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Here are some tips for using Procreate with a keyboard! These will surely speed up your workflow! In Procreate you can connect a keyboard to your iPad. And then there’s a whole host of shortcuts that can speed up your workflow. Here are some of my favorites! Tips for Using Procreate with A Keyboard 1. “I” By tapping “l” you can open the Layers panel. 2. “B” By tapping “B” you can switch to the brush and open the brush library. 3. “E” By tapping

Watch our tutorial on “Scrub to Clear: Procreate Gesture Shortcuts” to  remove a layer. Clear a Layer in Procreate with This Gesture Shortcut How to quickly clear a layer in procreate? Scrub Three Fingers on The Screen All you have to do is take three fingers and scrub! And the layer will be cleared. You can undo that with two fingers. And once again, just take your three fingers and give a little scrub and it will completely clear the layer that you’re working on. For more ex

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