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sell logos on ebay

How To Sell Logos On eBay

Sell logos on eBay to thousands of buyers and start making money!

There are about 180 million eBay buyers worldwide.

It’s one of the popular worldwide online platforms, introducing nearly 1.3 billion product listings on any given day.

It’s no different from selling physical (ready-made) goods or handcrafted items (often made to order), except that these are digital items that you should list and deliver appropriately.

You should acquaint yourself with eBay’s guidance and policies on this.

eBay links millions of consumers and retailers worldwide.

It can also be a great way to make money whether you work from home with very little savings or you’re a retailer who retails large volumes of products.

What is a Logo?

A logo acts as proof of identity.

It identifies a business or product with a sketch, sign, or autograph.

sell logos on ebay

A logo doesn’t trade the business straight away, nor hardly does it describe a business.

Logos originate their meaning from objects’ quality, not vice versa; logos are there to classify, not to simplify.

In a nutshell, the message that a logo delivers is more important than how it looks.

To explain this idea, consider logos as people.

We tend to refer to ourselves by names (such as David, Sara, Wanda, etc.) rather than by a vague and forgettable description like “the blond girl who looks like Barbie”.

Similarly, a logo doesn’t simply explain what a business does but instead identifies it in a distinctive and identifiable way.

How to Start with eBay

Getting started to sell logos on eBay begins obviously creating your account.

In the past, you had to create an eBay account and a PayPal account.

However, recently, eBay has altered its payment system to what they’re calling Managed Payments.

This has become simpler for those of you who are just starting to create accounts.

sell logos on ebay

The other thing to keep in mind is if you’re a brand-new seller and you just created your eBay account, more than likely you’re going to have some limitations such as:

  • You’re only allowed to list ten items or;
  • Up to a thousand dollars worth of value (so just be aware for the first month)

Typically, those limitations are in place to tell people who have an old eBay account.

Sometimes it’s better to reopen or reactivate that eBay account.

You can start using that if you already have some feedback built up from maybe buying items in the past.

Somehow that’s a better way to go.

Use that account and not start a brand new one because you will have some limitations on that same note.

You can visit eBay’s guidance and policies on their website to know more.

And if you like to know how to sell on eBay, you can go to for more information.

You will compete with others if your work is truly outstanding.

You might not sell to everyone on the platform, but you will be able to sell to those who value your work.

Is it true that you have what it takes to build a listing template that can attract top dollar?

Go ahead and visit eBay to tell yourself how to create a listing template and earn good money. 

Getting an eBay Store

Signing up for an eBay store subscription will not take those limitations away.

Therefore, sometimes new eBay sellers will see those store subscriptions, and they’ll think, “Okay, well maybe if I go sign up for that now I can list more items”, but that’s not the case.

Those restrictions are in place for a reason.

It’s just to stop people from creating accounts and just selling products and scamming people.

eBay actually wants to keep up the quality control and make sure that when you sell something, make sure that you are shipping it out on time.

Moreover, you should keep in mind that going forward from there, it’s pretty easy to get those limitations raised on a month-to-month basis.

Typically, if you’re coming close to hitting those limits, all you have to do is call eBay and let them know.

They’ll look at your account and raise your limit.

The next step is to sit down and figure out what kind of designs and how to sell logos on eBay.

At first, try to sell fast, desirable, and top logos and designs.

Listing your designs will help your buyers to find what they are looking for easily.

Keep in mind the product or design description keywords clear and detailed.

You want to look out for highly desirable designs, that when you list them, get sold quickly.

Also, to sell fast, you can make offers.

Some people offer discounts, and some others offer free shipping.

Listing and Making the First Sale

Try putting something on the market that is simple to sell.

While it can seem complicated at first, creating your first listing is actually very easy.

Click the ‘sell’ icon on the upper-right corner of the eBay site to list your first item.

To prevent any problems, make sure you’re still signed in.

We’ve all seen the joy of making our first sale.

Take the time to pick up the ins and outs of eBay selling, in addition to making more and more sales.

Learn how to use unique features and how to make your listings more appealing.

Selling things around you won’t pull in enough money to cover your expenses and obligations.

Therefore, you must decide what you can do to make it a regular occurrence.

To get a footing, look for shopping patterns, and product opportunities, or even set up a partnership with producers, suppliers, and even drop-shippers.

One tiny bit of advice is that eBay prefers square pictures, so one by one aspect ratio is excellent.

Just switch over to square mode on your phone camera and take the pictures that way.

Try to take pictures on a white background.

But if you don’t have a white background, you can go to the dollar tree or the dollar store and buy from there.

Poster Boards will cost around $1.

Use that as your background.

The other thing is eBay has a background removal tool built into their platform now.

eBay strictly wants you to list items with a pure white background.

It’s helpful that mostly everything on eBay can now be done from your phone, so we would suggest downloading the eBay app.

When you first start, do everything from your phone.

Take your pictures right using your phone and list the items directly from your phone.

How To Sell Digital Products

Selling digital products, such as content, computer software, soundtracks, and art, is a natural business venture.

However, you should know some things before selling digital products on eBay.

For example, eBay handles computer software and photograph sales in a different way than real product sales.

Take note, that eBay has strict guidelines that retailers must follow.

Any material installed from a website or received by e-mail is considered a “digital good” by eBay.

You should list digital products under the Information Products header in the “Everything Else” section on eBay to trade them.

A classified ad format is also needed for your listing.

You must mention explicitly in your listing that you are the legal owner of the material or intellectual property or have the owner’s permission to sell it.

Although the rules are tight and rigid, they are in effect for a purpose.

The entire goal of eBay’s guidance is two-fold:

  • Preserving the intellectual property of owners’ rights
  • Preventing customers from buying illegally downloaded products (unauthorized use/reproduction of someone else’s work) or pirated goods

Note that when it comes to selling in the digital room, eBay has forbidden products, and selling any of these products will result in your listing being deleted or suspended. 

How to Deliver Digital Products

Let’s go to another important step in learning how to sell logos on eBay.

Firstly, upload your file and design files to a CD.

Since we’re dealing with digital goods, it’s critical to take your CD and try and open it on a different device.

Check that it opens correctly and that the drive can read all of the contents.

It’s a good idea to run it through an anti-virus program at this phase.

Always try to ensure you don’t give your customers any unpleasant surprises.

Below is a step-by-step guide for selling and delivering your digital product on eBay:

  • Create a CD with your digital product.
  • Check to see if this CD can play and launch on another device.
  • Help ensure it’s virus-free by running it via anti-virus tools.
  • Photograph the CD and take a screenshot of the design.
  • Write a detailed overview of your item, with all of its advantages.
  • Add to your description the following: “I legally own this product and all intellectual property since I wrote it, and am therefore allowed to sell it”.
  • In addition, include: “This design will be mailed to you. It is not permitted to send it via e-mail or any other digital delivery form, as this is against eBay policy”.
  • Start a unique eBay listing and choose the following segment: Information Products > Other Information Products > All Else.
  • Choose “Classified Ad” in the Form field, you’ll only be able to sell one item at a time, there’s no way to sell various units here.
  • Fill in your prices and delivery details, then pay eBay $9.95 upfront.
  • If the purchase is completed, send the CD to the buyer with tracking information.


We recommend this to everybody on the platform.

Not just when you first start out but as you go on in your eBay career, we think that you should offer some return policy.

Some sellers offer free returns, so they’ll take back any return pretty much for any reason.

Their return rate could be pretty low, and it could be less than 3% on all the items they sell.

So when they sell 100 items, maybe three of them will get returned, but you can do buyer-paid returns as well, that’s fine too.

It’s worth mentioning that even if you think that you should do a no-return policy.

This is because, at the end of the day, if you send something out to a buyer and it’s not as described, they can still open a return.

The customer can open a case against you, so in our opinion, there’s no reason to offer no returns.

Choosing Your Subscription Package

Now that you’ve set up your eBay account, it’s time to get your eBay shop up and running.

Of course, you can sell logos on eBay without a store, but you’ll be limited to 50 listings per month before being paid.

There are several packages for different types of eBay sellers, but beginners will realize the most benefit from the Starter, Basic, or Premium ranks.

Each rank comes with a set number of free listings and an end value fee, “a fee you would pay eBay based on the total value of each sale.”

The packages are as follows:

Starter: $7.95 a month.

This rank allows you to list 100 items a month, charging 30 cents per listing past that.

The end value fee on most items is 10%, up to $750 per sale.

Pick the Starter package if you’re testing the waters.

Basic: $27.95 per month.

This pack is suited for those who are serious about beginning a business. 

This pack allows you to list 250 fixed-price items a month, paying 25 cents per listing past that.

The end value fee ranges between 4% and 9.15% on most items, up to $350 per sale.

The Basic package allows you to keep more of your profits.

Premium: $74.95 per month.

This bundle is for serious sellers. 

You may not be a novice, but you can always upgrade later.

The Premium rank offers 1,000 fixed-price listings per month, and you’ll pay just 10 to 15 cents per item past that.

As with the Basic rank, final value fees range between 4% and 9.15% on most items, up to $350 per sale.

Each package allows the option to pay upfront for an annual membership at a discount.

Product Description

Now, here’s another important step in learning how to sell logos on eBay successfully.

The description box allows you to write up to 10,000 characters.

Be smart about it.

Don’t just type “iPhone 10 Max.”

Add to the description some hot, known catchy keywords that would increase your product’s chances to appear when customers search those words on eBay.

Details that are important to add and what will influence the buyer’s decision are:

  • Dimensions
  • Model
  • How old it is
  • Color
  • Weight

Keep in mind to list any other related characteristics, depending on what you’re selling.

Adding an accurate and detailed description of your product will enhance its appearance in search results since customers look for products using specific keywords.

Good descriptions will also increase your rating.

Set the Prices

Your designs are worth what people are willing to pay for them.

Aim to make real income through multiple sales.

Do your research on prices on eBay and elsewhere.

Don’t set an arbitrary competitive price.

For auctions, you generally want to set an accessible starting price to get the bidding going.

However, don’t peg the price so low so as not to make some profit.

You don’t have the choice to cancel the auction once it’s completed.

Researching Buyer Preferences for Higher Logo Selling Potential

Here’s a step most people who sell logos on eBay don’t do but is crucial for success.

Understanding buyer preferences, market trends, and popular design styles is crucial for logo designers aiming to increase their selling potential.

By conducting thorough research, designers can create logos that resonate with target customers and meet their specific demands.

Importance of Buyer Preferences

  • Tailoring designs to target customers: Designers must comprehend the preferences, tastes, and demographics of their potential buyers to create logos that effectively appeal to them.
  • Meeting market demands: By researching buyer preferences, designers can identify emerging trends and design logos that align with the current market demands, increasing their chances of successful sales.

Understanding Market Trends

  • Keeping up with the latest industry developments: Staying abreast of industry trends helps designers create logos that are relevant, modern, and aligned with current market expectations.
  • Leveraging popular design styles: Identifying popular design styles allows designers to create logos that resonate with customers, giving them an edge in the competitive logo-selling market.

Popular Design Styles

  • Minimalism: Simplicity and clean aesthetics are highly sought after, making minimalist logo designs a popular choice among buyers.
  • Vintage and retro: Many buyers appreciate the nostalgic appeal and timeless charm of vintage and retro-inspired logo designs.
  • Hand-drawn and artisanal: Designs that showcase a handcrafted touch or artistic elements often attract buyers seeking unique and personalized logo solutions.

Creating Logos with Higher Selling Potential

  • Conducting customer surveys: Collecting feedback through surveys helps designers gauge buyer preferences and adapt their designs accordingly.
  • Analyzing competitor logos: By studying successful logo designs within the same niche, designers can gain insights into buyer preferences. Moreover, they can incorporate winning elements into their own creations.

In the competitive landscape of logo selling, understanding buyer preferences, market trends, and popular design styles is key to creating logos with higher selling potential.

By conducting thorough research, designers can effectively tailor their designs to target customers and meet market demands.

Moreover, they can stay ahead of the competition, ultimately increasing their chances of success on platforms like eBay.

Final Thoughts

As we all know, the customer is always right, so it’s in your best interest to deal with your customer’s inquiries.

Customers can rate your performance “feedback” based on:

  • Communication
  • Item description
  • Shipping duration
  • Prices and shipping charges (Did you charge reasonable prices?)

Excellent feedback and ratings will enhance your business rapidly.

You can open this door by first thanking your customers for their purchase.

And second by asking them to rate your service and give feedback.

All mentioned steps and guidelines are crucial to building your store and business on eBay.

Moreover, maintaining positive feedback will increase your sales.

Also, you may need to consider the below factors that would help you control your success on eBay:

  • Are people looking for your style on eBay? (Is your niche popular?)
  • Is your item listed high enough when people search in that category?
    • Keywords will help better your product appearance on top search results
  • Do you have a reasonable price compared to the competition?
  • Do you have good samples of your work? (and are they worth the price?) 
  • Do you have enough positive reviews?

We hope that this article helped you a lot on how to start and sell logos on eBay.

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