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raindrop brushes

5 Best Raindrop Brushes For Procreate

You don’t need to stress any longer on finding the best raindrop brushes you can use for your artwork.

In this article, we’ll tackle the best options available for you.

Searching for instructions to assist you with delving into rain brushes?

Also uncertain if rain brushes are suitable for you?

Worry no more.

Each one in the list is a remarkable, top-quality instrument that will accelerate your work process and lift your creativity by a single-use.

Let’s go and take a look at the 10 best raindrop brushes you can download and use now

1.  iPad Lettering Collection

raindrop brushes
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The IPad lettering collection is a Procreate brush bundle that includes many stamps and brushes.

With this, you don’t have to draw any of the Rain of Love theme’s elements.

It allows you to add your personal touch and be creative.

This incredible set includes outline stamps, fill stamps, a color brush, and much more.

It is perfect for creating artistic pieces, birthday/baby shower invitations, and art for shirts, among many other ideas.

These spotted, dusty-looking brushes can be utilized to add surface or age to a venture.

It has a plethora of free Procreate brushes available on the website that are all brilliant for creating the graphic script.

The great thing about this set is its versatility and the unique retro vibe it helps give off when used for hand lettering.

Pros & Benefits:

  • An essential package offering a selection of brushes that suit most basic illustration and graphic design needs.
  • Covers various pen and pencil styles as well as paintbrushes, making it easy to pick your desired signature
  • Can emulate the classic rain illustrative magic digitally, and add depth and personality to your graphic design caricatures. 
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2. Procreate Nature Bundle

raindrop brushes
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The Procreate Nature Bundle is a set for anyone who would fancy painting a vast amount of natural landscapes.

This bundle by Extreme Brushes is one of the best available online deals and is modest enough to be in your budget.

These brushes are intended to emulate the surfaces, loads, and tone of things you’d find in nature.

They are an absolute necessity for making nature scenes in any event or drawing foundations.

It includes 136 high-quality variety of brushes, specifically compatible with the latest version of the Procreate App.

Consequently, they will not possibly work in Photoshop or any other painting programs.

You will get an access to all current and future nature-related brush packs when you purchase this bewildering bundle.

All the satisfied customers who handpicked this set reviewed it five stars.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Includes tutorials by Extreme Brushes
  • Leaves an incredible impression on whoever looks at the painting
  • Involves a vast diversity of brushes, including flora, fur, feather, clouds, smoke, and many natural elements.
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3. Elements Of Nature Bundle

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The Elements of Nature Bundle is a package by the renowned NassyArt.

It has over 150 elements of nature in overlays and 150 weather Procreate brushes.

This pack of isolated nature elements will help you add a realistic effect to your projects.

It is a five-star rated brush set for your ease because all the bushes are in .abr format, and all the effects are available in one bundle.

The pack includes 150 natural media brushes that are perfect for sketching in the Procreate App

Pros & Benefits:

  • Many Realistic Rain Overlays are available in the Bundle
  • The Fog Effect Overlays enhance your rainy artwork
  • The Lightning Effect can also be added to increase the thunderstorm impression
  • You may also add the Snow Effect Overlays in your creativity
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4. 150 Weather Procreate Brushes

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This Weather Procreate Brushes Set is an exceptional collection of 150 Procreate brushes by NassyArt for your artwork.

It gives your work a unique and beautiful view.

These brushes are high resolution and, therefore, are suitable for both web and print projects.

They are also perfect for decorating and complementing photos and artworks, and all the brushes are in .abr format.

On the off chance that you need something to include a decent rain impact and you like alternatives, look no further.

This pack is ideal for kicking you off or culminating in your new drawing.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Includes 50 Thunderstorm Brushes to captivate the beauty of the scene
  • 30 Snow Brushes are also a part of the set to help you draw a realistic snow falling
  • Apart from the rain or snow, you may use the 50 Fog Brushes available in the kit to make your project attractive
  • You can also draw with the 20 Rain Brushes included in the set
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5. 14 Procreate Bad Weather Brushes

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Inspired by a painting during the 19th century, this set is perfect for stippling, texture shading, and pointillist art.

The 14 Procreate Bad Weather Brush Set includes the blend of 14 brushes to improve your creativity.

This the most sensible and reasonable rain brush set accessible for the iPad and Procreate.

The set is for the craftsman who needs to encounter a similar fun and feel of genuine rain on paper.

You can use them to add that perfect storm, rain, blizzard, or whatever you can think of. 

They can easily be colored and work well with blend modes such as overlay, lighten, and screen.

These brushes are the best for high-resolution work.

A quick reference guide is included in the brush kit to help you choose the right brush for your work.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It gives you 14 different brushes for customized rains
  • The small sparks and significant rain drops painting help you a lot
  • Computerized painters and creators can experience the advantages these brushes can give
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6. Procreate Rain and Cloud Brushes

raindrop brushes
Download Now!

The set by CreateMonster has all the elements you need to paint a rainy scene.

It contains all the nature-related brushes released, which includes eight different brushes for your creativity enhancement.

This bundle is introduced as the most realistic and natural nature drawing set available for the iPad and the Procreate App.

They are clear and functional to use by any Procreate user.

It is the thing that causes this bundle to take an interest in this target rundown of 10 best raindrop brushes.

You’ll need the most latest version of Procreate to import the packs into the app.

By purchasing this bundle, you’ll have access to all current and future nature-related brush packs!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Includes the features of drawing stones, pebbles, water, lightning, clouds, haze, rain, snowfall, trees, and many more.
  • Also has the Procreate Rain Brushes along with the Rain Stamps
  • Procreate Clouds Brushes are included in the set accompanying a Sky Painter and Procreate cloud brush
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7.  Rainy Day Procreate Brush

raindrop brushes
Download Now!

The Rainy Day Brush Set by the expert galaxiesofletters is excellent for anyone looking for feel of water drops and wet effects to a new level.

You can zest up your regular artistic creation routine by buying these charming rain drop brushes, and begin to stun all the innovative spirits around you!

It is into a single zip file and available free or with a donation. 

This brush set will help you make your images look very realistic and illustrative in no time.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Contains over 15 vibrant textures to bring color and energy to your designs
  • Authentic from real art materials and textures by expert professionals
  • The textures in the set will save you hours of changing colors for each stroke
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8. Procreate brushes Water Drop

raindrop brushes
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This set by Anna Merry is a pressure-sensitive set, so press it down to make the image more opaque and vice versa.

It is perfect for the rain painting artist who wants to experience the same fun and feel of real water drops on a paper.

You can also double on layers to make the image more reliable.

Other than that, this is an effortless brush and new hopeful digital painters can begin painting nature rain scenes with no trouble.

No matter what your painting style is, you’ll be able to recreate the look and feel of real paint on paper, all on your iPad.

This Waterdrop Brush Pack is the most comprehensive Procreate bundle you’ll ever buy.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Includes 16 Procreate Waterdrop Brushes
  • Has all kinds of water drop textures and brushes mimic the uniqueness of water drops and its properties
  • Can be used for different purposes – for color washes, painting small details, adding wet edges, water wash, and texture effects, and so on.
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Final Thoughts

There is an unlimited amount of rain brushes available for nature-loving artists to enhance their creativity.

We hope our list of the best raindrop brushes has given you a look at some of the options you have.

They must have inspired you to start creating, customizing, and working with your brushes.

We wish you good luck and happy designing!

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