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How To Get the Most Out of Runway Motion Brush (In-Depth Guide)

How To Get the Most Out of Runway Motion Brush (In-Depth Guide)


This guide will walk you through using the Motion Brush feature in Gen 2’s Director Mode.

This powerful tool allows you to manipulate motion in specific areas of your video, offering a new level of creative control.

Steps to Use Motion Brush

Step 1: Open Gen 2 and Add an Image

  • Action: Launch the Gen 2 software.
  • Purpose: To start using the Motion Brush feature, you need an image as a base.
  • Note for Text to Video Users: If you’re using Text to Video, generate previews first and choose one of these as your image prompt.

Step 2: Activate the Motion Brush Tool

  • Action: Select the Motion Brush tool within Gen 2.
  • Purpose: This tool is your gateway to controlling motion in your video.

Step 3: Paint and Set Motion

  • Action: Paint over the areas you want to animate.
  • Additional Step: Assign a motion direction and speed to these areas.
  • Purpose: This step lets you decide exactly how and where movement occurs in your video.

Step 4: Adjust Speed Settings

  • Action: Modify the speed for horizontal, vertical, and proximity movements.
  • Purpose: These settings provide flexibility and precision in how your selected areas move.

Step 5: Save Your Work

  • Action: Click ‘Save’ after making your adjustments.
  • Purpose: To ensure all your Motion Brush settings are applied to your video.

Important Notes

  • Motion Brush and Camera Motion: Remember, Motion Brush functions independently from the Camera Motion feature. Using Motion Brush alone will only animate the selected areas of your image.
  • Adding Camera Motion: If you want, you can also apply Camera Motion. Just click on the Camera Motion button, set a direction, and generate your video.
  • Experimentation: Try using Motion Brush on different parts of your image to achieve unique and visually appealing results.


By following these steps, you can effectively use the Motion Brush feature in Gen 2’s Director Mode to add dynamic and controlled motion to specific areas of your video.

This tool opens up new possibilities in video editing and animation, allowing for more personalized and creative visual effects.

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