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simple objects to draw

10 Simple Objects to Draw

Knowing some simple objects to draw could be the impetus you need to start drawing as a hobby. 

We’ve come up with some fantastic ideas for you to begin with.

Here you’ll find that push you need to pick up your pencil and start drawing. 

We have lined up challenging yet straightforward objects to draw.

So what are you waiting for? 

Get your coffee and open your sketchbook!

You’re going to want to start right after browsing through the list below.

1. A Book

simple objects to draw

Perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind when holding a sketchbook is drawing a book.

So look no further.

Inspiration is right in the palm of your hands.

You may not know it, but a book is one of the most straightforward yet most aesthetic things to draw.

It sure doesn’t require much technique or expertise.

The final result will turn out to be quite pleasing, especially if you’re into tangible literature.

Producing this piece of art mainly focuses on drawing straight or vertical lines and linking them up, which is usually not that challenging.

Hence, drawing a book should be a perfect beginner’s goal.

We would also love to add that nowadays, as technology’s replacing every piece of the world as we know it, drawing a book would make such a lovely tribute to good old paper.

We know for a fact the sight of a book, even as a drawing, can bring smiles to the face of a reading fanatic.

Not to forget that there are many tutorials available on the subject.

Almost all of them are explicitly designed for a beginner’s level.

Therefore, it should be no problem to follow straightforward steps and achieve a satisfying final result.

 And if you made up your mind and chose this object as a start in your artistic journey, more information is available here. 

2. A Cup of Coffee

simple objects to draw

You’re probably wondering why a cup of coffee and not just an empty cup.

The main reason is how much of a coffee lover and addict yours truly is.

If you can relate, you will find inspiration just by the thought of that freshly brewed morning coffee.

Another reason is the stimulating effect of caffeine on the brain that we all know and must have in the morning..

Therefore, using your cup of coffee as a model for your next creative project should make the job easier.

Not to forget how satisfying it can be to draw an object that you can turn into a blank canvas for your thoughts.

When you’ve drawn the cup, you can decorate it with colors, patterns, and even artistically written quotes.

The job itself shouldn’t be that hard, as it is a drawing centered on curved lines and ellipses.

It is nothing complex, really, but a great testament to your ability as an artist if you maintain proportionality.

You’ll also learn to work with shadows to create darker and lighter visions, which is an excellent exercise for your upcoming projects.

As you can see, this suggestion is all beginner-friendly and will give you a boost of confidence to go for more challenging drawing tasks.

 We’ve also managed to find a valuable link for you if you choose to draw this object. 

You can find it right here.

3. A Piece of Cake

simple objects to draw

Here’s another example for simple objects to draw.

A scrumptious treat!

We believe there’s nothing better than a delicious treat for inspiration.

Therefore, the idea here is to draw a piece of that delicious cake you constantly think of cheating on your diet with.

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Well, not only is it worth fantasizing about, but a piece of cake can be an easy and aesthetically pleasing object to draw.

All you’re required to do is link a couple of geometric shapes.

To be more precise, it’s nothing but a rectangle and a triangle with a curve on a round plate.

And, all you’ll need to remember is to add that cherry on top.

If you ask us, it’s a piece of cake.

When you’re done, you can have fun with the colors and maybe even toppings and layers to get that mouth-watering cake everyone will love to stare at.

We call this suggestion a great beginner project and a fun object to draw.

It should go way up on your to-do list.

 And if you settle on this drawing, we’ve got your back with a simple and well-explained tutorial right here.

4. Mountains 

simple objects to draw

If you’re still looking for inspiration, look no further because there’s no better source of inspiration and creativity than nature.

You’re not supposed to start with a full mountain view as a beginner.

However, the mountains themselves are not that hard to get right.

If you’ve already practiced on some of the objects on top of our list, you will likely succeed in drawing this one.

A mountain drawing is no more than geometric shapes and slight shadow work.

You’ll need to get your pencil/pen and start sketching triangle-like shapes in the form of layers.

Mountains have a somehow layered appearance, so you’d want to stick to that to make your piece of art realistic looking.

Then comes the shadow work.

You would want to make certain angles darker than others to reflect the lighting and create definition, texture, and detail.

If you like the outcome, you may even think about adding some extras, like trees or birds or even water, that reflect the beautiful image you’ve created.

It may seem like an advanced thing to do. 

However, once you have those beautiful realistic mountains in front of you, your imagination will run wild and generate even more fabulous ideas.

 If it all still sounds a bit too hard for you, worry no more. You can check out this excellent tutorial right here.

5. A Bridge 

simple objects to draw 

Speaking of nature, there are many things we find in the wild and love looking at other than mountains, animals, and trees.

One thing that makes nature walks or hikes even more enjoyable is a beautiful bridge to cross while enjoying the clear blue water underneath.

We thought about the idea of sketching that nice image instead of taking pictures or making recordings.

So, the next time you decide to take a nature walk, bring your sketchbook and pencil with you instead of a phone.

Make yourself comfortable next to an old tree or a comfortable bench, and start working on your art.

If you think about it, a bridge is not more than a couple of curved lines and a few diagonal and vertical lines.

Nothing too hard now, is it?

We say make it your next project, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to add some color that shows the blue water running.

You may even want to draw a bigger scene with one or both sides of the bridge where trees are growing, and birds are chirping.

Don’t forget that when you get creative with your pencil, the art knows no boundaries.

And most importantly, show the final result to your friends and family, especially the nature lovers.

They’ll probably want to hang that picture on the wall.

 Finally, to give you that push you need to start, we’ve got you covered with an easy step-by-step tutorial right here.

6. The Moon 

simple objects to draw

At this point, we’ve gone beyond nature, and we’re tackling a far bigger canvas.

You’ve guessed it. 

It’s this vast fantastic universe we exist in.

One of the things we admire morning and night is the sky.

At night though, it gets even more, romantic and lovely to look at

And we believe it’s due to the moon, the stars, and what fantastic image they make.

An idea we’ve got is drawing that moon people get so dreamy over.

Instead of a telescope, all you’ll need is a sketchbook and a pencil.

As you already know, the moon is nothing but a sphere orbiting the universe, so drawing it isn’t supposed to be an arduous task.

In all honesty, it may be one of the most uncomplicated suggestions in here, but what makes it super interesting is the touch of colors you’ll be adding and the hint of yellow and white around it, symbolizing the stars and meteors of the sky.

You may even use those lighting and shadows skills you’ve acquired to make it as realistic as it gets.

We assure you’ll fall in love with the outcome, and you’d want to go bragging to everyone you know about the lovely art you created.

7. Planets 

simple objects to draw

The apple doesn’t fall that far away from the tree.

While we’ve got you admiring the skies and the infinite universes and galaxies, why not dive even more into it.

The moon may be the planet that lights our nights and makes us admire creation.

However, other stars are just as beautiful and exciting.

Therefore, instead of drawing just one planet, why not the whole milky way.

Our galaxy is nothing but a few planets orbiting around the sun.

Practically, you’ll only be dialing up the number of spheres you’re drawing a notch.

The nice thing about it is you’ll have all these layered planets circling in different orbits around that other sphere, and you’ll be able to get creative with colors and shapes inside those spheres.

Your earth will, for instance, be blue and green, and your mars all beige and yellow.

You may even color them and shape their insides and the way that pleases you.

You’re the artist, so the universe will succumb to your desires.

Your outcome may be a new galaxy you imagined in your head.

You’re the master of your creation so try to have some fun with your squares and sphere.

Moreover, don’t forget to share it with your friends when you’re done.

And to make sure you get a complete idea of what your drawing will look like, we have a link for you to check out right here.

8. A Bird 

simple objects to draw

Honestly, the idea of drawing a bird can go either way.

One may want to approach it professionally or, in our case, with a bit of a beginner’s touch.

Now you don’t need to draw those fancy-looking birds you see in paintings hung around houses and museums.

There are easier ways to draw a nice-looking bird and still be happy and content with the final result.

However, remember that this one can be a little more difficult than the others, so don’t get frustrated if you don’t get it right on the first try.

Remember to hang in there, and practice always makes perfect.

You will essentially want to start with circles representing the head, the body, and the eyes.

Try sticking to the geometric shapes and making a triangle mouth as you go further with your drawing.

By then, you’d have a clearer picture, and you’d be able to add in some details as in the wings, the legs, the feathers, and even a couple of hairs like that.

It shouldn’t be an issue to get that final image if you stick to the steps.

Drawing a living animal can be quite a challenge for a beginner, and although your bird may look like a cartoon one at this point, the important thing is you’ve managed to achieve what many other people still struggle with.

By now, if you’re motivated to give it a go, here’s a tutorial to help you succeed in your attempt right here.

9. A House 

As kids, most of us would draw a house, a sky, the sun, and some birds in the shape of two curves.

This childhood favorite may bring a smile to your face or even take you down memory lane.

Here we suggest you revive the memories through art.

Now, as an adult, you’ll make a better-looking house. 

However, the whole point of drawing one as a kid is its simplicity.

It should be no arduous task for you to do, as it’s object-centered around geometric shapes like most objects on this list.

It’s beginner-friendly and requires little skill and expertise but looks great on paper.

You’ll want to begin with a rectangle and a triangle to get the shape of that classic house.

Your windows can be a couple of squares and some lines like the windowpane.

The door can be a rectangle or an oval-shaped one, and you’ll only be relying on lines and curves for details.

You might even want to add a chimney tube on top and some vapor making its way out of it.

This house of yours can stand on the grass and have trees around.

Furthermore, it can be a part of a nice neighborhood.

The possibilities remain endless to get that final picture-perfect result.

So don’t hesitate to try this one. 

We guarantee you’ll be grateful you did.

And your guide to making it all happen can be this tutorial right here.

10. Socks 

As this list comes to an end, we were thinking about comfort and warm fuzzy feelings one can make alive through some ink.

It may sound a little funny, but nothing brings more comfort on a cold night than some soft socks to keep your feet warm.

 We can tell that just the thought of it makes you want to curl up in a blanket and start sketching.

So without further ado, get your pencil and start making some art.

You can quickly tell that socks aren’t that hard to draw. 

There are simply a combination of long lines and a couple of curves.

Nothing beats getting creative, and the nice thing about drawing a pair of socks is how they make up for a blank canvas filled with colors, shapes, doodles, drawings, and maybe some nicely written words.

The possibilities here are endless, and you may end up making a beautiful design for an actual pair of socks to wear when the weather gets cold.

We encourage you at this point to get generous with your art and make a few designs for your loved ones to put a smile on their faces.

After all, art is meant to be shared and appreciated.

And over here, we’re sure your art will bring joy and comfort to the world.

Final Thoughts

With this list coming to an end, we hope you’ve found it as helpful as we intended it to be.

By now, you’d probably have a few objects picked up to start practicing with, or at least it’s what we hope.

Now is your time to shine and show your talent.

Remember not to be afraid to fail.

None of us was ever born an expert. 

It all just gets easier and better with practice.

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