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Did you just search for “Vectornator how to group” in Google? Vectornator has been used over the years to design anything that you can think of. It uses mathematical formulas that allow images to be scaled or modified without losing image quality or resolution. There is a variety of software available in the industry and has almost the same features that the Vectornator has. However, there are slight features that can be used and differences present between the other types of softwar

Battle Rounds: Vectornator VS Affinity Designer We are living in the digital age wherein life is pretty much run by technology (next to money, of course). We often hear such terms as graphic design, illustrations, Photoshop, and vector art, and unknowingly use them interchangeably. To get started, especially for beginners out there, let’s take this short graphic design class 101. Let’s get to know the two basic types of digital graphics: vector graphics and raster graphics. Raster art ha

Vectornator vs Graphic vs Affinity Designer, which is the best? Until recently, the options for creating vector graphics on the iPad were pretty limited. For graphics design, using a vector-based approach has a lot of advantages. You can create a logo for a business card, then quickly scale it up for a poster, and the result is still crisp and clean. You can also tweak vector graphics much more quickly than you can if you’re painting individual pixels. But because vector graphics are store

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