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risograph procreate brush set

10 Best Risograph Procreate Brush Sets For a Vintage Look

Are you looking for a Risograph Procreate brush set?

Then, this article is just for you!

Before we unveil our list, let’s talk a bit about Risograph.

In the early ’80s, the Risograph bridged the gap between a standard photocopier (which is up to about 50 copies cheaper) and a commercial lithograph printer for schools, churches, political campaigns, and other short-run print jobs.

Over the last decade, everything from screen and letterpress to figures and paper making has roused some interest.

Risograph printing is the most recent technique adopted by designers and illustrators seeking an authentic look and feel in their work.

Here’s something for both amateurs and professionals who want to play around with color and digital art.

And to help you, we’ve compiled a list of the top choices for the Risograph Procreate brush set.

1. Risograph Brush Kit By SEAMLESSTEAM

risograph procreate brush set
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The risograph print is the inspiration for this brush collection. 

Since it’s speckled and chaotic, it’s perfect for paintings, zines, and abstract painting. 

Built-in blending modes in Riso brushes allow you to reveal secondary colors by overlapping them. 

Brushes come in a variety of textures, from silky smooth to incredibly textured. 

Buyers are raving! Multiple people are giving 5-star to this shop with total sales of 7,419. 

This brush kit is available for $12.10.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Have blending modes built-in – colors that overlap show secondary colors
  • Brush textures range from silky smooth to heavily textured
  • Three paper overlay brushes are included to add a simple one-swipe paper texture
  • Three liners for sketching and outlines
  • Sixteen Riso brushes, four shading brushes, three liner brushes, and three paper overlay brushes
  • 3000×2000 px, 300 dpi, high-resolution PSD impact with support file
  • Allows you to make beautiful paintings in just a few strokes, without the hassle of traditional painting
  • The style of this brush collection is bright, colorful, and simple
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2. Risograph Procreate 10 Brushes Set By KoizumiDesign

risograph procreate brush set
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Risograph for Procreate is an add-on that lets you create Risograph textures that look just like the real thing using only the latest version of Procreate and an Apple Pencil!

For the low price of $10.19, you can have this set with 10 brushes.

Then, there are ten brushes included helping you create your first template.

Each brush is labeled and grouped by tone, making it easy to find the right style for the job, from light to dark, subtle to bold.

What’s more, you have complete control over the look and feel of your piece due to its pen’s pressure sensitivity.

In order to enhance the realism of your Procreate Riso, there are four Paper Texture Overlay Brushes are included in this set.

To get you started, a comprehensive PDF tutorial to walk you through the installation process.

The set of brushes is perfect for retro procreate artists who enjoy capturing nature’s creations in basic but informative and delicate shapes.

You can also follow her Instagram account @koizumidesign and at Etsy with 15 sales on her shop!

Pros & Benefits:

  • 10 brushes are all labeled in 1 set for a low cost
  • It has pen pressure-sensitivity
  • Available with Paper Texture Overlay Brushes for more realistic art
  • Comes with a PDF library for installation tutorial
  • Comes with a wide range of textures, shapes, sizes, shades, and angles
  • Patterns with a lot of repetition and no visible seams
  • Perfect for capturing nature’s creations in basic but informative and delicate shapes
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3. Riso Brush For Procreate By TarantinosArt

risograph procreate brush set
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This is only a single procreate risograph brush made by Cristina Tarantino. 

This brush has a risograph finish, which is ideal for adding character to any artwork. 

Moreover, this brush is excellent for beginners to experiment and practice their digital art.

What’s more, the precision brush tip allows you to fill tight areas with complete control over stroke weight.

It also comes with a handy color palette.

To download, you will receive one Procreate Brush for only $1.91.

Note that this product has 20 5-star reviews and a total of 251 sales.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Includes a one-of-a-kind brush for making the first template
  • Great for beginner to experiment with
  • Comes with a handy color palette
  • With precision brush tip help you fill tight areas easily
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4. Risograph Procreate Brush Set By UPROOT

risograph procreate brush set
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Uproot has put together a collection of Riso texture brushes that render creating a Riso effect in Procreate a breeze. 

RisoTexture Brushes with pressure sensitivity offer you complete control over the look and feel of your product. 

There are 21 brushes that are pressure-sensitive to give you complete control over the look and feel of your product.

Moreover, four paper texture overlay brushes are also included to help you make your Procreate Riso look more natural. 

There are also five more brushes to aid in the development of your first template. 

Just available for $22 for commercial use.

Even though he has only four sales in this shop at Creative Market, his brushes are published in different articles and websites. 

Cool, isn’t it?

Pros & Benefits:

  • With 21 RisoTexture Brushes that are pressure-sensitive
  • Compatible with the iPad Procreate app
  • Available with Paper Texture Overlay Brushes for more realistic art
  • With Additional 5 brushes to help you with your first template
  • Color selection is entirely under your fingertips
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5. All In One Bundle By Pixelbuddha

risograph procreate brush set
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This bundle edition features 35 more pieces than 2019’s set, ranging from add-ons to mockups, in several categories. 

What creative objective your project is aiming for doesn’t matter.

For this bundle, you can get:

  • 17 Mockup Models
  • 10 Text Effects
  • 24 Graphic Design Brushes
  • 15 Social MediaTemplates and UI
  • 31 Textures, Patterns, and Vector
  • 16 Effects and Actions
  • 1 Alannah Script Font

For your current workflow, you will find all essential and valuable. 

What’s more, the brush set is compatible with various programs such as Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, and other programs.

You’ll get one of the best brushes for quickly and painlessly drawing, highlights, and textures for detailed illustrations you’ll be proud to show, optimized for scalable art and illustrations for books and posters.

The package includes two files.

First, the Pixel Buddha team’s “Thank You” letter.

And secondly, the linked document redirects you to a specific landing page.

Why argue when we can enumerate this vast list of what will soon be yours for $17 (personal use)? 

All-in-one package!

This is the greatest sale with the bundle of your dreams! 

Get it now with its old price. 

So what are you waiting for?

Pros & Benefits:

  • There are 120 kits to bring any idea to life
  • Compatible for Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, and other programs
  • Includes a full guide PDF (Portable Document Format)
  • Installation guide; cheat sheets; authentic retro look
  • With the File Size: 955.24 KB
Download Now!

6. Risograph Brush By OVJECT

risograph procreate brush set
Download Now!

The Risograph brush kit included in this Ovject will aid you in creating nostalgic artwork! 

There are six tones or orange, which you can use for a download size of only 1.44 MB.

You’ll be blown away by how simple it is to rough up your drawings for a retro feel, as well as how easily you can add subtle interest and dimension for a lot of detail.

Moreover, these brushes add graduated halftones to your drawings quickly and easily.

It is available for $5 for personal use.

It’s a collection of brushes with a unique vintage texture. 

You can also check his profile for more budget-friendly brushes that range from $5. 

And upon checking, this was the latest brush set he published!

Pros & Benefits:

  • There are six tones in all.
  • Procreate is compatible with these brushes.
  • With a retro feel
  • The brushes add graduated halftones to your drawings quickly and easily
Download Now!

7. Riso Brushes for Procreate By  Wink Brushes

risograph procreate brush set
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Wink Brushes by Sofía Moya has just released Riso Brushes for Procreate. 

The creator, Sofia, specifically mentioned that she loves the print effect of these brushes.

Speaking of brushes, this set has 6 brushes to use.

In addition, it includes 1 Color Palette and 1 Subtle Paper Texture.

On the whole, to get the look you want, play around with the blending modes. 

It’s just $5 right now. 

Do not worry about the download process because Sofia included ZIP file and clear instructions about the brushes.

You’ll be on your way to making your 19th-century engraving-inspired drawings in no time with these engraving Procreate brushes, high-resolution overlays, and an organized instruction guide.

Check Sofia Moya’s profile for more vibrant and colorful brushes. 

You can also tag your artwork with her Instagram account @winkbrushes

Happy drawing!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Six brushes (two of which were influenced by the work of Lisk Feng, one of my favorite illustrators)
  • With one color scheme
  • With 1 Textured Paper in a Subtle Way
  • You’ll receive a ZIP file containing everything listed above
  • Procreate is compatible with this brush set
  • Get it with the file of PNG and Brush
  • Size of the file: 49.91 MB
Download Now!

8. Texturizer Pro – Procreate Brushes By  Frankentoon Store

Download Now!

A brush pack for emulating a variety of real-life textures and adding depth to your drawings 

This pack is suitable for a wide range of artistic styles. 

This collection of pressure-sensitive brushes is designed for easy layering and gives you complete control over creating the perfect stippling textures for your drawings.

Furthermore, allowing you to achieve the exact stippling, pointillism, dot painting, and dot tattoo effects you want.

If you think your artwork is too clean and want to give it a more edgy feel, it’s a great companion. 

It’ll work with every other brush set you already have. 

It’ll just set you back $6.00 for personal use.

Want to know more about Frankentoon? 

An independent artist owned this from El Salvador, the creator and creative director of Frankentoon.

It’s an online hub where he shares his passion for creating tools to simplify other artists’ creative processes. 

Never doubt to buy from this store because it gets multiple 5-star reviews in different brush packs. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Procreate is compatible with these 52 brushes
  • File Type: PDF and 1 brush set
  • Size of the file: 104.07 MB
  • White noise, netting, mazes, halftones, wonky grids, and more are among the 52 brushes included.
  • Wet edge brushes were used to achieve the traditional dark pigmented look of paint edges. 
Download Now!

9. Risograph Tip Top Brushes By Dean Stuart

Download Now!

Check this amazing artwork by Dean Stuart! 

As you can see, these brushes behave similarly to the inks they imitate.

Each time you raise your pen to make a new mark, it adds to the previous mark, and the colors blend. 

As a result, when yellow is placed over blue, it turns green! It only requires an Apple Pencil, and you are ready to go. 

This brush set has a wide range of brushes available, including 8 Riso Brushes Liners.

It only works while operating on the same layer, but you can achieve the same effect by changing the layer blend mode of the top layer to “Multiply.”

These brushes can also be used to cover solid shapes so that the texture can be applied on top.

You can check other related products on the website linked above. 

Hurry up and get it for only $8.99!  

Pros & Benefits:

  • A wide range of brushes is available, including 8 Riso Brushes Liners
  • As if it were a true thing, the colors mixed
  • Shades are lovely and smooth as silk.
  • With color palette included
  • Excellent for covering solid shapes so that the texture can be applied on top
Download Now!

10. Risograph Grain Photo Effect By Pixel Buddha

Download Now!

It’s unnecessary to have a keen sense of aesthetics to recognize that a distressed halftone effect can look perfectly grungy and messy!

Pixel Buddha created a risograph grain effect that provides the classic look and trendy vibes.

If you want to see more of his brushes, visit his profile at Design Cuts with more than 14 pages of unique brushes.

Don’t be afraid to edit any picture or illustration.

With this, the Risograph effect reacts differently with different graphics, creating a sense of mystery. 

Posters, banners, marketing campaigns, social media messages, product packaging, cards, and more will benefit from the aesthetics of a black and white photocopier.

What’s more, you can have full assistance with the Support Team if you have some queries about the product.

Get this for only $17 in Design Cuts. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Includes extended licenses for personal and commercial projects.
  • 3 grain intensity options (low, medium, high)
  • 5 grain textures
  • 50 premade gradients
  • With professional customer service support
  • One installation guide that is detailed and easy to follow
  • High-definition. 4000x4000px and 300 dpi
  • PSD impact Aid file and GRD File Size of 39 MB
  • Procreate and Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 software compatibility (and higher)
Download Now!

Risograph for Procreate

Introducing, Risograph, a simple collection of brushes for Procreate, brings the crisp, beautiful textures of Risograph printing to the app.

For instance, one of the cool things about Riso is the way colors interact when printed over each other.

Indeed you can achieve a vast spectrum of colors and shades with a minimal palette.

Besides, Procreate’s objective is to recreate the natural feeling of physical drawing while using the advantages of a digital platform in practice. 

It offers more than 130 brushes, multilayer, blend modes, masks, export 4K resolution of process videos, autosave, and many other digital arts instruments.

The brush can also be customized whatever you want.

Accordingly, this program has limited ability to edit and render text and vector graphics in addition to raster graphics.

Furthermore, it is conceived for Apple Pencil and multi-touch.

Procreate is a mobile art studio for artists that allows them to create digital artwork and other works of art while on the go, from simple sketches to animations.

This software is truly versatile, where there are 116 stampable texture brushes available.

In reality, a group of users developed a collection of Riso texture brushes that make getting a Riso effect in Procreate a breeze.

Some believe that creating the ideal print necessitates striking a balance between the concept and how it will look best in print.

Then, accepting that the result will often be slightly different from expected due to the unpredictable nature of printing.

Final Thoughts

That’s all there is, folks!

For all types of drawings, here is the list of the best Risograph Procreate Brush Set.

This article covered the best Procreate drawing brushes.

Not only that, but we also curated the best Procreate brushes for painting, sketching, lettering, and pretty much everything else.

Check out these fantastic hand-picked Risographs.

Use these brushes today and take your work to the next level by helping fellow artists, streamlining your work, and discovering incredible drawing methods you may not have considered before.

So grab your iPad and Apple Pencil, launch the app, and start drawing!

Which Risograph brush pack for Procreate is your favorite?

Is there a brush pack that you think I should add to this list?

Please let me know!

Stay awesome until the next time!

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