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Are you looking for animated shadow overlay options? Using animated overlays on your photos increase the depth and feeling of your photos. We researched the overlay options in the market, so you do not have to! You can now turn boring static shots into animated masterpieces with shadow overlays.   1. OMB Animated Shadow Overlays These overlays, created by Delightful Design Studio, will add depth to your designs. There are 12 high-resolution atmospheric animated shadows in the product packag

Create fab art using a Copic marker brush for Photoshop and Procreate. Of course, you know that strokes and styles for your text letters are essential to consider. They give color to your entire content. In this article, we’ll give you the best Copic marker brushes for your intended layout. Below are the brush sets for Photoshop and Procreate for an easy way to design your content. No more searching for “Copic marker brush Photoshop and Procreate” after this! Copic Markers For

Are you looking for something new like a beard brush Photoshop set for another kind of entertainment? In these difficult and trying times with the COVID-19 pandemic it’s easy to succumb to our anxiety and spiral into hopeless thoughts. But why stress on things we have little control over? With the luxury of time, we now have in our homes, and it’s time to do the things you wished you could do if you only have TIME. Well, now that we have all the time, let’s put ourselves in productive mod

Pixelmator Pro vs Photoshop? Pixelmator Pro is a cheaper, entry-level software streamlined for essential tasks. Photoshop is a powerhouse software, that has many more features but is cumbersome and expensive. Struggling to pick which image editor to use? This is an in-depth comparison of Pixelmator Pro vs. Photoshop. The chances are that if you are reading this article, you have recently developed an interest, a passion, or even a deep yearning for fields such as graphical design or photo editin

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