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If you are a designer and use Procreate for tattoo making, then these 10 options for Human Model for Procreate are for you. Or maybe are you a beginner in this field and you’re desperately looking for some 3D models to use on Procreate. Of course, you came to the right place, If you’re a tattoo artist, professional or amateur, 3D models will help you explore new body parts and study the angles and final effects that your design will have.  Thanks to the products below, you will have the opp

Procreate 5.2 has quickly stirred up the search for free 3D models for Procreate. With Procreate 5.2 adding support for 3D drawings, its feature set is more impressive than ever. The app now lets you draw directly onto 3D models, truly letting your creations leap off the canvas! But what if you don’t have any 3D models to start with? Don’t fear, because we have put together a list of the ten top places where you can easily find free 3D models for Procreate right now! Threedio Threedi

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