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In this tutorial, you’ll know how to see brush strokes on artwork in Procreate! Watch our video now and you’ll appreciate any work! See Number of Brush Strokes on Any Artwork! Did you know that in Procreate you can see how many strokes you’ve made on a given artwork? 1. Tap on Little Spanner & Go to Canvas Information Click on the little spanner. And then, tap on canvas information. 2. Select Statistic On Canvas information, go to the bottom tab statistics and you can see I

Using the best Procreate glitter color palette will ensure a wonderfully color coordinated artwork with elegant sparkle. In the same way, nothing is more frustrating than seeing a ‘flat’ (despite the glitters) work of art because of mismatched colors. A meticulously coordinated color palette do inspire artists to create art. This is why we have searched the online market to give you the best Procreate Glitter Palettes from both paid and free sources. If you want to know what are the

Are you looking for the perfect sunset color palette for Procreate, but you’re not sure where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Arguably, the first step to creating the perfect sunset is choosing the right color palette to use. Do you want to make a vivid sunset, bursting with red and orange hues?  Or are you going for more of a moody vibe, with lots of grays, blues, and purples? No two sunsets are the same. That’s why I’ve gathered the TEN best Procreate c

Knowing how to import footage into Procreate comes in handy in animation work! Watch our video now! Here’s a quick and easy way to import footage into Procreate. A Quick and Easy Tutorial on How to Import Footage in Procreate Step 1: Tap on Photo & Select Video Simply come up here, and tap on a photo. Now, you will be taken to your photo library on your iPad and you can select any video and it will be imported as footage. Step 2: Click on Use Now you see here, it says to choose a video

Procreate 5.2 has quickly stirred up the search for free 3D models for Procreate. With Procreate 5.2 adding support for 3D drawings, its feature set is more impressive than ever. The app now lets you draw directly onto 3D models, truly letting your creations leap off the canvas! But what if you don’t have any 3D models to start with? Don’t fear, because we have put together a list of the ten top places you can easily find free 3D models for Procreate right now! Sketchfab Sketchfab is

Here’s how you can delete a layer in Procreate with just a tap. Watch our tutorial now! Here’s the quickest way to delete layers in Procreate. Quickly Delete a Layer in Procreate (+ How to Undo Your Action) Tap on The Layer Panel & Swipe Left on The Layer You Want to Delete All you have to do is tap on the layer panel, in the top right hand corner. Select the layer that you want to delete, and slide it to the left, and you have three options here. Delete is the big red. You just

Create images with Procreate glitter aesthetic. Make Glitter Tears using the Procreate Glitter Toolbox. Watch our tutorial now! Paint Glitter Tears in Procreate Now! (A Step-By-Step Guide) Hello my beautiful Procreate friends! In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can use the Procreate Glitter Toolbox to create glitter tears just like this. This will help you make glittering tears in Procreate. 1. Select Image and Create a Layer So first of, select an image that you want to use.

View the actual size of your artwork by watching our tutorial on “How to Zoom to Actual Size In Procreate” Zoom to The Actual Size of Your Artwork in Procreate (Step-By-Step Guide) Here is how you can view your artwork in procreate at actual size! 1. Go to Spanner’s Menu & Tap on Preferences Firstly, come into the spanner’s menu. Go to preferences and come down to gesture controls. 2. Set up QuickMenu You need to set up a QuickMenu. What I’ve done is I’ve set

Create a custom widget in Procreate to easily access your artworks by watching our tutorial on “Place a Procreate Widget on Your Homescreen of Custom Artworks”. Make Your Custom Homescreen Widget Now for Your Artworks in Procreate Did you know that you can add a custom Procreate widget to your iPad home screen so you can jump straight back into your most recent artwork? Slide to The Left and Tap on Edit   All you have to do is slide to the left.Go to edit.Click on the little plus (+

This tutorial shows how to import fonts to Procreate. Import Your Favorite Fonts to Procreate Now! 1. Go to the Spanner & Tap on Add Text All you have to do is come into “add text” which is under the little spanner. Then, you type your text. “This is text.” 2. Tap on the Font Double click on all the text. Select all of it. You have to go into the font here. So tap on the font. 3. Import Fonts And then here, you have an option to import fonts. And now, go to the browser of the

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