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Make a Straight Line in Procreate in a snap! Watch our tutorial now! Create the Perfect Straight Line in Procreate in One Easy Step! Here’s how you can draw perfectly straight lines in Procreate! Draw a Line and Hold Down Your Pen Simply draw a line, and hold your pen down. And ta-da! There we have it! A line straighter than the equator. Why not subscribe? I promise you, you won’t regret it! And there’s 100 free color palettes just for you, in the description. Final Thoughts Th

Perfect your lines in Procreate by watching our tutorial on “How to Make Smooth Lines in Procreate”. Draw Straight Lines in Procreate in One Step! Here’s a quick tip to draw a perfectly straight line in Procreate. Draw a Line and Hold it in Place All you have to do is draw a line. Hold the line in place. Procreate will straighten that bad boy up. So, however straight you want your lines, Procreate will make them straighter! Final Thoughts Now you have your perfect straight lines!

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