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By learning how to use clipping masks in Procreate, you’ll never draw beyond the bounds of your artwork! Watch our tutorial now! How to Use Clipping Masks in Procreate ( a Step-By-Step Guide) Hello, my Procreate friends! Here’s a quick tutorial on demystifying clipping masks for you. They can be a little bit intimidating but they are a very useful tool to progress your art on Procreate. Step 1: Draw a Shape that You Like and Duplicate So first of all, draw yourself a lovely sexy circ

Knowing how to use the alpha lock in Procreate will secure your work. Work confidently (without fear! ) by watching our tutorial! Hello, my Procreate friends!  Here is a quick tip in Procreate to unmystify alpha lock.  How to Use the Alpha Lock ( a 2-Step Guide!) Step 1: Draw a Shape and Go to Layers Panel It’s a wonderful tool that allows you to draw a shape, hold it in place, make it perfect. Fill the shape. Up into the Layers panel. Step 2: Turn on Alpha Lock Tap on the shape and turn

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