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Are you looking for the perfect Procreate makeup brushes for your portrait and unsure where to go? We have scoured the internet and tried various brushes, so you don’t have to! After a thorough search, we narrowed it down to the top 10 free and paid options to help you find the perfect tool for you. From blush and bronzer to highlighter and eyeliner, here are the ten best Procreate makeup brushes. 1. 1000+ Procreate Brushes by AnywaySmileStudio  Get an incredible variety of brushes and c

Are you looking for Procreate comic template choices to create comics? You will surely love the 10 Best Procreate comic template options we have gathered for you. Luckily for you, we’ve done the legwork and compiled the ten most awesome comic template options out there. Scroll on to find a template pack that will boost your comic artwork to the next level!   1. 80 Procreate Blank Comic Book Templates This template pack from CreateMonsterCo offers a decisive answer to your frame layout woe

The history of Procreate, a very successful iOS app, deserves to be told. Procreate is an award-winning drawing app with more than 3 million users. Professional artists use it at Pixar, Disney, and Marvel. Procreate has defined digital art on the iPad. It has been widely adopted in diverse creative industries: from tattoo art to architecture. Moreover, it brought creative expression to a broad new audience of bedroom hobbyists. But what is the story behind Procreate’s success? It all star

If you want to move a layer to another canvas in Procreate, this tutorial is right for you! Watch now! Move Layer to Another Canvas in Procreate (an Easy Tutorial!) Here’s a game-changing tip in Procreate that I wish I knew when I got started. Step 1: Go to The Layers Panel and Select the Layer You Wish to Move You can easily take layers and put them into new canvases by coming to the Layers panel. Step 2: Drag the Layer to The Gallery Take the layer and drag it up to Gallery in the top le

Learning how to use layer select in Procreate will save you time especially if you made a mistake. Find in which layer it is by watching our video now! Hello, my Procreate friends! Here’s a quick tip for finding rogue layers. Use Layer Select in Procreate ( a Step-By-Step Guide) You can see here I’ve made a mistake, but I cannot for the life of me find which bloody layer it is. So what do I do? Step 1: Go to Actions Panel & Tap on Preferences I come up into the actions panel. The

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to properly use the Procreate Selection tool. Watch our video now and effectively use it to your convenience! Use the Procreate Selection Tool Effectively Did you know that Procreate has an automatic selection tool built right in? 1. Tap on the Selection Tool Symbol All you have to do is go to the third little symbol.  From here you can start tapping on different parts of an image that you want to select. Procreate’s clever little brain will start to u

Here are some tips for using Procreate with a keyboard! These will surely speed up your workflow! In Procreate you can connect a keyboard to your iPad. And then there’s a whole host of shortcuts that can speed up your workflow. Here are some of my favorites! Tips for Using Procreate with A Keyboard 1. “I” By tapping “l” you can open the Layers panel. 2. “B” By tapping “B” you can switch to the brush and open the brush library. 3. “E” By tapping

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to select multiple layers in Procreate! Watch now and move around layers easily! Select Multiple Layers in Procreate (A Step-By-Step Guide) Here is the quickest way to select multiple layers in Procreate. Step 1: Go to Layers Panel and Select a Layer Firstly, come into the layers panel. Once you have a layer selected, it is your primary selection layer. Step 2: Swipe Right to Your Additional Layers To select an additional layer, all you have to do is swip

In this tutorial, you’ll know how to see brush strokes on artwork in Procreate! Watch our video now and you’ll appreciate any work! See Number of Brush Strokes on Any Artwork! Did you know that in Procreate you can see how many strokes you’ve made on a given artwork? 1. Tap on Little Spanner & Go to Canvas Information Click on the little spanner. And then, tap on canvas information. 2. Select Statistic On Canvas information, go to the bottom tab statistics and you can see I

Using the best Procreate glitter color palette will ensure a wonderfully color coordinated artwork with elegant sparkle. In the same way, nothing is more frustrating than seeing a ‘flat’ (despite the glitters) work of art because of mismatched colors. A meticulously coordinated color palette do inspire artists to create art. This is why we have searched the online market to give you the best Procreate Glitter Palettes from both paid and free sources. If you want to know what are the

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