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Get the exact brush size in Procreate by watching our tutorial on “Precise Slider Control: Procreate Gesture Shortcuts”. Manage Brush Size with This Slider Control Hack Here’s a quick tip in Procreate for gaining greater control over your brush size. Drag Your Finger Away from The Slider Sometimes when using the slider, it’s difficult to get it to the exact number that you had before. But if you slide your finger away from the slider you gain greater control. You can see how slow

Fast-track your Procreate Skills! Watch our tutorial on “Undo & Redo: Procreate Gesture Shortcuts”. Undo and Redo Your Last Actions in Procreate Speed up your workflow in Procreate by using gestures. Undo Gesture Shortcut If you tap 2 fingers, you can undo the last action. Redo Gesture Shortcut And if you tap with 3 fingers, you can redo it. So that’s a tap with two to undo, tap with three to redo. The Procreate app has revolutionized the digital art world, offering a comprehen

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