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Pick the color that you desire for your artwork in Procreate using an image. Watch our tutorial on “How to Use Eyedropper Procreate” now! Procreate Eyedropper Shortcut Here’s a quick tip to quickly select any color in Procreate . Hold Your Finger Down on The Screen All you have to do is hold your finger down. As a result, you immediately bring up the eyedropper tool. And then, you can select whichever color you like for your artwork. Follow along for some more time-saving, and quic

Add this gesture to your list of shortcuts in Procreate. Watch our tutorial on “Quick Pinch to Fit to Screen: Procreate Gesture Shortcuts”. View Your Whole Artwork in Procreate with This Gesture Shortcut Speed up your workflow in Procreate using gestures! Pinch to Fit on Screen With a quick pinch, you can fit the whole artwork to screen. So, if you’re working in a small area and you suddenly want to see how it is affecting the whole vision, just give it a quick pinch. Now, you

Get the exact brush size in Procreate by watching our tutorial on “Precise Slider Control: Procreate Gesture Shortcuts”. Manage Brush Size with This Slider Control Hack Here’s a quick tip in Procreate for gaining greater control over your brush size. Drag Your Finger Away from The Slider Sometimes when using the slider, it’s difficult to get it to the exact number that you had before. But if you slide your finger away from the slider you gain greater control. You can see how slow

Combine layers in Procreate effortlessly by using the Procreate Gesture Shortcuts! Watch our tutorial on “Pinch to Merge: Procreate Gesture Shortcuts”. Merge Layers in Procreate by Using the Procreate Gesture Shortcut Here’s a Procreate hack for gaining greater control of your layer management. Tap on The Layer Panel & Pinch The Layers Together If you go into the layer panel and you pinch your layers together, they will merge! How wonderful is that? You can merge all of you

In this tutorial, we’ll show you How to Mirror in Procreate in just 3 simple steps! Step-By-Step Procedure on How to Mirror in Procreate Here is a quick tip for setting up the drawing assistant symmetry guide in procreate so you can draw some beautiful symmetrical drawings just like what is shown in the video. 1. Go to Actions All you have to do is go to Actions, turn on the Drawing Guide, and go to Edit drawing guide. 2. Tap the Symmetry Tab Next up, we come down to Symmetry tab and tap O

Add some glam and shimmer to your work with the best Procreate glitter brushes. Below are the 10 best Procreate glitter brushes you can use now. Premium Procreate Glitter Toolbox Cost: $14 Our top pick is this fantastic pack.It has everything you need for a whole range of different glitter styles.From calligraphy to glitter art.Excellent value and quality, we can’t recommend it highly enough. A stunning collection of brushes, textures, color palettes, and stamps. Pros & Benefits Realis

If you’re looking for lip gloss brushes for Procreate, you’re in for a treat. The lip gloss brush types are based on their shape so they could be linear or circular type. It can also be categorized based on the saturation of the lip gloss applied and it could be thickly or thinly applied. This article will help an artist who wants to have a preset template for lip gloss brushes. It is also for anyone to make their portraits even more creative for digital printing. The lip gloss brush

Did you just google “marker Procreate brush”? Then, you are in for a treat! We have narrowed the choices for Procreate marker brushes to the best ten. You will certainly find them convenient for your art style and will make your design process easier.  No more searching for “marker Procreate brush!” Copic Markers For Procreate This set of Copic markers is absolutely brilliant. Users are in total awe of its performance. So, these brushes will not disappoint you. These bru

Enhance your artwork using these options for paid and free Procreate lettering composition grids. These options will give your work a colorful and stunning piece of art that you’ll never regret trying! Are you excited about designing your work? They will make your heart melt as they will provide breathtaking formats solely for you. We love how these paid and free Procreate lettering composition grids are comprised of a lot of features that you can use for multiple purposes. It can be used

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