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Learn how to copy colors in Procreate and save them! Watch our tutorial now and you’ll have your own color palette! Copy & Save Colors in Procreate (3 Easy Steps!) Here’s a quick tip in Procreate on how to save colors.  Step 1: Bring up Eye-Dropper Tool Firstly, we have to do is select a color and we do this by holding our finger down to bring up the eyedropper.  Step 2: Go to Palettes Tab Once you have the color you like, come up to the color circle in the top right-hand corne

Pick the color that you desire for your artwork in Procreate using an image. Watch our tutorial on “How to Use Eyedropper Procreate” now! Procreate Eyedropper Shortcut Here’s a quick tip to quickly select any color in Procreate . Hold Your Finger Down on The Screen All you have to do is hold your finger down. As a result, you immediately bring up the eyedropper tool. And then, you can select whichever color you like for your artwork. Follow along for some more time-saving, and quic

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