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tattoo ink brush set

Tattoo Ink Brush Set Tutorial: Create a Cool Heart Tattoo in Minutes

Hello and welcome to this tutorial on tattoo ink brush set.

I’m going to show you how to use it to create a simple tattoo in less than a few minutes.

1. Import Your Tattoo Ink Brush Set

The first thing to do is send the brush set over to your iPad.

If you’re in a Mac, you can use Airdrop.

And it will automatically import itself to Procreate.

Then you have a choice of line brushes.

tattoo ink brush set

2. Choose a Line Brush, Then Draw a Heart

We’ll start off with Tattoo Line 1, which is really good for outlining your work.

So, I will show you.

tattoo ink brush set


It’s a little bit big there.

Bring it down to about 3 or 4%.

And then, start.

tattoo ink brush set

There’s our heart shape.

Let’s clean up the edge down here.


That’s a bit big.

There we go.

We finished it nicely.

When you zoom in, you see the real pins, each individual needle stroke from this brush really matching what a real tattoo has.

So, now we have a heart shape.

3. Shade the Heart to Add Dimension to It

And you might want to add some shading to it.

So, one thing we can do is add another layer.

tattoo ink brush set

Then, go into the tattoo brush shading and pick a nice shading, perhaps Tattoo Shading One.

tattoo ink brush set

And we’re going to make sure this is at 100%.

tattoo ink brush set

Start shading away, taking off the symmetrical assist here,.

So that we can have a feel for it ourselves.

Basically the idea here is just to start layering up, shading and go over a few times.

Adding the shading in where you want it.

Quite heavy in places and lightening up as it comes towards the center of your objects.

In this way, we will have a nice shading.

And then after that, you can obviously clean up the outlines.

tattoo ink brush set

You can also use masks for this.

Just to quickly show you.

And then, we have nicely shaded heart shape.

And then, the next step might be to add another layer.

Let me organize this layer.

tattoo ink brush set

I think what we want to do is add in some pretty light shading across the other side.

So we can reduce the opacity a bit, increase the brush size just a little bit more.

We’re going to color this whole tattoo with some very light shading to get a bit of a feel for the whole thing.

Sort of following the bits where you feel need a bit more work.

We go back to this part here, take the opacity down a bit.

And a bit of a shine on here.

And then there.

Then, this.

Then, we clean up outside the line.


tattoo ink brush set

4. Add a Banner to The Heart

Now, the next step is we’re going to make a banner across the front.

It’s very popular in this type of tattoo.

Add a new layer again.

We don’t need this one to be symmetrical.

tattoo ink brush set

And we’ll come back to using the line.

We’ll show you a different line this time, because each one has slightly different values.

And gives you different effects.

It allows you to experiment with each of these.

So we’re going to come across here.

Trail this in.

tattoo ink brush set

Make sure that we’re coming back around.

Trailing this one on the underside.

And then, we can come back into this layer.

And we will erase what we have here.

Get that all out.

Then press this one.

We don’t need that line.

5. Shade the Banner Using the Dot Shading Technique

And then, the next step will be to add in a little bit of shading on this.

We’re going to show you a different shading technique.

We’re going to use the dot shading technique here.

We will come into this layer again.

So, why not make a new layer.

It’s always good to make more layers.

It gives us more opportunities to come back and we’re going to start layering up the dot shading here.

If you want the dots to be more far apart, you can increase the brush size, just a little bit.

Here we can see we’re already starting to get some nice depth of this coming in behind.

We can do exactly the same on the other side.

Then, we can come back and erase any bits.

6. Add Some Letterings on The Banner

Let’s take line brush again.

Speaking of Mother, let’s add Mom on this heart.

Let’s take line brush again.

Draw a letter M here.

Let’s make an O for Mom.

Then, we add more details to the letters.

Add a bit of flair to these.

The O is not right.

Let’s quickly rub it out and put it back in.

Now we have Mom in the middle of the our tattoo.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you had fun following this tutorial on tattoo ink brush set.

Now you know two shading techniques to add depth to your tattoo designs.

To get you started with your tattoo artwork, do get this versatile Procreate Inks Tattoo Brushes Bundle(click here).

You have everything you need to start creating awesome looking tattoos.

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