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In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to select multiple layers in Procreate! Watch now and move around layers easily! Select Multiple Layers in Procreate (A Step-By-Step Guide) Here is the quickest way to select multiple layers in Procreate. Step 1: Go to Layers Panel and Select a Layer Firstly, come into the layers panel. Once you have a layer selected, it is your primary selection layer. Step 2: Swipe Right to Your Additional Layers To select an additional layer, all you have to do is swip

Combine layers in Procreate effortlessly by using the Procreate Gesture Shortcuts! Watch our tutorial on “Pinch to Merge: Procreate Gesture Shortcuts”. Merge Layers in Procreate by Using the Procreate Gesture Shortcut Here’s a Procreate hack for gaining greater control of your layer management. Tap on The Layer Panel & Pinch The Layers Together If you go into the layer panel and you pinch your layers together, they will merge! How wonderful is that? You can merge all of you

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