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Knowing how to transfer Procreate to Illustrator will help your drawing from losing its image quality. Procreate is an award-winning and groundbreaking app for the iPad that blends the efficiency and flexibility of digital graphics. But Procreate has the look and feel of traditional sketching tools on paper. Illustrator, on the other hand, is the gold standard of graphic design that allows artists to create crisp vector graphics for logos, fonts, comics, patterns, and many more. Combined, these

Looking for the best free technical drawing app for iPad? We reveal the top five picks on the app store. Apps for Technical Drawing for iPad 1. OmniGraffle 3 for iOS 2. Autodesk Sketchbook 3. Autodesk AutoCAD for iOS 4. Concepts for iOS 5. Procreate  Remember, back in the day when you tried to make a drawing on your PC? What a pain that was trying to get something done using your mouse. Sure, you could buy a WACOM pad or similar, so you can use a pen and hook that up to your PC. I did buy one o

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