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running brand fonts

10 Best Running Brand Fonts (Expert Picks)

It’s crucial for the marketing and informative materials of products associated with speed to sport the best running brand fonts.

Fonts should resonate with the products they are used for.

In this article, we’ll look at the types of fonts and the messages they convey. 

In addition,when choosing a font, you must consider your company’s mission and vision.

Today, we’ve lined up the best running brand fonts for products associated with speed and fast movement like running shoes, sports cars, etc.

1. Forever Young

running brand fonts

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Forever Young is a well-regarded RookSupplyCo Design company.

With the Forever Young typeface, give your project a unique voice.

An edgy, modern brush font that is sure to catch people’s attention with loads of texture and personality.

This font was hand-drawn, and in every character, it has loads of tiny details.

Forever Young can be perfect for automotive events, branding, logo, cars and motorcycle posters, advertising.

Anytime you want some more “speed” in your visual project, this font would be perfect. 

Try combining various uppercase and lowercase combinations to get the perfect blend.

With handwritten fonts, they imitate inscriptions made by hand with various writing tools – pencil, pen, pen, brush.

This font is perfect to use in multiple greetings, invitations, and lettering for festive events.

However, this typeface has one drawback.

They are more difficult to perceive visually, and therefore, it is more difficult to read large texts. 

You ought to take this issue into account when choosing a font style for text-decoration.

Therefore, designers should use handwritten fonts in headings, individual phrases, and short texts to give special attention and significant lines.

It is best for medium to large texts to use standard, easy-to-read fonts, not tire the reader.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • It has an additional font file with 4 splatters and 22 swashes. 
  • Supports many different languages.
  • The font contains over 180 glyphs!
  • It comes in TTF and OTF formats, giving you 4 font files in total.

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2. Vango

running brand fonts

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Designed by the well-regarded Konstantine Studio

Specialized for the “speed junkie” and “adrenaline seeker” soul, we got you packed up.

Vango is a nitro boost for your visual needs.

The fastest font is alive.

We build a bold and robust font with the total aim of the speed, cars, vehicles, and automotive vibes. 

Will suit for automotive events, branding, logo, cars and motorcycle posters, and advertising.

We notice the boldness of the font first of all and in any conditions.

The main saturation types are light, regular, and bold.

Regular fonts are emotionally neutral and are least affected by optical distortion or low sharpness.

A grapheme is best recognized, so normal saturation is ideal for reading.

More emotionally significant are light and bold styles that convey a range of sensations from timid delicacy to persistent rudeness.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Uppercase & Lowercase letters
  • Numbers & Punctuation
  • Ligatures
  • Multi-Language Support
  • 15 Editable Logo Templates

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3. Headline Speed

running brand fonts

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Designed by the well-regarded Artyway design company

I recommend taking note of the “Speed” fonts.

It’s adventurous, with sharp angles and a tricky impact slope.

“Speed” fonts have a distinctive charm and quick visual reading so that they are suitable for sporting events, car posters, logo designs, or monograms.

A handwritten font is a typeface created by a calligrapher using a brush, pen, or special pens.

Typically, calligraphic text in an image looks more personal and soulful – as if you wrote it by hand.

Use it to build trust and connect with your audience.

Slightly tapered faces can also be readable.

Compact versions of text fonts are used wherever you need to fit a lot of text into a small line.

But this technique provides a limited sense of density and delicacy.

Ultra-narrow styles have more exciting features.

They are noticeable because of the vertical lines that begin to dominate the lettering.

It seems that someone tall has climbed onto the podium and starts the crowd.

Due to the low readability of narrow letters, such a font can only convey short words of exceptional importance.

Therefore, ultra-narrow fonts look organically where a stop effect is needed: in ads, newspaper headlines, campaigning.

These wide and super-wide styles considerably change the perception of the text.

In wide fonts, the shape of the letters changes, more contours appear.

Even a short word starts to read slowly, becomes essential and memorable.

Everything around the inscription seems abundant and imposing.

Wide styles are perfectly readable at an angle or during high-speed movement – perspective normalizes proportions.

Therefore, manufacturers of cars, aircraft, and sporting goods would use this font.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Uppercase English letters
  • Basic punctuation
  • Numbers
  • Some ligatures

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4. Running Board JNL

running brand fonts

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Designed by the well-regarded Jeff Levine.

Like this one, some fonts are mysterious; their roots are also an enigma wrapped inside a riddle.

Although its letterforms may be mysterious, this design is sure to add a fine piece of the arsenal, so we suggest you check it out.

Replacing the usual, expected corners with roundness reduces eye strain and is associated with smooth, tactile surfaces.

This evokes pleasant emotions and a sense of comfort.

Also, rounded letters work with our primitive instincts because roundness is the basis of the baby’s shaping, that is, the baby’s shape.

This is why bold and rounded fonts are so good for baby food, shampoos, diapers.

And the rounding, combined with some artificial, makes the font look like food: buns, ice cream, fruits.

Sans serif fonts are suitable for the web.

Also, it looks good in outdoor advertising, as it does not lose its properties when enlarged.

Hence, it eye-catching.

A sans serif font looks good at a small size, but it’s better to use a serif for body text – it doesn’t get tired quickly.

Pros & Benefits

  • All future updates
  • Round letters
  • Unique design
  • Diversified Design

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5. Running With Scissors

running brand fonts

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Designed by the well-regarded Comicraft design company 

The latest and most modern type of grotesque.  

There are standard features for all varieties of such grotesques – openness and non-geometric forms.

Besides, quite a few of them have slight contrast; only in open grotesques meet beveled cuts of vertical strokes. 

A variety of open grotesques are humanistic grotesques closest to Antiqua (and but to a humanist/renaissance Antiqua).

In the 30s of the twentieth century, a new type of sans serif appeared in England.

The construction of old styles serifs was base on the shape, structure, and proportions.

Recently, these sans serifs have become widespread both as independent typefaces and as part of super typefaces.

The humanistic construction of the typeface means that it is based on the handwriting of the Renaissance’s humanists, hence the name.

They are beautiful and comfortable to read fonts, honed to perfection.

They have open letters of varying width with a clear difference in uppercase and lowercase height, with inclined flow axes.

In humanistic fonts, geometry serves to improve form without creating specific images.

They are comfortable for most people and almost universal.

Pros & Benefits

  • All future updates
  • Perfectly balanced font
  • Perfect for the display font

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6. Faster One

running brand fonts

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Designed by the well-regarded designer Eduardo Tunni

The new grotesques develop the principles of constructing the old grotesques. 

These new sans serifs are much more elegant than their predecessors.

These sans serifs have almost no distinctive features, making it possible to characterize these fonts as standard and invisible.

These are closed, one-width fonts with virtually no contrast.

In addition to that, with a large point of lowercase characters, it strongly developed in outlines.

The descenders of these fonts are equal to the height of the caps.

As a rule, oblique (not italic) styles are used in the new sans serifs.

The slope angles of the signs are from medium to significant.

Oblique styles are obtained by beveling straight letters and serve mainly to give the inscription a sense of speed, but sometimes also to highlight in the text.

After that, all vertical lines become oblique.

Even oblique round shapes lose some of their uniqueness.

As if lurching from the wind, a more monotonous inscription is perceived as something fast and reckless.

Therefore, italic fonts are an excellent choice for sports or automotive themes.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • All Future updates
  • “Fast” design
  • Two sets of weights

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7. Breezed Caps

running brand fonts

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Designed by the well-regarded Manfred Klein

The handwritten fonts served as the basis for typographic fonts in Europe.

Most of them originate from the Roman script carved in stone, which served as inscriptions on massive monuments.

This font is called capital, that is, “large,” “main.”

Its shapes define the basic letterforms, in particular the uppercase letters of typefaces such as serifs.

From the Roman script to the script of our day, the line of development goes without interruption.

Sharpening the corners and edges of strokes attracts increased attention, creates tension and even discomfort.

But it is helpful if you sell “thrill.”

For the first time, Grotesque sans serif fonts appeared in England’s early 19th century, although a similar form of signs was used in the inscriptions of ancient Greece. 

At first, they were used exclusively as a display but became more useful for typing in the twentieth century.

As a rule, they’re characterized by low contrast or a complete absence of visual difference between the primary and connecting strokes. 

Sometimes the so-called ribbon serif is also referred to as humanistic sans serif.

A moderately contrasting sans-serif font, the design of which repeats one of the types of serifs.

Pros & Benefits

  • Grotesque
  • Roman
  • Sans serif
  • TTF
  • All future Updates

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8. Facon

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Designed by the well-regarded Alejo Bergmann.

The font offers all caps letters, numerals, and symbols.

This typeface is best used for display purposes.

This would include logotypes, badges and labels, headlines and banners, posters, prints, and much more. 

Serifs were invented by the Romans to smoothly and clearly complete the lines of letters.

Additional lines make the text look coherent and easier to read.

Serifs are more challenging to read than sans serifs.

Usually, when the letters are too decorative.

Facon font is excellent for headlines and for drawing attention.

Most often, serif fonts work well for large blocks of text.

Thanks to dashes, the letters are more different from each other.

It is easier for us to recognize the text, which means that we can read it faster.

Serif fonts look good in books, newspapers, magazines, and on the Internet, especially where there is a lot of text – in blogs and articles.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • It contains all caps letters.
  • Numerals and symbols
  • All future updates

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9. Future Techno Italic

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Designed by the well-regarded Sart Studio

A new and futuristic theme font, Future Techno Font, is very suitable for the needs of sports, automotive, and technology themes.

From the 1600s to the 1980s, all the necessary conditions for a typograph house were created.

During this period, designers identified the main categories of typefaces we still use today:

  • serif
  • sans serif
  • handwritten
  • mono
  • geometric, and more.

The intense care and attention to detail in these typefaces have made them timeless, reappearing in various iterations and logos of many major brands.

This is why they deserve attention.

The font consists of regular and italic, very easy to install and support the software on a Mac or PC.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Modern and futuristic
  • The font consists of regular and italic
  • Easy to install 
  • All future updates

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10. Run

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Designed by the well-regarded The Branded Quotes design company.

All the energy and endurance from A-Z fitted in.

An excellent compilation for your noisy design projects.

Now you can push your presentations to the next stage with just a few effects added!

The font is suitable for the needs of sports, automotive, and technology themes. 

The technique of working on stone determined some of the stylistic features of the capital type, particularly the cut-off’s nature (as they are called in printing practice).

In ancient Roman scripts, cutoffs were given without specific rules, mainly perpendicular to the stroke.

By the 1st century, B.C., cutoffs with few exceptions are given either parallel to the line or perpendicular to it.

Hence, emphasizing the horizontal line boundaries especially sharply.

Cutoffs are preserved in handwriting as well.

The Roman handwritten script comes from the same necessary forms as the script on stone.

Pros & Benefits

  • The font contains capitals, numerals, and punctuation
  • Great output
  • All future updates

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Final Thoughts

If you’re trying to choose running brand fonts, refer to this article.

Pay attention to your search, and you will definitely be able to find the perfect font for your brand!

Here’s to wishing that you enjoyed this article and found it interesting.

I think Forever Young is one of the best fonts in this font category.

It is the best for me because of its uniqueness and very striking design.

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