will do is it will put all of the most common question words like (what -who -where- when) are in front of creativity, and then it will type it into Google. And add the autocomplete answers for that; so, the most popular search terms. So, then you get some a lot of longtail keyword searches. We will download these; by clicking on download as CSV at the top round corner, or then open these up, and what you will do is copy everything in column C.

So, what you do is Scott will be at the bottom, press shift, copy those, and then the next tool we go to is the keyword where you will paste all of those terms into this box here, and then you press check keywords.

Now, here’s a trick, make sure you press stop job, once it first starts to show results. Boom, stop job, stops. Because otherwise it will continue shooting out keywords much like the title says, and it won’t stop and you’ll get thousands, and a lot of them will be pretty shit.

So, now we have our search volumes for these thousand keywords, that we have found you think are to the public. So, copy all of these. Let’s call all the bottom copy all of these and then we will go to a Google sheets to filter results. I have created a special Google sheets document for you to use which I will link to in the description. You can save your own version of this to be using.

So, then we just copy all of these into the search results on the left-hand column, and then

the next step is to go into the second column, and we’re going to filter these; by ones that have less than 250 words, so you go to filter by condition go to the drop-down less than, and enter 250 press (OK), and then we’re going to sort the third column number of words column C from Z to A this will give us the longest word.

Let’s first see here we can see this 10-word keyword search term. Can creativity be taught, or is it an inherent trait? That’s a pretty detailed little keyword that someone has entered there, and what we do is we take this long tail keyword. We copy it like this. Now, we go to Google, and we will put in all in title colon, and then our search term. Just like this.

So, we did this to see how many other sites that have this exact keyword term in

their title. So, we can see there are 3. So, we go back to the Google sheets and we put 3 in the column. All in title results. Now this will spit out a number and which at the moment is 0.060.

The idea is that anything that has a score of lower than 0.25 is a good keyword to target because it will have not much competition and it will have some good search traffic and this is the way you to find beautiful keywords.

let’s just do one more for an example thing a little bit difference. What we’re creative you occur in the brain. Where is creativity in the brain?  Oh, it’s something that might suit us. Creativity is like watching a pig, that’s a pretty ridiculous one. How about. How creativity helps the brain? We will copy this copy, then we’ll go back to with a title Google, and we will add this in, and we can see that this one just has three as well.

 So, we can go back, pop that in, and see what’s going it only at no point three so, that would just not quite fit our requirements, because it gets quite a low search volume.

So, what you will do is perform this for as many of the most interesting keyword terms that you like, and find a good set of low competition keywords, and then you can even order those in this column and you can see which ones are your best and which you’re worse so, we can see the two we’ve done here.

 And that is the way to get keywords that have low competition, but a nice amount of search volume using free tools on the (inaudible).  

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