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If you love anime so much and you use Notion a lot, these 10 Notion anime templates are for you. The Notion app is a highly developed application that meets all of your needs. Among different tools and templates, you can find anime templates that are fun, unique, and eye-catching. They are developed for tracking your time, your work, and university tasks, you can track your anime movies or tv series, habits and the list goes on. As the technology continually grows and develops, Notion also grows

Are you using Notion to write a story and are looking for a notion character template? Are you having issues finding some well-constructed character templates?  Here, you will find some suggestions for Character Templates to use on Notion. Since creating a character is no easy task, you will be able to do it easily if you use these tips. All templates you see here are free, with the possibility to support the author with a small donation.  After reading this short article, you will have all th

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