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Can you copyright ai generated content? In this video, I’m going to explain the latest guidance on AI contracts and break it down into simple terms. I will discuss what you can do to protect your work and ensure you are not infringing the copyright of others. Copyright Protection for AI-Generated Works The U.S. Copyright Office recently clarified that copyright protection only applies to material created by humans, not AI. The office evaluates AI-generated works on a case-by-case basis and

Wondering which is better, Alamy vs. Getty? As a student, educator, and content editor, using images always add color and sophistication to my presentations, modules, and articles.  If you’re a blogger looking for content for your posts or a photographer looking for your big break, there is no better source for these images than visiting fast and reliable stock sites. Let us look at two of the biggest stock sites we have on the web and see how both can bring to life the designs you have i

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