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Knowing the common ligatures is convenient for font makers. In this way, the fonts will make reading and writing faster and easier. But, let’s first define what ligatures are about in relation to writing and typography. In this way, we can better understand their uses and effect on fonts. What is a Ligature? A ligature refers to combining two to three letters to create a unique character, called a glyph. The origin of the word means to bind or tie and was initially used to increase the wri

This article will acquaint you with the best way to use a list of ligatures. “Ligature” derives from the Latin word “ligatus,” meaning connection and bond.  History reaches as far back as the Sumerian cuneiform, the earliest type of writing, and contains several ligature examples. Many historical scripts use ligatures. Historical Uses of Ligatures Scribes have also used ligatures to speed up writing. They were a natural evolution of spoken and written language. During th

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