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serbian cyrillic fonts

10 Best Serbian Cyrillic Fonts (Expert Picks)

The Serbian Cyrillic fonts are used to target specific demographics and effects.

Every font serves a unique purpose, emanating its own personality and purpose.

Depending on the tone and the feel of the project, fonts must be aligned to it.

We should select a font that can relay our intentions and mood to the audience. 

The correct font resonates with your brand.

On the other hand, the wrong font could spell disaster for your brand. 

In this article, we will explore 10 Serbian Cyrillic fonts that you can use in specific projects. 

All the fonts are available and can be used for either personal or commercial purposes.

1. Rae Dunn

serbian cyrillic fonts

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The creator, Rae Dunn,  is a graduate of Bachelors of Arts in Industrial Design.

She is a California native artist.

Rae Dunn discovered her affinity with clay, which later became her passion.

The font is conceptualized from the popular Rae Dunn Clay in Berkley.

The font is available to level up and “mold” your personal or commercial projects!

If you love Rae Dunn, you need to consider using the above font.

The Rae Dunn font is the perfect option for gift items like stickers, coffee mugs, etc.

The font from the popular Rae Dunn Clay in Berkley includes a full alphabet font.

Also, this style is equipped with special characters.

Rae currently has a range of merchandise that is distributed worldwide.

The font can be yours for personal or commercial projects!

The Rae Dunn font is available and also comes with a suitable license for unlimited use!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Make your own merch inspired by Rae Dunn 
  • A modern yet classic look
  • Available for commercial use
  • Easy to use with multiple design spaces
  • Supports special characters

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2. Algiers – A Modern Sans Serif

serbian cyrillic fonts

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Algiers is a modern sans serif font, and Ivan Rosenberg designed it.

A Sans Serif font family, Algiers has a modern, clean, and geometric look.

The Algiers font can be a perfect pair with a serif, script, or slab serif font. 

Also best if used in web design.

In fact, a font choice can make or break an entire website! 

In reality, it doesn’t really matter how beautiful, what matters is the readability.

The style and design of this font make it a smart choice for web design ventures. 

Algiers is also suitable for titles and headlines.

It’s also a great solution for fashion, branding, logotypes, titles, and social media use.

The font supports a huge amount of languages.

Including but not limited to Serbian and Cyrillic languages, and can be used with glyphs. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Modern, yet classy design 
  • Fashionable and trendy look
  • Perfect for websites 
  • Supports many languages, among them Serbian and Cyrillic 

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3. Olive Village – Vintage Font

serbian cyrillic fonts

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Olive Village is a vintage font with a modern touch.

Ivan Rosenberg designed this font too. 

Inspired by the nifty ’70s and the commercial ’80s, and available on both Regular and Italic.

The font manages to combine the old fashion with a timeless classic look.

It is a perfect option for solely use or as a pair with an open sans font. 

Being a serif font, Olive Village can be used for those who wish to establish a history.

Also, this font manages to emit quality and class to their products.  

Serif fonts, since the past years were widely used for printed materials. 

Nowadays, they are widely known for being used on media websites or digital magazines.

Again, to give the impression of a formal and timeless look.

The small strokes help letters to stand out clearly.

The design makes our brains recognize words and letters more readily. 

The Olive Village font supports a huge amount of languages.

Among the supportive languages of Olive Village font is Serbian and Cyrillic.

Olive Village can be used with a glyphs panel on multiple design spaces. 

The Olive Village font is suitable for anyone who wants the Groovy Vibes of the ’70s. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Vintage, with a modern touch
  • Combines old fashion with a timeless look
  • Connotes quality and class
  • Available on both Regular and Italic
  • Supports many languages, among them Serbian and Cyrillic 

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4. Delija

serbian cyrillic fonts

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The Delija font is a free Serbian Cyrillic font.

Vladimir Nikolic created it. 

The design is modern and powerful with a unique look.

Delija Font is a unique font that brings excitement to its audience.

While the options are many, probably the Delija font is one of the best!

The font attracts and gains the attention of everyone to your projects.  

This amazing font style is available for free!

Delija font can be used perfectly if you wish your brand to impact your audience.

A highly recommended option if you want something different and interesting. 

Delija font can be used on movie posters, book covers, or anywhere else you wish.

Its modern feel and powerful vibe, can appeal in many cases and adapt.

As a TrueType font, Delija is available for Serbian and Cyrillic languages. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Modern feel
  • Powerful Vibe
  • Unique look
  • Evokes the feeling of excitement
  • Supports Serbian and Cyrillic languages

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5. Beograd

serbian cyrillic fonts

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Beograd is a free Serbian Cyrillic font for personal as well as commercial use.

Vladimir Nikolic conceived this font.

The typeface Beograd has an eye-catching modern brush look. 

The style is modern but also brings an urban edge to your work. 

Besides that, brush fonts look fantastic when printed. 

Also, this is best for printed or digital promotions, that can beat the competition.  

As a Truetype font, Beograd is available for Serbian and Cyrillic languages. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Modern brush look
  • Conveys urban vibe
  • Eye catching
  • Perfect to impact your audience 
  • Supports Serbian Cyrillic languages

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6. Maximilijan

serbian cyrillic fonts

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Vladimir Nikolic created the Maksimilijan font.

The font can be used on your personal as well as commercial projects.

The best part of Maksimilijan is that it is free!

A handwriting font always gives your projects a personal touch. 

The font Maksimilijan is among the best handwriting font.

The style expresses the emotion of the design to the audience.

Maksimilijan font also gives the feeling that something big is happening.

Your text can look superb and will attract a wide and huge amount of audience.

The Truetype font Maksimilijan is available for Serbian and Cyrillic languages. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Best choice for a handwriting font
  • Evokes excitement on the readers
  • Supports Serbian and Cyrillic languages

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7. Partin

serbian cyrillic fonts

DukomDesign conceived the Partin font and it’s free for use non-commercial.

Inspired by the favorite team sport basketball.

Partin font will level up your brand up to the MVP level!

Basketball is a very popular sport worldwide.

One of the best and most perfect sports fonts inspired by basketball.

Clean and sleek, Partin is an ideal option for basketball posters and promotional material.

But this font can be used in other fields of sports too, can also work perfectly. 

The Truetype font Partin is available for Serbian and Cyrillic languages.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Very clean design
  • Ultra Sseek style
  • Best font for sports posters and promotional material
  • Easy to read
  • Supports Serbian and Cyrillic languages

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8. Constantine Font

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Constantine font is designed by DukomDesign.

You can use the Constantine font at any price you wish as a contribution. 

The font is inspired by the emperor Constantine The Great. 

Constantine the Great, was a Roman emperor from 306 to 337. 

He was born in Naissus, Dacia Mediterranea. 

Naissus is a place that is now known by the name Niš, and it is located in Serbia.

Constantine can give your projects a glorious and ageless royal look. 

The font can be used for historical or historical book covers or audiovisual projects. 

Constantine is the best alternative to the Cinzel font.

Cinzel is based on first-century Roman inscriptions.

Inspired by the classical proportions, it is not just a simple revival.

The font manages and conveys all the ancient history of the Latin alphabet.

Supports Serbian and Cyrillic languages, including the Chi-Rho symbol.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ageless look
  • Lends a royal touch to products
  • Amazing glorious feel
  • Best alternative to Cinzel font
  • Supports Serbian and Cyrillic languages,including the Chi Rho symbol

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9. Escalope

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Escalope font is designed by Julia Martinez Diana.

The font is available on various licenses. 

The crazy and unique personality of the Escalope can attract the audience. 

The style includes 150 icons and offered in three different textures.

Escalope gives you the flexibility to adapt the font based on your needs.

In case all those icons, and textures, confuse you, Escalope has the solution!

The font Escalope comes with “A Simple and Very, Veeery Easy Tutorial: Escalope”.

The file is in PDF format, which can become handy on how to use all the great features.

The set comes with icons, it is primarily decorative font. 

Such fonts are commonly used for titles and headlines in large sizes.

Also, best if used in cards or posters.

Escalope is available in many languages, including Serbian and Cyrillic.

Contains special characters and currency symbols also available. 

The font also includes some really fun and creative icons that you can use. 

Escalope is a fun font we highly recommend for its playful look and the crazy vibe it shares!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Playful look
  • Unique looking
  • Supports special and currency symbols
  • Supports many languages, including Serbian and Cyrillic languages

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10. Sofa Sans Hand

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Georg Herold-Wildfellner hand designed the Sofa Sans.

It comes with different kinds of licenses, for every need. 

All the styles and weights of the Sofa Sans family are handmade.

The design and style of the font capture the eyes of your audience. 

The font Sofa Sans contains more than 1000 glyphs.

Also, the font features 3D render, inline design, and hatched-styles.

Best if used in book covers as well as food and logo designs. 

It is a script font with a personal touch, a calligraphic element that mimics handwriting.

There are two types of script fonts, formal script fonts, and casual script fonts. 

Formal script fonts have edgy top curls that extend from the serif. 

On the other hand, casual script fonts resemble calligraphy only with fewer swashes.

Casual script fonts give a nostalgic feel to your audience.

Sofa Sans’ one key feature is its high contrast.

It offers Standard and Display sizes with a maximum of contrast, especially in the heavier weights. 

The Sofa Sans font comes with 18 individual styles!

Sofa Sans support ISO Latin 1 & 2 languages, and Serbian Cyrillic fonts.

Sofa San’s gives great flexibility to any designer.

The font also offers a big variety of unlimited options that can cover and fulfill every need.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High-contrast friendly look
  • Perfect for food covers as well food and logo designs
  • Huge variety of styles and weights
  • Supports more than 1000 glyphs
  • Supports ISO Latin 1 & 2 languages, including Serbian and Cyrillic languages

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Final Thoughts

Everyone has different and specific feelings when using different font types.

As a creator, influencer and designer, you need a font that can reflect yourself.

The tone and vibe that you want to express to your audience. 

The above fonts are the 10 best Serbian Cyrillic fonts you can use.

May it be for your personal or commercial projects.

The styles given offer great flexibility in various options.

Our top pick for the best font you can use definitely is the Rae Dunn font.

The Rae Dunn font gives you all the flexibility you need, in order to create unlimited projects.

You can create your own products for sale, gifts, and so on.

But Rae Dunn is also a great option for branding. 

Rae Dunn font is also an amazing option for your social media posts.

Also great for other sites like Instagram.  

Intrigued by other fonts out there?

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