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Are you looking for the perfect sunset color palette for Procreate, but you’re not sure where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Arguably, the first step to creating the perfect sunset is choosing the right color palette to use. Do you want to make a vivid sunset, bursting with red and orange hues?  Or are you going for more of a moody vibe, with lots of grays, blues, and purples? No two sunsets are the same. That’s why I’ve gathered the TEN best Procreate c

In this tutorial, we will teach you How to Make Your Own Procreate Color Palette from Image. Make Your Own Procreate Color Palette from Image Here’s a quick tip for using your camera to create a new color palette in Procreate. 1. Go to Procreate Color Palette So, come in to color palette, tap on plus (+) and then go to New from camera. Then use your iPad camera to point it at something that’s got some interesting colors. 2. Take a Photo And when you’re happy with it, tap on the tak

Do free Procreate metallic, gold & silver color palettes excite the artist in you? Think copper, bronze, gunmetal, pewter, and classic gold and silver, all for free!  In this article, we’ll give you both free Procreate metallic gold & silver color palettes to get you going. Indulge your inner artist without spending that much. Bajwa Store The Bajwa Store has a rich and concentrated 20-color gold palette guide for the Procreate app.  The gold palette has a wide selection of differ

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