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svg fonts for cricut

10 Best SVG Fonts for Cricut (Expert Picks)

Artists prefer using SVG fonts made specifically for Cricut.

In this way, you need not worry about compatibility and the quality of the cut-outs.

We have done the legwork for you and collected the ten best in the market.

So just sit back and browse through this article.

Then decide, which one or ones, will you pick from our list of the best SVG fonts for Cricut.

1. Plotterdatei


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Plotterdatei has been designed by Kerstin from Magdeburg who has a daughter called Jasmine, so her products are offered under the signature By Jasmine.

This joyful embroidery file plays with softly curved traces of cursive and offers as well the possibility to add some decorative hearts.

Plotterdatei can be the perfect font for printing clothes and accessories such as reusable greengrocer’s bags.

When you get this pack you get the complete ABC in upper and lower case and the numbers from 0-9.

It also has special characters in SVG format.

Pros & Benefits:

  • May contact the designer in case of special needs 
  • Fun and quirky font
  • Perfect match for printed t-shirts and bags

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2. Quite Magical

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This Font has been designed by Misti Hammers (Misti’s Fonts) and it is free for personal use, only needing to send a PayPal donation in case of commercial use.

Misti Hammers is a designer from Germany, though she is originally from Texas, and she creates a great variety of fonts, mainly handwritten and scripted styles. 

In this case, this is a decorative, handwritten style font of a semibold weight and medium width.

It would be perfect for gift cards and birthday cards because, at the end of the day, those celebrations are always magical!

Quite Magical is supported by 25 languages ranging from English to Slovenian and its file size is only 35.65 KB. 

The platforms supported are Unicode, Macintosh, and Microsoft.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Supported by a wide range of languages
  • Compatible with Microsoft
  • Clear outstanding handwritten style
  • Ideal for greeting cards

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3. Mother Tongue

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Mother Tongue is a free-use font in personal and non-profit projects created by the font maker, graphic designer, and sketcher Luthfi from Ef Studio.

He offers the possibility of purchasing a commercial license if needed for other purposes.

It is a medium-contrast curly hand-lettered font, decorated with cute small hearts and with lowercase beginning and ending swashes.

This gorgeous font is perfect for product packaging, wedding invitations, or special cards such as those for Mother’s Day and Valentine’s day.

Mother Tongue is supported by 16 languages ranging, some of which are English, French, Danish, and Swedish and it is available in two styles.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Possible to be used with the different operating systems
  • Supported by 16 languages
  • Hand-lettered style
  • Ideal for wedding design and invitations

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4. Stylish Calligraphy

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Misti Hammers (Misti’s Font) created Stylish Calligraphy with the same concept of being free for personal use and only needing to send a PayPal donation in case of commercial use.

It is a cursive, handwriting font with ornate heart swirls and soft curves which make the style more natural and cozier.

Stylish Calligraphy is the ideal elegant font for baptisms and wedding invitations and planners or diaries due to its delicateness.

This font supports a variety of languages like Afrikaans and Dutch.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Typing * will add heart swirls to your text
  • Supported by 22 languages
  • Fancy and cursive style
  • Ideal for personalized diaries and journals

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5. Watermelon Script

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The designer of this summery font is, as it could not be different, Misti Hammers (Misti’s Fonts)!

As with the other fonts, we can have access to it for free and we only need to donate if we want to use them commercially to generate some profit.

We are quickly captivated by this fresh brush script which transports us directly to summer with its bouncy curves and swirly endings.

If you are setting up your new beach bar or kiosk, this is the font you need to give it a chilled yet fancy look.

It can be used on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, and at the moment there is only one style available.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Eye-catching, flamboyant font
  • Supported by many languages
  • Clear to read bold font
  • Perfect for summer projects

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6. Autumn in November

svg fonts for cricut

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Misti Hammers (Misti’s Fonts) surprises with this glowing seasonal font that you can download for free.

This high contrast, handwriting font reminds us instantly of picturesque autumn full of bright colorful leaves which have just fallen. 

For projects such as personalized calendars or notebooks, this font can make your covers distinguish from the others giving them a special touch with its soft curls and medium width.

As usual with Misti’s Fonts, we find several languages support this font, and it can be used on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android.

It can also easily be converted to a web font!

 Pros & Benefits:

  • High contrast between the shape outline and the shape fill possible
  • Supported by many languages
  • Cursive handwriting style
  • Ideal for personalized stationery products.

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7. Benedict Font Duo

svg fonts for cricut

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Joanne Marie brings this relaxed romantic duo font, that is to say, you get not only one but two fonts that pair perfectly well to give your works an elegant touch.

Joanne has been a graphic designer for over 15 years and now she has decided to focus on creating fonts. 

It is possible to follow her on Instagram to have access to fun designer freebies.

Both Benedict and Mistress Benedict’s fonts have a neat, clear-to-read handwritten style.

They are the best companion for each other because they are from the same brush pen.

You can use this pair in a wide range of designs from food packaging to labels for your hand-crafted products.

These fonts are supplied in .woff (for web), .svg (for cutting machines), .otf, .ttf formats which are PUA encoded.

Pros & Benefits:

  • More than two fonts in one as you can play with uppercase and lowercase alternates
  • Supported by international languages
  • Ligatures, discretionary ligatures, and alternate characters included
  • Very popular in mugs, t-shirts, and shopping bags

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8. Heartwarming

svg fonts for cricut

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Created by Kaitlynn Albani, KA Designs, Heartwarming font can be purchased with a premium or corporate license (commercial license).

Kaitlynn is an American designer who has a design business focused on making illustrations apart from fonts for both companies and crafters. 

This simple cursive design makes the font clear to read with bounces which add a pinch of youth to its playful style.

Heartwarming is a very versatile font that can work for handwritten stickers and home decoration.

The file types included are OTF and TTF and many languages are supported.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Most accent characters are included
  • Heartwarming extra free font
  • Fun and quirky font
  • The classic font for stickers

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9. Love Story

svg fonts for cricut

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The designers of this embellished font are Guisela Mendoza and her husband Luciano Vergara, a Latinotype foundry.

 This creative couple is originally from Concepción, Chile.

Vergara is both a graphic and typeface designer who has graduated in Design and in Typography at the Universidad Católica de Chile in 2003.

Love story angel hair font has soft curves which add some romanticism to this lovely delicate font.

Because of its sweet style, this font has been specially designed for Valentine’s Day and it can be used not only for love letters but also for customizing presents for your beloved ones.

The formats available are Opentype (OTF) and Font-Face Webfont and it is compatible with Mac and PC.

 Pros & Benefits:

  • Many licenses available: desktop font, digital ads, web font, mobile app, electronic publication, server
  • More than 25 Latin languages supported
  • Fairy tale style perfect for romantic events
  • Two styles available: Love story dingbats and Regular love story

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10. True Love

svg fonts for cricut

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The designer of True Love is the German graphic artist and type designer Gert Wiescher, widely known because of his works with the Italian typographer Giambattista Bodoni.

Wiescher studied graphic design at “Hochschule der Künste”, started his career as a street artist in Paris and finally succeeded in such a level one of his fonts, called “Red Tape” is part of an exhibition at the German National Library.

This romantic design proposes a bold hand-lettering trace which highlights the message at the same time that it portrays the deep concept of love along with its swirls.

True love is perfect for Restaurants looking to add coziness to their place and advertise their special menus for Valentine’s day or anniversaries.

This font is compatible with at least 21 languages and it comes in STD and OT CFF formats.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Available in different licenses like desktop font, digital ads, web font, mobile app, electronic publication, server
  • Languages in Latin and other scripts supported
  • Ideal to depict warmth and love
  • Elegant contemporary design

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Choosing the best Svg fonts for Cricut can be time-consuming.

Aside from that, there are still some other things we need to always remember when working with our Cricut maker.

First, you need to have a clear idea of your objectives and the message you want to convey when making a decision.

Second, do not mix too many different fonts.

Always try to look for the best pairing possible, and be minimalist by choosing two or three to work with.

Third, avoid using capitals in all your text since this could make some of your phrases unreadable.

After that, just have fun playing with colors and sizes!

Fourth, one important piece of advice from font designers is not to overuse swirls and swashes because it can make your final version look way too overloaded.

Almost there!

Next, never forget how important it is to align your work.

You may watch it from a certain perspective to see whether it is well-balanced.

Last but not least, always check the spacing and contrast of letters.

Character (space between letters) and line spacing (space between the lines of a text) are adjustable, so you can use this to your advantage and tweak it a bit to make your design clearer.

Regarding contrast, you should always consider size, weight (thickness), style, and color, especially when trying to pair fonts.

  • If you have a large headline, use a small-size subheadline.
  • Pair a bold type of writing with a thin type of the same font family if possible when combining different versions
  • As for style, you can try out combining script with a sans-serif font.

We hope you enjoyed these 10 Svg Fonts for Cricut that we collated for you.

Final Thoughts

So, choosing the right Svg fonts for Cricut is never easy but after all these wonderful ideas you will surely be able to find the one which best suits your project. 

Personally, my favorite by far until now is Stylish Calligraphy since its fancy, cursive style is perfect for my project: my wedding invitations!

This font undoubtedly conveys my mood and feelings with its softness and delicacy.

In addition to that, its soft curves are ideal for a clearcut without harsh corners.

Furthermore, I love the idea of adding sweet heart swirls as our table decoration will be with small confetti hearts. 

I will probably make some adjustments to match the colors and the size of my personalized cards.

Though I am sure it will be worth the effort. 

Which font is your favorite one?

We hope you found the right Svg fonts for Cricut.

What is your next project and how are you planning to make it outstanding from all the other products in the market?

I would say, it is time to get the ball rolling!

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