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Here’s a compilation of Procreate Shortcuts to help you with your work! Watch our tutorial now. Work Efficiently with These 10 Procreate Shortcuts Here are my top 10 Procreate gesture shortcuts that you should know. 1-2. Undo & Redo   Number one, is under Redo. So to undo, tap with two fingers. To redo, tap with  three. 3. Copy & Paste with Swiping Down Next up we have copy and paste. So, simply swipe down with three fingers and you get the copy and paste menu appearing. 4.

Watch our tutorial on “Scrub to Clear: Procreate Gesture Shortcuts” to  remove a layer. Clear a Layer in Procreate with This Gesture Shortcut How to quickly clear a layer in procreate? Scrub Three Fingers on The Screen All you have to do is take three fingers and scrub! And the layer will be cleared. You can undo that with two fingers. And once again, just take your three fingers and give a little scrub and it will completely clear the layer that you’re working on. For more ex

Add this gesture to your list of shortcuts in Procreate. Watch our tutorial on “Quick Pinch to Fit to Screen: Procreate Gesture Shortcuts”. View Your Whole Artwork in Procreate with This Gesture Shortcut Speed up your workflow in Procreate using gestures! Pinch to Fit on Screen With a quick pinch, you can fit the whole artwork to screen. So, if you’re working in a small area and you suddenly want to see how it is affecting the whole vision, just give it a quick pinch. Now, you

Get the exact brush size in Procreate by watching our tutorial on “Precise Slider Control: Procreate Gesture Shortcuts”. Manage Brush Size with This Slider Control Hack Here’s a quick tip in Procreate for gaining greater control over your brush size. Drag Your Finger Away from The Slider Sometimes when using the slider, it’s difficult to get it to the exact number that you had before. But if you slide your finger away from the slider you gain greater control. You can see how slow

Combine layers in Procreate effortlessly by using the Procreate Gesture Shortcuts! Watch our tutorial on “Pinch to Merge: Procreate Gesture Shortcuts”. Merge Layers in Procreate by Using the Procreate Gesture Shortcut Here’s a Procreate hack for gaining greater control of your layer management. Tap on The Layer Panel & Pinch The Layers Together If you go into the layer panel and you pinch your layers together, they will merge! How wonderful is that? You can merge all of you

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