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10 Best Speckled Paint Brushes For Procreate

Complete your artwork by adding that much needed detail with the best speckled paint brush.

Moreover, this is one of the most effective and easiest ways to add realism and depth to your work.

These allow you to create speckle and splatter effects that look like you’ve flicked paint or ink onto your image.

However, there are so many different types of speckle brushes out there, that it can be hard to know which set to pick!

We’ve scoured the market to round up the best speckled paint brush for Procreate to make your decision a little easier.

1. Splatter & Speckle Procreate Brushes

speckled paint brush

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This product is fantastic for people who want to add a trendy, watercolor style to their work. 

The package comes with 15 different stamps, 10 of which are watercolor style, and 5 are speckle. 

This set is quite versatile, as the stamps can be used in numerous ways.

The speckle effect brushes can be used to bring life to forms that may otherwise be solid blocks of color by creating exciting textures.

The watercolor speckle brushes can be used to create a classic watercolor image.

Think bucolic images of the countryside or stormy renderings of the ocean.

Additionally, the brushes can be used to create modern and captivating illustrations, such as those in the image displayed above.

If you’re a designer working with clients, it’s great to have the ability to create this style.

Note that this has become more fashionable in recent years and is commonly requested.

This package has been carefully created by a designer based in London.

He has put a lot of thought into creating brushes that are effective and easy to use.

Finally, at only $10 for a personal license and $12 for a commercial one, they are competitively priced.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Change brush sizes easily while keeping the textures high quality
  • Create diverse effects and images
  • Trendy
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2. Paint Splatter Brush Set

speckled paint brush
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Firstly, this paint splatter brush set will let you create stunning pieces of art.

Moreover, it will look like you’ve put oil on a piece of paper.

Secondly, this package comes with 21 ink splatter effects, all of which are high resolution.

Thirdly, we love these brushes as they add a dimension to painting, which is so realistic.

Fourthly, the designer of this package created the brushes by drawing with real ink onto paper.

Then, he scanned scanned and cleaned up the images.

Hence, when you use the brushes, you’ve thrown paint onto your canvas with a paintbrush.

Fifthly, the beauty of this set of brushes is that you don’t just have to use them for traditional oil painting style images.

In addition, they can also be used to create arresting typography.

For instance, by adding paint splatters onto bold, curved letterings.

Sixthly, the brushes are also very adaptable as they come with some dynamic elements.

Seventhly, you can rotate the brushes.

Hence, the ink splatters are in the right direction.

Moreover, you can easily tap and scale so that they are placed precisely on the right place.

Eighthly, these brushes could be a great addition to your Procreate.

Most especially, if you want to channel your inner Van Gogh or Vermeer.

Finally, this beautiful pack can be yours for $15 for a commercial license and $12 for personal.

We think that’s a steal!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Adds a super realistic dimension to your oil style paintings
  • Creates exciting typography
  • Value for money
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3. Splatter Brushes for Procreate

speckled paint brush
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For those looking to create an impact with attention-grabbing splatters and speckles, this brush set is for you.

For $7.62, you get nine brushes with a wide variety of types to splatter included.

This set is useful to have if you need to create impactful images for a diverse client range, as you never know when a bold splatter may be just the thing to make a piece of work sing.

If you’re an illustrator and/or a graphic designer, you can use these brushes to give your clients unique and original designs.

To enhance the look of the speckles, you can easily edit them to different colors and dimensions.

Overall, the brushes are super simple to use and will save you a lot of time if you were planning on trying to create your splatter effects.

While these speckles and splatters have a particular style, they have versatile applications.

With so many types of bold and striking splatters, you can create impactful imagery from murder-mystery inspired blood spatters to stars in the night sky!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Create unique splatter
  • Great for making bold imagery
  • Comes with a broad range of splatter and speckle brushes
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4. Blending Splatter Brush for Calligraphy

speckled paint brush
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Many of us know the joy of rummaging around our pen drawer and finding our favorite pen to create a beautiful calligraphy work.

It can be hard to digitally recreate the mottled, speckled effect that we often love to use to create stunning calligraphy.

With this brush, you can finally replicate this style on Procreate!

The brush easily blends colors that you are using, focusing on keeping their integrity rather than letting the meld in together.

An example is that if you were to use red and green, they wouldn’t become a brown color when overlaid, but would instead turn into a vibrant yellow.

The brush is fantastic, as the designer was inspired by her years of collecting and designing calligraphy. 

Rest assured, when using this pack, you’ll be creating the writing, which looks just as though it has been created in analog on paper with real ink.

There are many ways to use this pack, from creating luxurious wedding invitations with calligraphy style writing to personal notes to friends and posters for businesses.

The glowing reviews speak for themselves with this pack, with previous buyers applauding how well the brushes can blend colors.

You can snag this pack for just $3.90. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Beautifully blends colors to give you vibrant writing
  • Creates attention-grabbing calligraphy
  • Great usability at a low price
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5. Gold Rush for Procreate

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Get ready to sparkle with this super fun and glam pack of glitter speckle brushes!

If you’re looking to add some wow to your work, whether it’s inviting to Christmas parties or glam portraits, this is a great pack to add to your collection.

In this set, you receive a whopping 230 textures in different colors, as well as 35 premium confetti speckles, lettering, and paintbrushes.

The textures include crumpled foil, gold lead, metallic paint, metallic textures, and lots of glitter and confetti.

These are the perfect backgrounds for placing glitter speckles to create a luxe vibe.

The brushes flow smoothly as you draw, making it look as though you threw glitter all over the paper.

The brushes can be customized to any color, so you can go for classic gold and silver or amp things up with sparkly bright pinks, greens, and blues.

On top of creating beautiful calligraphy, you can also add some sparkle to fun portraits and cartoons.

These are also amazing if you want to create images that make a product stand out, as you can create a glittery highlight.

The designer of this set is a confessed glitter junkie and has ensured that the brushes are of high quality.

At $13 for a personal license and $15 for a commercial one, this set is a cheap way to add some fun and pizzazz to your images.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Great variety of sparkly brushes to create fun images and text
  • Easily customizable to any color palette you want
  • Looks like you’ve used real glitter
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6. Ink Splatter Procreate Brushes Vol. 2

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This pack of ink Procreate’s brushes allows you to create splatter effects that seem as though you’ve put ink onto paper.

You can also create brush strokes that look like an ink pen or use glazes to create an ink splotch effect in backgrounds.

They’re fantastic for adding different layers of texture to your work. 

The set includes 17 ink splatter brushes as well as three wet or dry ink washed brushes to create backgrounds and two diluted ink drawings or sketching brushes.

The designer of this set used real China ink on paper, which they then scanned in and transformed into brushes, ensuring that they are as realistic as possible.

You can create images that range from graphic novel style to Eastern-inspired images of foggy lakes and bamboo reeds.

On top of the brushes, you’ll receive five paper textures that can be used behind your ink creations to make them look even more like the real deal!

Procreate users love this brushes’ pack, stating that they have become their go-to brushes when creating wet ink or Sumi-e style images.

Lovers of analog ink and the paper drawing will undoubtedly be delighted by this pack.

It’s well worth the investment at just $8 for a personal license and $10 for a commercial one.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A right mix between ink pens and ink washes
  • Offers hyper-realistic effect so you won’t miss your real pens and paper
  • Provides a large number of different brushes at a low price.
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7. FC Splatter Set 1 Brushes for Procreate

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This pack has seven unique splatter brushes with different shapes and textures perfect for creating paintings across an extensive selection of styles.

Use your creativity to your heart’s delight with this pack, which includes everything from heavy oil style splatters to light watercolor speckles. 

These splatter and speckle brushes can be used to create the style of Jackson Pollock, Impressionist painters, or anything else you can imagine!

You can get going with abstract and impressionist creations with these brushes.

The brushes are especially useful when used against black and white backgrounds.

You can also create added emphasis and drama by layering the marks on top of each other and setting the top layer to multiply.

This set is super easy to use as well as fun to experiment with.

They are of high quality, genuinely giving the feeling that you are working with paint on canvas.

Reviewers have nothing but positive remarks for this pack, stating that it knocks comparable but higher-priced sets out of the park and that the seller is super helpful in explaining how to get the best out of this set.

Indeed, at $15.22 for the whole set, this is a great value pack.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Offers a large variety of splatter brushes  
  • Realistic outcomes which feel like you’ve put paint on canvas
  • Great value, high-quality pack of brushes
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8. Amazing Alcohol Ink for Procreate

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If you love to create analog alcohol ink images, you’ll know how difficult it is to create similar images digitally.

Luckily, the designer of this pack is a true lover of alcohol ink as a medium and has spent a long time making Procreate brushes, which faithfully recreate this medium in digital format.

The pack comes with 34 dynamic alcohol ink brushes, so they are enabled for Apple Pencil’s tilt capability, allowing you to add depth and dimension easily.

The pack also comes with a bonus color palette, which allows you to create the perfect metallics.

The brushes are very well designed, easy to use, and 100% customizable, so you can adapt them to your needs without having to use stamps or clipping masks.

With these brushes, you can relax and go with the flow of the alcohol inks!

The set also comes with a cheat sheet that the designer carefully explains how to get the most out of this set; it includes several handy hints and tips to allow you to create beautiful paintings.

On top of that, she has also included a full video tutorial and walkthrough to really ensure you’re maximizing the way you use the set.

The designer is a supportive artist and is always happy to respond to emails with any questions.

The price of the pack is $17 for a personal license and $19 for a commercial one, which is a fair price for the number of brushes you receive.

Previous buyers are over the moon with their purchases, stating that the ongoing free tutorials are a great bonus.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Great at a cost-effective price
  • Faithfully recreates a medium which is hard to achieve in digital format
  • Bonus color palette and tutorial materials are included
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9. Procreate Ink Splatter Brushes

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This is another set of ink splatter brushes that could be an excellent choice for artists looking to add a realistic inky feel to their work.

The set comes with six classic ink speckle brushes, which allow you to create vintage style images in a second.

We would recommend using this set to create a vintage atmosphere in invitations, posters, or cards.

You can use the lighter, more watery speckles to create landscapes that look as though they’ve been shrouded in mist.

The more speckled brushes, with more excellent dots, can be used to change the texture of images you are drawing or to give interest to backgrounds.

With this pack, you can ensure that the images you create are as convincing as if you had drawn them on paper.

When did you used ink and managed not to leave any splotches on the paper?!

The set comes with six brushes, each with different shades and textures that cover almost all the types you need.

The brushes are easy to use and have high responsiveness, allowing you to place them in precisely the right place.

This set of brushes costs $5.20, which is a fair price for the quality of the brushes.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Allows you to create genuinely realistic ink splatters with depth and shade
  • Comes with a variety of textures 
  • High quality & easy to use
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10. The Classic Illustration Brush Pack

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This set of classic illustration texture brushes allows you to create quaint and endearing cartoons or sketches.

The pack comes with 13 different brushes, including a smooth sketching pencil, classic inkers, a gouache brush, a grainy charcoal brush, four stippling brushes, and a speckle shader.

The set allows you to create charming speckle and stipple effects which you can build up to create organic noise and add depth and texture to your images.

They have been created by an artist called Sam Lawson, who is inspired by vintage nature illustrations and travel paraphernalia from decades gone by.

You can create a wide variety of different styles with this pack, including vintage-style posters inspired by the 1950s and 1960s.

Also, the speckle brushes lend themselves fantastically to creating children’s images.

This is a great pack to add to your collection if you’re thinking about creating a children’s book or illustrating images for a business aimed at children.

You can also create folksy style drawings that would be fitting for advertising lots of small businesses, from camping companies to bookstores and coffee shops.

You can use the brushes to create many different scenes, using them in straight lines to create stylized icons or using them in a stippled manner to create a dreamy, soft-focused look.

The brushes are well designed and give a sharp, crisp finish to your work.

They are highly responsive and make creating whimsical images a joy!

The designer of this pack is charging $15 for a personal license and $17 for a commercial one, which is a reasonable price for 13 brushes in total.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Creates stunning images
  • Offers a unique set of brushes, with few similar sets available
  • Creates a wide variety of illustrations with speckles
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Final Thoughts 

We’re sure that you’ve found something to love in this round-up of Procreate speckle brush packs,.

There’s a wide variety of high-quality sets that have been lovingly created by designers.

Procreate is a super responsive and versatile app.

These extensions allow you to create impactful the images.

Any of the speckled paint brush in this list would be a worthy addition to your collection.

So, we hope that you have found something which gets your creative juices flowing!

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